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SKYE’S LINKS 12/22/22

security-cameraAutomating the Narrative

Bad Ideas, But Faster

The Machine That Controls the World



The Ultimate Computer. Run time 4:28

In 1787, Irish politician and philosopher Edmund Burke coined the Fourth Estate. It means the media, the press, and the journalists joined the clergy, nobility, and commoners as an estate of the realm. Today we have a fifth estate, technology, establishing itself as a party to power.

The above movie clip from season 2, episode 24, of Star Trek, produced fifty-four years ago, predicted the consequences of national leadership’s computerization. Of course, everything goes wrong during the episode. The same plot line is reproduced with HAL, the computer in 2001-A Space Odyssey, the doomsday machine in Dr. Strangelove, NORAD’s WOPR in War Games, and the Skynet in the Terminator.

President Biden is our President Dunsel, with dunsel meaning an unnecessary part of a ship that serves no purpose in today’s real-life government automation. Except in Biden’s case, it is the ship of state.



Today’s links discuss the past few years’ events in light of Elon Musk’s disclosure of automated bots and technology used as a state weapon to control global and international narratives. In a great many cases, the technology is fully automated. In others, the automatic action of federal agencies and departments employing many, many people treat social media as some subsidiary under their control. Social media companies perform as government agents as they monitor and ban speech. They log the IP address of commenters while matching the electronic address to actual physical addresses.

Three trials of the Fifth Estate include the reaction to the 2016 Trump election win, BLM riots, and the Covid lockdowns. With each, the software improved, and staffers honed their skills until finally, the fully weaponized narrative control system was unleashed against the 2020 Trump campaign.

Weaponized and automated narrative control is precisely what Klaus Schwab and the WEF gang refer to as The Fourth Industrial Revolution, where human decision-making is handed over to automation. All previous thinkers and managers become redundant and replaced with obedient hands according to the system’s needs.


Today’s links explore our government run by policies, departments, and fiefdoms isolated from each other by security classification, as they are running amok and to cross purposes with the rush to automate mass narrative control.

The old USSR had nothing approaching the capability of today’s automation, and yet they kept an iron grip on Soviet citizens for seventy years. One wonders whether initial experiments in mind control, such as Operation Mockingbird, were not perfected as narrative control with Twitter. Hence the similar logos as some insider joke.


Dr. Brad Wenstrup, a TTP friend and representative for Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District, discusses the things we know about Covid-19 and its presumed status as a bioweapon developed in China as a collaborative work product of American virologists and the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Our intelligence community knew this from the first day and chose to hide the Truth from the public. Dr. Brix joined the Trump Whitehouse as a placed agent of the intelligence community to direct the American response.


unvax-undeadCovid was never about the science nor about public health. The government responded in an autonomous way to protect government officials first.

Dr. Wenstrup, a combat veteran, saved the life of Congressman Steve Scalise during and after the June 2017 attempted execution of Republican lawmakers. His office has been investigating Covid-19 from the start.


New AI chatbots are amazing. We explore CHAT GBT, an exponentially more advanced technology than Siri or Alexa. The chatbot can converse, form and defend logical arguments, and appears nearly ready to replace every fake news venue.

A network of CHAT GBT-type chatbots can instantly provide global narrative content on nearly every subject, from whichever point of view it is instructed.

The technology is so sophisticated that it begs the question, are we spending tens of billions in Ukraine, or are we funding black projects that promise to maneuver global public opinion as some massive flock of birds or school of fish?

Never forget how quickly global media, from every outlet, snapped into line the day that Russia invaded Ukraine. Such narrative control promises the punch of nuclear war without physical destruction.


Direct evidence from Heidelberg University includes a video explaining how the body’s immune cells mount targeted attacks on the heart. The result is lethal cardiac rhythm disruptions that are killing people.

The actual peer-reviewed paper is linked. The work is good science, the real deal. There does not appear to be a solution to the autoimmune damage to heart tissue caused by the mRNA jabs. Millions have been killed. Millions more will likely die.

Censorship is killing people. Government censorship led by history’s most arrogant bureaucrats led to many Covid-19 response errors. The government’s utter disrespect for outsiders muzzled the world’s greatest minds precisely when they were most needed.

Censorship kills, and Big Tech’s first big test as the Fifth Estate of government was a murderous failure.

poison-drinkTwitter was paid tens of millions of dollars, which were promptly distributed to senior Twitter officials, to spy on and manipulate the Covid response and the elections. Twitter created black lists and wrote code to propagate the government’s lies and hide the Truth. Millions died.


Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s former CEO, blames too much centralization, where a handful of people directed the computers that controlled the world.


Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The system fibbed when the heat was on as the single global narrative was invented from thin air and enforced without mercy. The Fourth Industrial Revolution’s use of narrative control to move masses of people, impose energy tyranny, or force them to inject experimental drugs without proving, beyond all doubt, that the goal is a singular world government.


Trust and Safety mean censorship, and its enemy is transparency. Technology under the thumb of the government has tremendously empowered tyranny. However, technology in the hands of free people is our greatest weapon against tyranny.

We can go back to the Occupy Wall Street movement to find the exact moment when the narrative shifted from class struggle to anti-white race struggle. The elites changed a line in the narrative writing software.

Many had noticed that the war on Islamic Terrorism vanished when Christopher Wray took over the FBI. It was replaced with the war on middle America, with the FBI collecting, analyzing, arresting, and prosecuting MAGA supporters for failing to support the Fourth Industrial Revolution narrative. The machine will give us our opinions. Middle America’s insistence on formulating its thoughts makes it the system’s greatest enemy.


At least 80 executive-level FBI agents were placed on Twitter, and so far, we have no idea how many contractors were utilized to identify independent rational actors.

The FBI and its sister agencies within the USA and most other Western governments have utter contempt for the average citizen. They destroy those that challenge the narrative.


Elon Musk is now calling for a new type of Church Commission that investigated the CIA during the 1970s. Will such an investigation matter? The FBI’s National Election Command Post (NECP), which certainly appears to censor narrative opponents and amplify their candidates, demanded that Twitter retain records of those that so much as told a non-conforming joke.

We find raw election tampering as the government picks the winners and losers, then manipulates the narrative to meet its ends. For example, Russia! Russia! Russia! Hoax allied with the DHS to impeach the President twice. His crime? Refusing to be President Dunsel.


Congress has utterly failed in its oversight mission, and instead, members cooperated and profited from cozy relations with the propaganda engines.

Big Tech is the Fifth Estate; these are private firms in name only. Social media companies are extensions of the government and should be subject to Constitutional limits. The FBI and its Democrat satrapies even banned conservative OAN news from ATT and Direct TV.

Keven McCarthy boasts that he will hold rogue agencies accountable through funding. Nobody seriously believes that McCarthy, a true RINO, has any intention of any real oversight.

The question remains, is anyone loud enough to be heard over the censorship? What type of candidate can speak so loudly that their signal booms through the noise of the censors? Can any 2024 presidential candidate Trump the machine?


We find that the FBI is really just one of many. The CDC, DOE, DoEd, DOD, and others cooperate to weaponize narratives. The CDC had a secret censorship portal on Twitter and held weekly narrative control meetings with Twitter leadership. They went as far as scrubbing medical libraries -modern book burnings- to eliminate research that challenged the political whim of the day.



Critical Race Theory, or CRT, is now solid in medical schools. The result will be a bias toward killing off the undesirables and rationing health care based on skin color. Will shades of skin color within races also be used to ration health care?

Many have noticed that nearly every TV commercial in Canada features Asians and First Nations, blacks and browns. However, the commercials promoting euthanasia only feature white folk trundling off to their destiny.


The EU will soon run short of food as fertilizers are restricted, and governments pursue the collectivization of farms and re-wilding of regions deemed United Nations Heritage Zones. Ireland is slashing automobile permits and allowable heads of livestock.

There is no question that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is under the direction of a death cult.


The funny thing is that coal consumption is breaking new records in China, India, and even the USA. Consumption in India is up 15% and 14% in the USA, primarily by thermal power plants. Coal generation is expected to reach 10.3 terawatt-hours next year.


From Critical Race Theory, we move to ESG or Environmentally Sustainable Governance. Big finance, meaning BlackRock, State Street, and formerly Vanguard, have been attempting to replace the fiat dollar with their fiat currency based on ESG scores. Call them ESG Chits; these firms would issue new money to replace the dollars used to purchase company stocks. The greater the ESG score, as determined by BlackRock, the more valuable the investment. On November 22, Biden authorized the Department of Labor to stop requiring retirement funds to maintain their fiduciary responsibility to depositors and switch to ESG scores instead. It is now acceptable for 401Ks to invest according to the narrative, not the actual needs of their business. Plus, of course, 10% for the Big Guy.

BlackRock, State Street, and Vanguard are buying large stakes in electric utilities, presumably to shut them down for ESG. If they can close enough of America’s critical infrastructure, then maybe. Just perhaps, maybe, their ridiculous wind farm and solar farm holdings will become valuable.

A common problem with venture capital investments is the tendency to invest in capacity, not reliability or quality. The electrical grid continues to degrade.

block-the-sun-gatesWarren Buffet says we have new emperors in these huge finance companies.


Speaking of finance, it looks like the Feds plan a 50BP rate hike that will be sticky. Not everyone yet agrees on the target, but the hike is inevitable. Automobile sales are in trouble, and home sales continue to decline. People used Covid money to buy overpriced cars with adjustable notes with an average seven-year amortization. The vehicles are still overpriced, yet the loans are even more overpriced, meaning a wave of defaults is on the near horizon. Big problems are coming.


Check out the link to the Mises Institute, which explains the risk windup in the economy due to malinvestments. A malinvestment creates unproductive debt.

Economic conditions are being hidden by Biden and his narrative machine, which faked and lied about the existence of 1.1 million new jobs created in 2022. They never existed; President Biden pulled that number out of his kiester and directed the Department of Labor to write the press releases.


My dear friends, as you follow the links, please recognize that there is no objective reality to our present government. There is no truth. There is only power. Our legalistic and self-righteous overlords govern through box-checking and laugh at morality. They mock patriotism.

They jam ESG and CRT down our throats in support of their plans to create reserve banks that buy and sell using their ESG Chits that can leave double-entry accounting behind as a barbarous relic.

Musk exposed our government agencies mocking, attacking, insulting, banning, and even arresting those that believe in Truth. Not just the Truth, but the Truth. Truth is their greatest enemy.



Republicans release an unclassified report on the origins of the Fauci/CCP virus – intel orgs are not cooperating:

House GOP Releases ‘Unclassified’ Report of COVID Origins


We are already much further into the 21st century than you may realize.  Take a look at what an AI chatbot is doing.  Click on the links to see the AI-generated responses.  The ability to textually hack the AI into commuting obvious mistakes is fascinating:

Five Remarkable Chats That Will Help You Understand ChatGPT.


How mRNA Fauci/CCP virus vaccine-induced myocarditis (heart inflammation) causes sudden cardiac death-

A good explanation for laypersons:

People Died From mRNA-Vaccine-Damaged Hearts; New Peer-Reviewed German Study Provides Direct Evidence


Peer-reviewed medical paper:


Trump’s Fauci/CCP pandemic advisor Dr. Atlas on the horrific costs of social media censorship of factual scientific information:

Twitter Censorship Contributed To Destructive Pandemic Policies And Is Criminal, Says Former White House COVID Adviser


The Twitter Files – the big picture to date:


Twitter Files’ FBI involvement.  The FBI has a team of at least 80 agents working on narrative control and media censorship and collaborates with many private organizations, including sharing classified data. They are serious about censoring jokes:

THE TWITTER FILES: Twitter… The FBI Subsidiary


Wait! There’s more!  Twitter had many retired FBI agents as employees in critical censorship positions:

New York Post: Twitter Is ‘Riddled’ with Ex-FBI Employees


Constitutional attorney Turley on FBI’s response to Twitter Files:

FNC’s Turley: FBI’s Twitter Files Reaction Shows ‘Utter Contempt’ for Americans


It’s even worse than we thought; a new Twitter Files release shows that the FBI’s National Elections Command Post asked the San Francisco FBI field office to help it to get Twitter to remove Trump campaign rally streams and to provide the FBI with personal info on Trump supporters:


Tabbi releases Part 6 of the Twitter Files, which show that the election tampering and First Amendment violations go far beyond the FBI:

Twitter Files: FBI Kept Busy Censoring Conservatives Instead of Chasing Crooks


Rep. Comer of the House Oversight Banking Committee says that the FBI’s communications with Facebook and Google must be investigated, too and that the FBI must be dismantled and rebuilt:


Turley on Congress’s failure to investigate and stop the FBI’s political activities:

FNC’s Turley: Twitter Files Are Also ‘an Indictment of Congress’ for Failing to Do Oversight, Encouraging Censorship


Keven McCarthy, the most likely next Speaker Of The House, on future investigations ignited by the Twitter Files:


‘Crat politicians personally pressure common carriers such as AT&T and Direct TV to stop carrying “misinformation” sources, such as OAN:

Pressure Mounts for Investigation of Democrat Pressure Tactics in AT&T’s OAN Censorship


Trump declares all-out war on censorship and censors:

Donald Trump Unveils Free Speech Plan to ‘Shatter Left-Wing Censorship Regime’


Busted!  There are a LOT of Federalie agencies engaged in censorship; the US Centers For Disease Control has been busted for trying to censor the statistics on defensive gun use:

Claim: CDC Deleted Defensive Gun Use Figures Under Pressure from Left


The CDC had a special portal into Twitter to facilitate censorship and “social inoculation”:

Documents Uncover Secret Twitter Portal US Government Used To Censor COVID-19 Content


Got healthcare? The Powers That Be are injecting an unhealthy dose of critical race theory into medical schools and requiring that medical students demonstrate “competency” in the subject:

Report: Lecturer Tells Medical Students Not to Debate Her During Anti-Racism Training


Got food?  If you live in the EU, you may not have enough food for much longer.  The EU green tyrants are cutting food production at the point of a government gun – all to save the earth, of course:


Got coal?  Many people would be delighted if Santa brought them a trainload of coal!  Coal consumption is up by double digits in the US, EU, China, India, and many other places as the green transition has widely and notoriously failed. In the US, the high natural gas prices are not due to a shortage of fracked natural gas; they are due to pipeline shortages to carry the gas to users.  Indeed, the price of gas recently briefly went negative in the Permian basin due to Federalie permit denials caused lack of pipeline capacity:


Good news for investors – and every other American; Republicans in Congress are fighting the ESG vampire:

Republicans Try to Curb Recent Biden ESG Rule for Retirement Plans


More good news Republican State Treasurers are fighting, too, and they have massive financial guns of their State employee retirement funds to stop ESG:

Schroder: Treasurers Have ‘Taken a Strong Stance’ Toward ESG Policies


For investors, red state AGs fighting against BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street to stop the mammoth investment firms from imposing zero net emissions on the utility companies in which they are buying significant blocks of stock:

State AGs Sound The Alarm About BlackRock, Vanguard Buying Large Stakes In Utilities


For investors, some reasonable speculations on the terminal Fed rate – my guess is 6.5% to 8%, though it could end up much higher if the House Republicans can’t or won’t cut spending:

JPM: “For countries that see CPI exceed 5%, it takes around 10 years for CPI to fall back to 2%.”


For investors from the Mises Institute, what happens when the US money supply (M2) increases at an annual rate of 27% per year in 2020-21, and what will happen next:


Xiden admin fakes 1,100,000 new jobs:

Here Comes The Job Shock: Philadelphia Fed Admits US Jobs “Overstated” By At Least 1.1 Million