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mens-tamponsTampon Supply Shortage Solved By Emptying Out Tampons In The Men’s Bathrooms

U.S.—Americans are facing yet another basic necessity shortage under the Biden Administration. This time a tampon shortage has struck the nation and caused many women to wonder what they will do when they run out of their essential feminine product.

In their desperation to find tampons, some women have resorted to entering the men’s restroom and taking tampons designated for trans men.

“As a lady, I would normally never enter a dirty, disgusting men’s restroom for any reason,” explained Ann Elizabeth, “but I’m completely out of tampons while the men’s restrooms are stocked with an abundance of tampons that haven’t even been touched!”

According to sources, this simple trick of women getting their tampons from the dispensers in the men’s room has swept the nation and completely brought the tampon shortage to an end.