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Article Archives

SKYE’S LINKS 11/19/20

As Senator Palpatine says: “There is no civility, only politics. The bureaucrats are in charge now.”

US Color Revolution: The Not So Phantom Menace


Never let a good crisis go to waste:

Robert Bridge: How The Democrats Weaponized A Pandemic To Beat Donald Trump


This is also my judgement:

Alan Dershowitz: ‘I Do Think that Trump Will Win the Pennsylvania Lawsuit’ if Enough Votes at Stake


The Left is rabidly personally attacking Trump’s election lawyers:

Another Trump Attorney Harassed As Election Challenges Move Through Courts


From my own much more limited experience in political campaigns, this is all too true:

Harmeet Dhillon: GOP Paid Millions to Lawyers Who Abandoned Trump


Highly paid cowards:

Under Pressure, Trump Lawyers Quit in Pennsylvania


This decision is a violation of the US Constitution’s requirement that States guarantee a “republican form of government”:

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rejects Trump Argument: Observers Just Have to ‘Remain in the Room’


The  great PA election fraud of 1994:

NYTimes Exposed “Massive Scheme” By Democrats In Pennsylvania’s Election System… In 1994

The Rotten Peach –Georgia recount fraud:

The Georgia Recount May Be As Corrupt As The Election Itself


Ballot signature verification fails in Las Vegas:

Las Vegas Columnist Ran A Test And County Officials Accepted Fake Signatures On 8 Different Ballots


Clark County (Las Vegas) Nevada admits election problems requiring a new election in December:

Voter discrepancies cause Nevada’s largest county to throw out one local race


Trump has fired top election security official Kris Krebs for making a grossly misleading statement regarding the 2020 general election security.  While cybersecurity may or may not have been okay (HAMMER & SCORECARD?), security in every other respect was terrible, and Kris Krebs’ statement said that it was great.  Do NOT confuse likely ‘Cratsymp Kris Krebs with Brian Krebs’ Krebsonsecurity website, which is truly professional, and a fine free computer security education.

President Trump Fires Top Election Cybersecurity Official Chris Krebs


Here is a fine article from the Mises Institute on the Deep State and its enablers:

The Google Election


Biden’s Propaganda Czar says, “Having once been almost a First Amendment absolutist, I have really moved my position on it, because I just think for practical reasons in society, we have to kind of rethink some of those things.”

Biden State Media Appointee Advocated Using Propaganda Against Americans


WaPo’s latest big lie – an it is a real whopper:

Trump Campaign Rejects Media Reports of Changed Pennsylvania Case

Everybody knows the MSM are massively faking it:

The Corporate Media Gaslighting Campaign That Failed


A two week study on Marine recruits showed that an extreme lockdown and testing regimen was ineffective in preventing China Virus transmission:

Even A Military-Enforced Quarantine Can’t Stop The Virus, Study Reveals


If you have a smartphone, please try this out and report what happens:

Watch: Are Phone Networks Now Censoring Links About Election Fraud?


An all too plausible and (almost) worst case scenario of the immediate future:

Get Ready For Chaos Regardless Of Who Ends Up In The White House

The Greatest Bubble Of All Time would have eventually burst even without the pin of the pandemic.  Don’t expect even perfect vaccines to restore our economy which has been bloated with malinvestments due to two decades of Fed suppressed interest rates:

Don’t Blame COVID: The Economy Is Imploding From Over-Capacity And Corrupt Cartels


Yes, there really is a plague of zombies, their numbers are growing rapidly, and they will eat your assets if you don’t watch out:

COVID Unleashes The Undead Army: 20% Of All US Corporations Are Now Zombies


The systemic cost of debt – which unlike some alleged systemic things, is very real – and will adversely affect future equity earnings and returns:

You’ve Got To Ask Yourself One Question. Do You Feel Lucky?


Those malinvestments need to be liquidated and the assetts reorganized in a more productive manner, but the Fed, the politicians, and the political doners will do anything to prevent that from happening.  Hence here is where we find ourselves in November 2020:

Jim Quinn Warns “This Is How Fourth Turnings Roll”


Jim Quinn’s long term outlooks don’t consider the short term stimulating effects of another huge shot of meth – er, Fed liquidity stimulus.  The below analysis attempts to do that.  No one knows how long the bubble can continue to be inflated, and if Biden cheats to a win and it bursts on his watch, the ‘Crats are not going to be popular:

JPM Sees Stock Surge In 2021 As Trillions In “Unlocked” Liquidity Flood Into The Market


But the Fed doesn’t dare to cut back on money creation:

The Fed Has No Way Out


Which is why the Fed Barons are so furious that they can’t make the American people and government even more dependent on their money creation magic:

Fed Furious After Mnuchin Refuses To Extend Some Bailout Programs

160 proof Russian gallows humor on America’s fraudulent election:

“Watch This!”

It’s been a very long time coming.  I was working on these airborne high energy  laser weapons way back in the 1970s, almost half a century ago. I’ve got some water cooled parts of one of these high energy chemical lasers in my Cold War tech collection;  they were very special chemical reactors that burned high pressure fluorine with high pressure deuterium with a few trace gas additions – the exhaust would dissolve glass.

But generals tend to fight the last war – or even the war before that.  Did you know that the US Army had a horse cavalry at the start of WWII?  Yes, II not I.  They even had a two-way horsey-talkey radio built into the middle of a cavalry lance, the BC-745 / SCR-511:

Air Force Wants To Arm Stealth Jets With Laser Cannons By 2025

Really! The horsey-talkey was a big technological advance between cavalry unit battle communications over bugle signals.  This two way voice radio had a range of a few miles.  I’ve got a tech manual and some components from this system in my war tech collection. I had nothing to do with its design since it was designed before I was born.

The design was actually quite good, but the use application was about 50 years out of date.  The Maxim machine gun had long made the horse calvary literally painfully obsolete, and the Civil War era Gatling gun had made that inevitable consequence clearly apparent.

SCR-511(*) – RadioNerds