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SKYE’S LINKS 12/24/20

“Stand and Deliver” — an anti-lockdown song performed by Eric Clapton and written by Van Morrison.  Listen and enjoy!  Crank those speakers up and rock on for freedom. Happy Christmas Eve!!

Delingpole: Eric Clapton Sings Anti-Lockdown Song; Trolls Mock His Dead Kid


The compliant response of state and local officials to Antifa and BLM violence and threats of violence has taught a dangerous lesson. Since politically motivated violence by the left has generally been rewarded by ‘Crat politicians and elites, we can expect to see more of it, and not just from the left.  Note this:

“[Oregon State] Sen. Dallas Heard came out to speak. Said he’s with the “people.” Says he has issues with session. Calls for people to vote out Dems. People shout they don’t believe in the process.”

Anti-Lockdown Protesters Force Way into Oregon Capitol, Some Armed


When seven Supreme Court Justices decided to wash their hands of ruling on clearly unconstitutional state and local voting processes in Texas v. Pennsylvania, they unleashed the most obvious and immediate alternative: escalating political violence.

SCOTUS didn’t dodge the incitement of political violence with their cowardly decision – they committed our nation to more of exactly that.  They have clearly and unequivocally consigned voting for national offices to rapidly become progressively meaningless and without even the illusion of legal recourse.  They have thereby made illegal recourse inevitable.

Perhaps the next three or four conservative Supreme Court nominees should be highly experienced combat soldiers. I suspect that this is what happened to SCOTUS in Texas v. Pennsylvania:

Former Wisconsin Judge: ‘Our Court System Has Been Deeply Intimidated by the Left’


Navarro on 2020 election fraud:

Peter Navarro Releases Damning Report on 2020 Election Fraud


Full PDF Navarro report:


Mo Brooks on what he is going to do about election fraud on January 5:

Mo Brooks on 2020 Election: Massive Voter Fraud, Election Theft ‘to a Degree Never Before Seen in the History’ of the U.S.


So what can we do about election fraud?  One move is to recall ‘Crat Governors.  Their lockdowns are unpopular with far more than conservatives, and conservatives have an added motivation due to the ‘Crats complicity in election fraud.  The recall petition for California’s Newsom already has over half the signatures needed.

Newsom isn’t the only target; several other governors are currently facing ongoing recall attempts.  And when you are gathering signatures for the recall of your ‘Crat Governor ask them to sign your Secretary Of State recall petition as well. Successful recalls will help reduce fraud in 2022 and 2024 and beyond, and hence will help to prevent the dire alternative of civil war:

Issa: If Newsom Doesn’t Take Recall Effort ‘Seriously, a Recall Is Inevitable’


Here are some thoughts on peaceful actions:

The “New Confederacy”? Yes, It’s Time For Conservatives To Unite Against The Globalist Reset

Red And Blue States: It’s Time For A Multistate Solution


Many people are saying that Biden is not their President, and they aren’t just Republicans:

Nolte: Top Pollster Finds ‘Only 56% Say Joe Biden Is Their President’


Most likely voters think that the media hid the Hunter Biden story before election day:

Most Think Media Hid Hunter Biden Story Before Election Day


The New York Times promotes race based privilege:

New York Times Normalizes Racist Eugenics Supported by Woke Doctors


We are all gravely disappointed with both how the 2020 election was run and the consequent illegitimate result.  Please look beyond the immediate result to the larger context.  Don’t make the mistake of believing that we are helpless in the face of the ‘Crat’s successful cheat to win election.

Our opponents face a very powerful and utterly ruthless enemy – themselves, in the form of virulent ‘Crat factionalism.   What do BLM and Green New Dealers and cheap foreign labor oligarch employers and Great Reset Globalists have in common, other than a desire to seize the same limited supply of power and loot?   They are now in brutal existential competition with each other, and they know it.

Without Trump to unite their attacks, ‘Crat infighting for the finite loot supply intensifies, shafting AOC and other progressives.  No BLM leader or Bernie Bro has been selected by Biden’s puppeteers for a cabinet position, and they are royally pissed.  You can bet that BLM and Bernie and AOC and her squad will do their best to return the shaft:

Establishment Dems Ambush AOC And Other Progressives, Stripping Key Committee Assignments

Report: AOC Denied House Committee Seat After Secret Ballot Vote


You may have heard that the Treasury, Commerce Dept., and many other government agencies and private companies were hacked via their use of Solar Wind software that contained malware.  The secret master password to the Solarwinds software update server was “Solarwinds123” – really!

“Solarwinds123”: Hacked IT Company Used Weak Password, While Backdoor Access Peddled On Underground Forums


It is worse than what is disclosed above:

GOP Intel Rep. Stewart: We Don’t Know How Deep Cyberattack Goes, ‘Should Be a Price to Pay’ for It

US Nuclear Weapons Agency Breached As Part Of Massive Cyberattack: Report

SolarWinds Hack ‘Poses a Grave Risk to the Federal Government’


Interesting comment by Trump on this hack:

Trump Blasts Exaggerated Media Claims Of “Russia, Russia, Russia” In Cyberattack After Seeing Intel


Hacking attribution is difficult and uncertain, and it is very easy for hackers to leave red herrings behind to encourage false attribution.  Indeed, you can find the source code for a hacked CIA program to do exactly that at the whistleblower Vault 8 website.

Note that it is in China’s interest to cause trouble between the US and Russia.  You don’t suppose that China has competent hackers?  Moreover, if a nation’s hacking budget is roughly proportional to its GDP, then China has a hacking budget an order of magnitude larger than that of Russia.  That doesn’t mean that Russia didn’t do it, but it does mean that China has far more means to have done it than Russia.

This makes sense to me.  What do I know about cybersecurity?  Enough so that an NSA funded online cybersecurity university offered me a paid position teaching a master’s degree course in cybersecurity:

No Act Of War But “An Easy Score”: Here’s What We Know & Don’t Know About SolarWinds Hack


Did Russia get in?  Does a bear…  With the password for Solarwinds’ software update server being “solarwinds123” everybody got in.  Including a Romanian goat herder and a Mongolian rock musician.  OK – that isn’t quite as bad as Podesta’s email password of “password” which lead to the Podesta email leak.  No, I’m not making this stuff up.  Really!  (I admit that my comments about goat herders and rock musicians are purely speculative, but the rest is all too true.)

“Dr.” Jill Biden needs a remedial course in arithmetic:

Carlson Slams ‘Doctor’ Jill Biden’s Dissertation — ‘Needs Reading Glasses, Either That or She’s Borderline Illiterate’


A caution regarding the Pfizer Chicom Virus vaccine; if you have asthma, serious allergies, or have been advised to carry an Epi-Pen autoinjector, wait until more is known about this anaphylactic shock (a type of severe potentially fatal allergic reaction) problem.  The Pfizer presentation to the FDA stated that 1 placebo shot recipient suffered from anaphylactic shock, so this problem may be caused by something else in the vaccine, rather than the mRNA active ingredient.  This may not be a problem with the Modena mRNA vaccine if it uses different excipients.

Alaska Health Worker Hospitalized After Experiencing Reaction to Vaccine


Understanding the Chicom Virus statistics:

The Decimal Point That Blew Up The World


Original scientific paper here:


A word to the wise about testing procedures and “case numbers”:

WHO (Finally) Admits PCR Tests Create False Positives


The Chicom Virus in perspective:

Why The Number ‘3’ May Make You Rethink The COVID Hysteria


Why I am waiting a few months before deciding whether to be vaccinated for the Chicom Virus:

CDC Issues New Guidelines, Launches Probe After 1000s Negatively-Affected Following COVID-19 Vaccination


For investors; pandemics have long term consequences beyond arbitrary business and employment destroying lockdowns.  Historically, return to normalcy takes a long time:


For investors; be sure to look at the graph titled “What’s the source of the rally in the stock market since 2009 – buybacks” and the last three paragraphs about the magnitude of the helicopter money:

Unhinged… And Then Some!


If this were done on a federal level, it could go a long way in mitigating the rapidly growing financial mess:

South Carolina Bills Would Cut Taxes On Gold And Silver, Support Sound Money


Good news!  President Trump has issued a national space policy directive calling for the development of space nuclear power and propulsion systems.  Its about time!  We had a reliable operating nuclear rocket engine half a century ago that was far better than anything we have today,

Memorandum on the National Strategy for Space Nuclear Power and Propulsion (Space Policy Directive-6) | The White HouseNERVA


Apparently that old fashioned content of your character stuff is so 20th century in the liberals’ New America, and the Peoples’ Liberation Army must be celebrating:

Tucker Carlson: What if the ‘Woke Brain Virus’ Began to Infect the Military?