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Two of the world’s most extraordinary natural wonders lie just below America’s doorstep. The first is unknown – you won’t believe the pictures. The second you likely have always dreamed of seeing.

This is an opportunity to experience all of this in just ten days. And the time to do so is now. This is an Immediate Adventure Opportunity – this November, before Thanksgiving. Here’s why.

We begin with the unknown.

LiquidRainbow1 LiquidRainbow2

This is Caño Cristales, the Liquid Rainbow, the most beautiful river in the world. From late July to early December, its unique ecosystem allows plants to grow in its gin-clear water that turns every color of the rainbow. There’s no place like it on earth.

It is in a remote region of Colombia at the junction of the Llanos grasslands, the Andes mountains, and the Amazon rainforest. We’ll spend two days here taking pictures your friends won’t believe, swimming in perfect temperature pure water pools and frolicking under the myriad waterfalls. Caño Cristales is not only jaw-dropping beautiful, it’s fabulous fun. Here are more amazing pictures.

Then it’s off to a place on everyone’s bucket list: The Galapagos Islands.

You’ve always dreamed of going – and if you’re lucky enough to have already been, you likely dream of going back. Now’s your chance. There’s a good reason why the Galapagos have been repeatedly voted Paradise on Earth: The World Best Islands.

That’s not because of Darwin’s finches. It’s because of fabulous weather, out-of-this-world geology, extraordinary natural beauty, and an incredible profusion of animals on land and underwater with absolutely no fear of nor threat to people.

And because the Galapagos are so much fun – for kids, and the kid inside all of us.

For five days we’ll explore and study the geology and wildlife of Santa Cruz, Bartolome, North Seymour, and Isabela islands, we’ll snorkel and kayak (and scuba-dive if you’re certified), play in the surf with seals and iguanas, and have the time of our lives. Here’re more photos to see why.

We can do all of this in ten days – Sunday November 8 to Wednesday November 18, back home well before Thanksgiving. What’s more, this is best time of year for our Adventure Duet.

That’s mid-November, when the colors of Caño Cristales are still blooming in full flourish and the weather in the Galapagos is at its most delightful. There is no other time of year when the peak time for both comes together.

So – carpe diem! Seize the opportunity and don’t let it pass you by. Here’s the itinerary and details. Life is short – the time for a great adventure is now.


A Wheeler Expedition Personally Led by Dr. Jack Wheeler

Sunday November 8 – Wednesday November 18, 2015

Sunday, November 8

We meet in Bogota, capital of Colombia. All participants are required to arrive in Bogota today. We’ll stay at The Orchids hotel. Welcome reception and dinner.

Monday, November 9

Our charter flight leaves Bogota airport around 8am. We arrive at La Macarena town around 9:30am and transfer to the Punto Verde Lodge, basic but comfortable. After lunch, we have a short boat ride up the Guayavero River, an energetic five mile 4WD ride, and a one mile hike to Caño Cristales. The river has three main branches and we explore one of them for the afternoon.

Tuesday, November 10

Today we spend the whole day exploring the other two branches, the goal being to have as much fun as we possibly can.

Wednesday, November 11

Yesterday was so much fun there’s no way we can resist doing it all over again today. The river is several miles long so will never run out of places to explore.

Thursday, November 12

We can relax at the lodge this morning or get out to the river one last time. This afternoon we fly back to Bogota, transfer to The Orchids, and spend the evening enjoying Bogota’s marvelous nightlife.

Friday, November 13

This morning we fly from Bogota to the Galapagos (connecting via Quito, capital of Ecuador to which the islands belong). Arriving early afternoon, our adventure begins immediately as we drive across the highlands of Santa Cruz island from the airport in the north to the main town of Puerto Ayora in the south.

We’ll visit a private family farm to see a plethora of Giant Tortoises in their natural habitat, and walk through an enormous lava tunnel through which molten lava flowed over a million years ago.

After establishing ourselves at the Angermeyer Waterfront Inn, we don our swimsuits and water shoes then head for a magical place called Las Grietas, cracks or crevices in the lava oceanside cliffs with water of surreal pure blue. You can jump off the cliffs or just laze in the water.

We’ll end the day on the Angermeyer veranda for a sunset sundowner.

Saturday, November 14

We’re off this morning on a speedboat to Bartolome Island to witness the most stunning views in the Galapagos, snorkel with sea turtles, and frolic with tiny penguins in their colony on a beautiful white beach.

Then in the afternoon, we visit North Seymour Island, the best place to see the hilariously iconic blue-footed boobies – yes, they have bright blue feet they clownish waddle around on – and magnificent frigatebirds, with the males blowing up their red neck pouches like a balloon to impress the ladies. We’ll be back to the Angermeyer in time for our sunset sundowner.

Sunday, November 15

Today we have an early morning speedboat to the Galapagos’ largest island, Isabela. We’re headed for an amazing labyrinth of lava arches and tunnels in an ocean lagoon called Los Tuneles. As we snorkel through the maze, we’ll find an absolutely astonishing array of sea life, from turtles to penguins to golden eagle rays to sea horses and a huge variety of tropical fish. We may even see one of the most bizarre creatures in the ocean, the red-lipped batfish. Yes, it’s a real fish and they are only here.

We spend the night at the Casa Isabela en la Playa, on a gorgeous beach adjacent to the vibrant town of Puerto Villamil.

Monday, November 16

We take the early morning boat back to Santa Cruz to enjoy the island at our leisure. You’ll most likely want to visit the Charles Darwin Research Station. You can get up close and personal with a creep of wild giant tortoises (yes, that the collective noun) at Rancho Primicias in the highlands or at Black Turtle Cove on the north shore, snorkel at Tortuga Bay or just laze on its dazzling white sandy beach amongst the seals and iguanas, jump off the cliffs again at Las Greitas.

One of the more spectacular things you can do if you’re scuba-certified or an experienced snorkeler is take a dive boat to Kicker Rock off the nearby island of San Cristobal. It’s a 500’ high lava cone remnant split in two, with the channel in between an ideal habitat for rays and sharks such as Spotted Eagle Rays and Hammerheads – one of the most memorable dives or snorkels you’ll ever have.

It’s your day to make the most of – whoever has the most fun wins! We’ll celebrate with an Angermeyer sundowner.

Tuesday, November 17

Our last morning to enjoy or photo whatever we want. After lunch we fly to Quito, arriving late afternoon and transfer to the charming Hotel Casa de Hacienda La Jimenita. It is here we have our Farewell Dinner, to relive the adventures we’ve just had together – and to plan our next one.

Wednesday, November 18

This is Departure Day. There are flights to Miami, Houston, Atlanta, Madrid, Amsterdam, or various places in the Caribbean for a pit stop enroute to home. It’s been a fabulous ten days that we’ll all never forget.


Dates: Sunday November 08 to Wednesday November 18, 2015

Cost per person: $5,350

Deposit, Payment, Cancellation and Refund

Note: because of the immediacy of this adventure, there is no time for the usual deposit now-balance later. We must ask for payment in full upon your application for participation. Refund in full on the condition of a fully-paid acceptable replacement for you.

Cost includes:

All ground transportation, transfers, government fees/permits, and activities as specified in the itinerary. All meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner) with group from dinner Sunday November 08 to breakfast Wednesday November 18, except for free night in Puerto Villamil and free day in Puerto Ayora. All accommodation from the night of Sunday November 08 through the night of Tuesday November 17, double occupancy. (Note: we are waiting to hear re availability of single occupancy.)

Cost does not include: International airfare to Bogota and from Quito; visa fees; meals, services, and activities not with group or in itinerary; personal expenditures, such as laundry, camera fees, communications, gratuities, etc.; beer, wine, or alcoholic drinks.

Also not included: airfare from Bogota-Galapagos-Quito. Reason: This is on Avianca, a Star Alliance carrier, on which many of you have miles. Applying them will save you the $799 airfare we would have to charge you.

Important caveat: Every effort will be made to adhere to the itinerary above. Due to the vagaries of travel in this region and of adventure travel in general, the itinerary may be altered in any way necessary. Participants are expected to accept this, and to maintain a cheerful attitude on an adventure such as this.


Only 8 adventurers can join Jack on The Adventure Duet. To be one of them, please contact us immediately. Life is short – the time for a Great Adventure is now. Phone: 202-656-3008   Email: jwexp[email protected]