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In a few hours from now (6/12 noon), I'm off to Iraqi Kurdistan, then Jordan and Israel.  In July, I'll be retracing Cortez's route from Vera Cruz to Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) launching his conquest of Mexico in 1519.  In August, there's our To The Point Revolutionary Rendezvous in Boston.

So this is to let you all know we're switching to our summer schedule for To The Point starting next week.  There will be pretty much the same number of articles per week, but we'll be posting them as they come in – rather than compiling them in the TTP Weekly Report on Friday afternoon.

Because other TTP authors also will be traveling a lot as well.  Right now, for example, Joel Wade is in the wilds of the Australian Outback with his family.

Thus instead of a Weekly Report, we'll be sending you a TTP Article Alert whenever a new article is up.

Now let's talk about the Revolutionary Rendezvous.  The place:  Boston.  The dates:  August 22-24.  The schedule:

Friday afternoon the 22nd, a Freedom Walk to the revolutionary sites of Boston, from the South Tavern to the North Church to Paul Revere's home to the site of the Boston Tea Party – with pit stops at various famous pubs along the way.

Friday evening, dinner with yours truly and other TTP authors, such as Jack Kelly, Joel Wade, and Marco the Wizard.

Saturday the 23rd, after a lengthy breakfast get-together, we visit Bunker Hill, follow the route of Paul Revere's ride to Lexington, then on to Concord, where at North Bridge the American Revolution began with the "shot heard ‘round the world'."  Dinner with yours truly and TTP authors, followed by a night tour of Boston's most historic pubs.

Sunday the 24th, an all-morning breakfast-brunch with extended discussion of whatever TTP'ers in attendance want to talk about.  We head back home in the afternoon.

The hotel:  The Seaport Boston.  Call 1-877-SEAPORT (732-7678), ask for reservations, and identify yourself as part of the "To The Point Block."  The rate we have is $199 per night.  You're free, of course, to stay somewhere else if you prefer.

The TTP Conference Fee:  $310 per person.  That includes dinner Friday and Saturday nights, breakfast Saturday and Sundays, and participation in all Rendezvous activities.

To participate, call TTP General Manager Miko de los Reyes at 703-992-4529 or [email protected]. Please call or email Miko right away. If you would like to send a check payment, please make it payable to: TO THE POINT, INC. and mail it to 611 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Suite 429, Washington DC 20003. No procrastinating.  That means now!

So I'll see you in Boston!  There won't be a better way to end the summer – and enjoy yourself until then.

Ps:  A number of you may be asking by now, what happened to The Next Great Adventure that I told you about last December?  I think you'll quickly realize what happened to a series of expeditions around the world in a long-range amphibian airplane:  $100+++ oil.  The price of aviation fuel now makes such a project impossible.  The dream will be revived someday.