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SKYE’S LINKS 11/10/22

Election Fraud and the Deep State


Last week’s HFR described SQL injection, a standard software procedure for database quality control and editing. Mike Lindell’s organization found many examples of SQL injection used to alter vote tallies in 2020. The FBI raided him, took his phone, and raided others on his contact list to intimidate or imprison those with hard evidence of the theft.

media_realityThe dems were quite worried about this week’s midterms, with Politico giving marching orders to sleeper cells and MSM alike to ratchet up the disinformation and crash voting machines in contested precincts. The word went out to purge the names of voters (the Republican ones) from voter registries to slow and clog precincts. You see, dems have been trained to vote by mail. Snagging, obstructing, and otherwise shutting down actual polling places on election day disproportionately impacts conservatives. There were even strong propaganda efforts to encourage Republicans only to vote in person. Such suckers.

The link below contains some short videos explaining how election machine tampering occurs, especially in the blue states and Washington DC, that link voting machines to the internet all day long.

What is the message here? High school kids can find voting machines with an internet sniffer app on their phones. They can spoof the signals outright or use a SQL app and change the totals. I mean, it’s the same tool used to change a kid’s GPA on high school computers. Everyone graduates Summa Cum Laude today. That’s why grades are being eliminated.

Election eve warning!  With ‘Crat’s fearing midterm loss of one or both houses of Congress. Politico announces that the election may be hacked – after telling us that the one in 2020 was perfectly secure and the Russians influenced the one in 2016.  Of course, if the ‘Crats succeed to the extent that I suspect in their Cheat By Mail, this election will positively affect perfectly secure and pristine, and don’t you dare say otherwise :

ReBunked? Politico Warns Of ‘Hackable’ Voting Equipment



Cheat By Mail

blockchainThe dems were worried and issued a total Red Alert, even bringing Obama and Jen Psaki back. The one thing they did not do was let their candidates campaign. That costs money and diverts attention from mail-in balloting.

There is a way to secure mail-in ballots using blockchain technology. Patents that guarantee secure mail-in balloting have been issued, but they were purchased by the US Postal Service during the Obama dismal eight and have not seen the light of day since.

Don’t expect election results anytime soon.  It takes lots of time to figure out how many cheat-by-mail ballots are needed and to fill them out and “find” them…

ABC News Says “Red Mirage” Will Look Like Big Republican Win, But Vote Count Could Take “Weeks”


Of course, the ‘Crats are “fortifying: elections in ‘Crat-controlled areas:

PA Cities And Dem Volunteers Rush To Help Voters Replace Flawed Ballots



We Failed to Fix the 2020

president-yetKelleigh Nelson, a TTP contributor, wrote the following interesting article. She makes an important point:

What do we expect? We failed to fix 2020, Pence surrendered without a fight, and Mitch has been busy organizing the Trump-DeSantis cage match.

The Senate leadership is more interested in the perks of committee membership and maintaining the extended grinding down of American industry in favor of ocean shipping and foreign manufacture than in the integrity of results.


Kelleigh does her homework.



Now They Want Amnesty

The Atlantic spelled “amnesty” wrong. The correct spelling is T-R-I-B-U-N-A-L.

Why would the deep state float such an odd article? Perhaps they expect the Republicans to hold hearings. Will they? Jim Jordan will, but the effort might be less successful than exposing dirt on Hillary Clinton. The power to override the Constitution and direct federal funds wherever the heads of agencies see fit is a matter of national security, don’tchaknow?

elefbiSome states and some jurisdictions kept their heads during the pandemic. Most did not, and now that the Department of Homeland Security has recreated its information integrity board, it is likely that the Atlantic story on amnesty is bait intended to smoke out supporters of congressional hearings.

Regardless of the story’s intent, it touched a raw nerve.

Nolte rants on The Atlantic’s request for an amnesty for the pandemic response mandate horrors  coerced upon us by the demofascists:

Nolte: Altantic’s COVID Amnesty Request Was a Massive Political Blunder


More here – what did the Federalies  and MSM know, when did they know it, and why did they do what they did:

No Amnesty for Lockdowners



Amicus Brief

Ken Blackwell, Here was once the Ohio Secretary of State, which is why Ohio seldom reports election fraud. He is a powerful voice for election integrity and against public sector corruption. If you don’t know Ken Blackwell, well, you need to. His work in Florida went a long way toward improving voting integrity in the Sunshine State. America needs someone like Ken Blackwell at the top of the DOJ. America needs to address public sector corruption.

cvd1984He wrote a powerful Amicus Brief regarding mandatory jabs given to Marines against their will and their religious objectives. He points out that the unproven jabs were never more than a talisman, an injected rabbets foot forced on Marines and others in the military under pretenses. When is such a thing just another psyop intended to convince an adversary that the US is maintaining readiness, and when does it become willful misconduct and criminal malice?

Is fraud conducted to benefit the political class and their stock portfolios a legitimate reason to disregard American Marines’ safety and spiritual values? Did Mr. Lincoln free the enslaved people, or did he not?

So here we have great news!  This brilliant First Amendment brief regarding the Pentagon’s refusal to grant religious exemptions from the Fauci/CCP virus vaccines; First Amendment  “strict scrutiny” is reallllly robust, and when this goes to SCOTUS, liberty will almost certainly triumph :


May God continue to bless our sailors, soldiers, and Marines.

Brief: Pentagon Vaccine Mandate’ Illegal’ Lacks Evidence




musclemuskAlan Dershowitz wrote the following article claiming that McCarthyism was once right-wing. Now it is left-wing. While pages could be written on just what kind of authoritarianism is “right-wing” in the USA, where “right” means pro-freedom and “left” means pro totalitarian. Isn’t all totalitarianism in the American system left-wing?

For goodness’ sake, we are not in France or Canada, with their horseshoe-shaped distribution of right and left.

There is an important point to bring forth with the attacks on Musk. The military created the internet to maintain communication during a nuclear war after city centers were fried. The military gave it to the world for free…

Now back in my university days, I remember the very moment when the Amdahl computer at the University of Michigan joined the early DARPA Net one crisp fall morning. One of the Wolverine students miskeyed a line of code on an old-timey paper punch card. The DEC 10 computer at MIT crashed, as did the IBM 360 at Caltech and the mysterious system known as “Langley360,” whatever that means. Everyone looked at each other as the telephone lines lit up, and people realized what had just happened. That moment was the birth of the internet as a weapon of war.

Twitter was created and curated worldwide without a profit model, with a vast army of censors and fast response data farms, deep connections to governments, and the mission to funnel debate towards a single truth.

And oh yeah, its former leaders were allegedly tied to Indian Intelligence, a growing force in the world of spooky things with deep experience dealing with the ISI, also known as Pakistani Intelligence.

It seems legit, right? Just what did Elon Musk purchase?

Western governments are threatening Musk to maintain censorship. If he dares expose government official wrongdoing, he will be arrested and locked away forever under laws protecting governments from public commentary.

Intelligence services from India to Israel, Germany to South Africa, and everyone in between threaten Musk and his advertisers. “Don’t you do it, Elon! Don’t you speak the truth! We will destroy you!” is the general message.

Do you know who is not threatening Elon? The US Military. They lost control of the internet decades ago.


How the left is attacking Musk’s efforts to reform Twitter:

Why Is The Left So Afraid Of Twitter?


Germany threatens Musk personally if he doesn’t censor Twitter to their satisfaction:

German Politicians Move To Block Musk From Restoring Free Speech Protections On Twitter



Statistics and Liars

Officially reported job data significantly differs from data collected by other sources, such as private investment services. Tech companies are purging employees everywhere, and industry is closing due to fuel costs and supply chains. Families can no longer afford luxuries, yet the numbers reported just before the election find these to be the best of times. The funny thing, the last time this happened was just before the 2012 presidential election. So, that one was for Obama/Biden, and we have Obama/Biden in the White House now, so…

The question boils down to public corruption and the unwillingness of federal law enforcement to address the matter. The government appears to be making up numbers, and the press, the nation’s official stenographers, report without question.

A word of advice; assume every government statistic is false. These things are happening too often.


For investors, there is a vast 2.3 million discrepancy between the Establishment employment figures and the Household Survey employment figures.  Moreover, loads of full-time jobs have replaced lower-paying part-time jobs.  The fingerprints of political manipulation are all too apparent. Worse yet, the birth-death model is creating hundreds of thousands of jobs that don’t exist!  What you need to know:

Something Has Snapped: Unexplained 2.3 Million Jobs Gap Emerges In Broken Payrolls Report



Over at the Fed

chinadollarsJeffrey Tucker writes this piece. There is another of his articles at the end of today’s links.

The government strongarmed Jerome Powell to power up the printing presses and flooded the economy with money during the lockdowns. He did this, apparently against his better judgment—the money printing guaranteed inflation that might go on and on and on.

His reputation is destroyed, and his legacy is just this side of Zimbabwe. So why did he do it?

Jeffrey Tucker explains that the response to Covid was taken over by the national security apparatus and removed from the state and federal health and infection control departments. Dr. Brix was not representing the medical scientists and health agencies. She was representing elements of national security. Powell was caught between responding according to his professional insight and the strong arm of the security deep state. The government assumed we were experiencing a biological warfare attack from day one. The bat soup story was just a cover story.

So the Fed is angry. Their mission is in shambles, and the private bankers they represent stand to lose trillions as loan repayments are devalued.

The Fed intends to keep increasing interest rates according to a policy that locks in stagflation. They plan to unwind the money printing. It’s not a happy thing when the bankers of last resort believe that the deep state tricked them, threatened them, and ultimately took control of fiscal policy from them. And all of it is based on the panic and spite of one little psychotic man, John Brennan.


For investors, how the frightened Fed enabled lockdowns and created massive inflation:


For investors, while the Fed has engaged in $287 billion in quantitative tightening, the Federalies have injected 405 billion more money into circulation:

Left-Hand Not Talking To Right-Hand: Quantitative Tightening & Federal Government Spending


None Dare Call It Fascism

Environmentalism, ESG, diversity, and all the rubbish that is part of stakeholder capitalism and the great reset are intended to concentrate the globe’s wealth and power into the hands of the few. These create dynastic power where great dynasties direct the world’s output to whatever suits their whimsey. The programs are supported by high-ticket advertising, slick internet propaganda pieces, and an overwhelming layer of horse manure.

goaway-littlemanThe WEF and Stakeholder Capitalism are argued to be a return to Mussolini’s fascism, where public-private partnerships ran everything. Those things outlawed at the personal level fell to the public. Those banned at the public level fell to the private.

The world, however, has seen this game played before. It worked until the invention of the printing press, followed by the drive to educate the youth. It worked until the Enlightenment, and the footing gained by Rationalism was pushed back through the European religious wars.

We no longer have a book-centric and literate population. Schools teach that the purpose of education is to learn how to use Google, where the truth will be found, and understanding is not necessary.

Global institutions want to wipe away Enlightenment values and return to the Middle Ages. By targeting the combined force of governments and institutions against Enlightenment values, they hoped to eliminate Protestant culture from history. No more Max Weber and his work ethic, no more personal responsibility, and no more universal literacy. No more self-governance. No more private property. No more individual salvation. No more nation-states, No more Constitutions. No more religion.

Everything is to be decided and administered by fantastic computer algorithms programmed to optimize around the glorious leader’s truth. The WEF claims to bring light to the world; all they want is your soul.

Look, folks, we have been fighting this same evil for thousands of years. New lamps for old. Bright shiny gold.


For investors – and everyone else; a primer on ESG. Stakeholder Capitalism, fascism, corporatism, and the WEF’s Great Reset:

The WEF’s Stakeholder Capitalism Is Just Global Fascism By Another Name



Just What IS The WEF?

different-colorsDoug Casey, a name many might recognize from The Daily Reckoning and the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, explains the WEF, its quest for power, and its methods. The last time their game was played, it took WWII and the destruction of Europe to stop them.

The type of global control promoted by the WEF is technocentric but frozen at today’s level of technology and society manipulation through global information control. Casey points out that technology follows Moore’s Law, with information capacity doubling every two years. But this happened before as the Church once controlled thought through well-trained priests leading illiterate flocks. The printing press broke the thought monopoly.

The WEF depends on information control via social media, the MSM, and search engines via handheld devices. This makes the WEF brittle and susceptible to competition from new technologies.

The world needs a new Enlightenment, and whether you love Trump or hate him, he exposed the relationship between governments, corporations, and clandestine security services. He might have lit the conditions necessary for a global awakening.


More on the WEF’s plans for you:

Doug Casey On The WEF’s Plan For Mankind And What Comes Next



The Deep State

capitalspiesThis is the sixth article in four weeks written by Jeffrey Tucker. Tucker is the former editor of, a Koch-sponsored newsletter targeting millennials. When Tucker was editor, the newsletter focused on libertarian leaning themes and articles explaining economic theories. FEE’s staff is now substantially former Russian citizens, Ukrainians, and Slovakians and presents financial lessons as hip videos.

Tucker formed the Brownstone Institute, and his work is being picked up in the Epoch Times, a thrice daily publication with numerous sub-publications under the editorial direction of the Falon Dafa, also called the Falon Gong religion operating from Taiwan. The Epoch Times explains Chinese politics well and presents traditional Chinese medicine in a Western package.

Tucker has also been picked up by the Western Journal, an excellent and far-reaching source of conservative news. Western Journal is a Christian publication and reports ethically. It is sometimes the only source of an alternative opinion from the MSM now that Drudge is under the control of the Prince of Darkness.

Jeffrey Tucker also publishes a LinkedIn article daily and maintains a pro-free enterprise, pro-libertarian perspective. You might check it out.

He wrote the following piece explaining that the goal is not democracy, election victory, or even honesty in elections. These are secondary to the real goal, which is self-governance. Nobody uses the phrase anymore.

Most totalitarian nations hold elections. The Kims in North Korea consistently won elections, as did Fidel Castro, Adolph Hitler, and Hugo Chavez. Controlling the count and blowing the brains out of dissenters in the public square ensure the results but prevent self-governance.

No one voted for lockdowns, inflation, travel papers, or to drain off the strategic petroleum reserve. These are gifts from the deep state that keeps on giving.

Government Pogroms become the norm through socialization and normalization via NGOs or non-government organizations led by people such as Bill Gates. Tucker gives an example of Jerrod Kushner establishing the lockdowns and mass firings of people after consulting with one of Pfizer’s board members, who just happened to have formed a pro-lockdown NGO before Covid.

Such is the danger of government by Ivy League alone. They talk among themselves and devalue science and factual data produced by the middle class. Some call it not invented here syndrome. The United States and the rest of the world might never recover from the poor Covid decisions. The worst part is that the deep state and friends learned that anything is possible, provided an emergency is declared.

Our betters are salivating over the possibility that Putin will go nuclear. The ultimate emergency will grant them supreme bureaucratic powers. Better to rule in Hell and all that.

Jeffrey Tucker asks the question; if Elon can fire half of Twitter on day one, why can’t the Republicans defund at least one of the 434 federal agencies?


The administrative and deep states – and how they make self-government a fraud:

The Deep State Is What Disables Democracy