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Article Archives

SKYE’S LINKS 10/29/20

rascist-riotsThe plan to steal the election:

How To Steal An Election, Part 1: The Left’s Plan

How To Steal An Election, Part 2: The Right’s Response

How To Steal An Election, Part 3: The Offensive Information Suppression Endgame


Biden accidentally tells the truth:

In Bizarre Freudian Slip, Biden Brags About Assembling “Most Extensive Voter Fraud Organization In History”


The coup attempt to date:

The Damage Russiagate Has Done


Zooming out to the big Fourth Turning picture:

This Is The “**** Hitting The Fan” Part Of The Fourth Turning


Zooming forward to what may be coming in 2021:

BofA: Fed Will Use Digital Dollars To Unleash Inflation, Universal Basic Income And Debt Forgiveness


Some words to the wise from an old and dear friend:

Doug Casey On Why The 2020s Will Likely Be the Most Turbulent Decade in 250 Years


Whoa! This alone disqualifies Biden as President.  It is criminal negligence to vote for him:

The real Joe Biden scandal: Fumbling the nuclear football


Could this be Peak Dishonesty?  I doubt it, but they sure are trying:

Outrage After WaPo Says To ‘Treat Biden Leaks As Foreign Intel Operation – Even If They Probably Aren’t’


Nothing to see here folks, just move along:

Putin Defends Bidens, Becomes ‘Visibly Irritated’ When Asked About $3.5 Million Moscow Payment To Hunter


We are now actually far beyond Orwell:

Taibbi: With Hunter Biden Expose, Suppression Is A Bigger Scandal Than The Actual Story


NY Post still locked out of its Twitter account, now on 12 days:

Day 12: New York Post Still Locked Out of Twitter


Fascicrat Coons calls for overthrow of our court system:

Coons: ‘Hundreds’ of Trump’s Lower Court Judges Shouldn’t ‘Be Allowed to Sit Peaceably’


The ‘Crats are everywhere:

Hunter Biden Documents Mysteriously Vanish From Overnight Envelope, Tucker Carlson Says


Propaganda as what is left unsaid – or said in paragraph 16:

NPR Reports On Biden Assassination Plot, Omits That Mastermind Was Pro-Islam, Bernie Bro


For investors; this will end very painfully:

The Mother Of All Stock Market Bubbles


Cloth masks are the least effective face barrier against respiratory infections:

CDC: ‘More Research’ Needed to Fully Determine Cloth Masks’ Efficacy


A N95 respirator combined with hard sanitation does provide good protection

Effectiveness of Face Masks in Preventing Airborne Transmission of SARS-CoV-2


Sensible data driven article.  One thing that the author doesn’t mention, however, is that while lockdowns can flatten the initial hospitalization curve (thereby helping to prevent ICU overload and the attendant necessity for triage), they can NOT reduce eventual total cases and hospitalizations for a virus that is circulating in the community.  Lockdowns can reduce the weekly case and hospitalization counts but they merely stretch out these curves to later dates and do NOT affect the area under these curves (the eventual total number of cases and hospitalizations) – and they have immense costs.

One Man’s (Data-Driven) Journey From Zombie Apocalypse To Lockdown-Skeptic


We are 20 years into a 50 year war:

A 20-Year-Old Book Suggests China Is Already Quietly At War With The US