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SKYE’S LINKS 10/27/22

digital-puppetInformation Warfare

Global attempts to control information and some consequences.


Over the past forty years, the significant error within Western politics is the assumption that democracies don’t go to war with democracies and that building China’s wealth will magically transform it from an authoritarian system into a liberal democracy.

In reality, the Chinese system of political repression spread throughout the world. Tech giants, eager to enter the Chinese market, studied and adopted repressive techniques.

It is clear to many people that the global efforts to control populations are based on propaganda, persuasion, censorship, and deplatforming, and the playbook is Chinese.

unvaxed-badassThe links below discuss the trends in the global surveillance state, pushback in the courts, and the impact of basing economics on propaganda instead of reality. Covid and the jabs remain a critical topic because the plans for global governance through psychological manipulation are fully exposed in the Covid narrative.

The pharmaceuticals, the White House, the CDC, and the WHO knew the jabs were ineffective early on, yet they set out to crush and destroy the resistors.

Resistance came from the medical community, academia, scientists, and professionals of all stripes. Yet the global propaganda machine turned neighbor against neighbor and destroyed lives.

Just so we all know, I have a record of those that attempted to ban me, shun me, lock me out, and criminalize me for using my mind. The list includes physicians more concerned with their license to kill than their patients’ actual health. So knowing now that the world’s greatest psyop was launched to enrich the drug companies and remove President Trump from office, will you still maintain a relationship with the physicians that knew it was a lie but injected you anyhow? What about the hospitals that killed your parents with Remdesivir? Will you ever trust them again?




bubble-boyIt’s called Groupthink. The process involves a collection of persons lacking expertise who know little about the problem at hand getting together and attempting to solve the problem. The result is typically poor and irrational, sub-optimized decisions. Groupthink is foundational to cult brainwashing, where the group is manipulated to think in specific ways.

The following article discusses why the lefties are prone to Groupthink and why they are stuck on a suicidal path.

Censorship and cancel culture ensure that the left will eventually live within a bubble, cut off from reality and innovation. John Stuart Mill referred to this as the problem with logical induction and reliance on closed data sets.

It wouldn’t be two weeks before election season ends without at least one election story link, so here we go;  ‘Crats’ blind obedience to their own phony narratives rules – and ruins – their campaigns:

The Danger Of Bubble Wrap (Or How Democrats Learned To Love Ignoring Voters)



They Hate You

tyrant-agencies-clubHistorians might point to the corruption of the FBI as the tipping point that led to the fall of the United States and its Constitutional government. Information continues to come forward explaining the Destroy Trump at Any Cost movement within the government and media that was executed to prevent a reorganization and consolidation of the intelligence agencies. The FBI was being proactive when it pursued the dossier that it knew to be fabricated, masterminded the January 6 events, and set out to undermine Trump’s ability to govern. Bill Priestep, in charge of counterintelligence at the FBI, is emerging as one of the dirtiest players as he chose to destroy the United States rather than see the FBI and other silos face downsizing and reorganization.

Is Bill Priestep a mole of a foreign government? Or just an overly zealous bureaucrat that sold the nation out to be the hero? Hillary would undoubtedly reward his efforts; he knew this. His name will be synonymous with Benedict Arnold for the rest of history.

We see the same archetype at work at Twitter, where Elon Musk plans to downsize the company and take away the power of mediocrities to censor, ban, and deplatform.

More on how the Federal Bureau of Injustice did its best to frame Trump as a Russian agent, even after they knew that nothing in the Steel Dossier was true:



Government Overreach, Again

liberty-armsThe jab and lockdown mandates were not just poor policies. They were a collaboration between the public and private sectors to gain control of everything—a giant power grab supported by massive propaganda.

Well, we said it here from the first day, the Federal Government cannot issue contracts and exclusive markets to private firms to work around the Bill of Rights. Big tech is in trouble, and let’s hope the Red Wave leads to the indictment and impeachment of Merrick Garland and the rest.

Now for something of truly lasting significant import; this case has the potential to become a landmark decision that subjects Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other Big Tech social media companies to the First Amendment.  Keep your eyes on this one!

Federal Judge Orders Fauci, White House to Testify on COVID-19 Big Tech Collusion





The documents mentioned in the following link are part of the discovery in the above case.  This link describes the existential importance of the issues being litigated:

Why The Censors Fear Information Freedom


Controlling the J6 narrative – in real time on January 6 as it happened.  Twitter and other Big Tech social media suppressed Trump’s call for peace and law-abiding behavior at the Capitol.  The most exciting part of this link starts with the heading “The Silenced Conservatives”:

Internet Sting Operation “J6 DELETED” Exposes How Twitter Manipulated January 6 Narrative “In Real Time”


musk-twitter-memeThe Twittercrats are about to lose control of the narrative:

Musk Tells Bankers He Plans To Close Twitter Deal On Friday


Twitter employees freak out and make lots of demands.  This is  not going to end well for them – they are about to find out what the word “employee” means, along with the meaning of the words “you’re fired”:


Google is manipulating this election by sending GOP fundraising emails to Gmail spam:

GOP Sues Google Over Routing Donation Emails To Spam



Information Control

google-gGoogle’s new search algorithm no longer attempts to take you to a list of sites on the internet. Nope, now it drives traffic first to Google properties and finds the answer to the query, including a silent overlay of politics and potential income for Google.

You may have noticed that search results now list a few articles repeated thousands of times. In the olden days, the results included thousands of articles with minimal repetition.

Google, a politically driven organization with strong financial ties to the government, has been routing Republican fundraising efforts to spam for about ten months. The scam works by first identifying the days the response rate to the fundraising efforts is at its peak and diverting those efforts from inboxes on those days.

This policy amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars of theft. RICO laws, anybody?

But you ain’t seen nothing yet!  Google is out to pawn your mind:

If You Liked Big Brother, Meet Google’s Big MUM


And where is all of this going?  It’s Halloween… think horror movie:

Dictatorship In Disguise: Authoritarian Monsters Wreak Havoc On Our Freedoms



Steve Bannon and the Return of Trump

bannon-trumpHere is a fascinating interview with Steve Bannon. He discusses many of the dirty tricks done to the Trump team, including the railroading of General Flynn for asking for supporting documentation behind the dossier.

Rather than admit that the dossier was faked and a secret  $1 Million bribe was offered to create supporting evidence, the deep state opted to destroy Flynn. This exciting piece explains how the Trump team will be better prepared to deal with public corruption at the highest levels.

It starts after the investment  spiel:

Steve Bannon Speaks



Environmental Stuff

choking-tutrle-on-plasticUgh. Reduce, reuse, recycle. The circular economy. Blah, blah, blah. Plastic recycling is not so easy, and only two types of plastics are recyclable on a commercial scale. Many plastics that make it to your recycling wheelie bin are transported to third-world nations and dumped on the ground. Much more is tossed over the side of the transport ship in mid-ocean. Sure, recycling makes the suburbanite feel smug and essential, but the effects behind the big lie of recyclability do much more harm than good.

Greenpeace originated in British Columbia years ago to promote awareness of ocean pollution and the plight of whales. It quickly became a pro-socialist, anti-capitalist organization serving as a money laundering scheme for political donations. Greenpeace entered bankruptcy shortly after the USSR collapsed, and its most significant contributions destined for left-wing politicos in the USA and Canada dried up. They are trying to redeem themselves by speaking the truth in a world of lies, at least regarding plastic pollution.

Surprise!  Greenpeace actually does something good for the environment for a change; they have produced a report that shows what we all have known for decades; plastic recycling does more harm than good:



Mediocrity and Understanding the Left

shamelessConservatives were generally raised to believe in a meritocracy. Work hard, be honest, be productive and inventive, and the world will be rewarding.

The same is not so for leftists. Their world relies on political patronage, nepotism, hiring quotas, and a culture of box-checking. It is called Mediocrity, a society based on being mediocre.

These are the quiet quitters, the clock watchers, and the schemers. So common that Showtime produced the blockbuster hit series Shameless based on the premise.

The plague of mediocracy:

The Road To Mediocrity


Franco-mediocracy at its finest – and plenty more in the rest of the EU:

26 Of France’s 56 Nuclear Reactors Are Offline For Pipe Corrosion Or Maintenance


But what if the collapse of infrastructure and services in ‘Crat run cities is a feature rather than a mediocratic bug?

Weaponized Governmental Failure: A Primer



Economics and Investing

possum-soupGot food?  Here is the price of a #1 can of Campbell’s condensed tomato soup from January 1898 to July 2021.  You are now eating tomato soup from the 2121 harvest. The USDA forecasts that the 2022 tomato harvest will be about 45% smaller than last year.  Plan for substantial further price increases in 2023,   The arrow points to when Nixon took the US off the international gold standard – what could go wrong?

Got oil?  For investors;

US Oil Industry Mocks Biden Offer To Refill SPR At $72 As “Inadequate To Lift Oil Output.”


For investors, Note that a “zombie company” cannot pay its debt service costs without borrowing more money or receiving taxpayer-paid subsidies or bailouts, usually via monetized (inflationary) debt.  Such companies destroy extant capital rather than creating more wealth than they consume, leading to ever-lower productivity and higher prices.  A necessary function of recessions is to liquidate these malinvestments. “Government rescues” prevent this, and the inefficient rot builds cycle after cycle:

The Recession In The Productive Sector Is Here


The latest Fed manufacturing reports are grim, pointing to severe stagflation with an economic downturn already worse than the early pandemic days of May 2020:

Breitbart Business Digest: Fed Surveys Point to Recessionary Stagflation


Current economic indicators for investors; while the Xiden administration can easily fake some financial data, others – such as trans-pacific shipping volumes and rates – are honest info from independent sources:

Ocean Shipping Costs Decline 84%, Truckers On Verge Of Losing Money


For investors:

Germany Could Witness A Cash Renaissance As Its Economy Continues To Deteriorate


More for investors; In one critical respect, it is different (from the past 77 post-WWII years) this time.  The US can no longer afford to fully cover the cost of defending Europe and the rest of the relatively free world from aggressive neighbors due to the ‘Crat’s and RINO’s green vampire sucking away our energy and capital.  Due to that same green vampire, neither can Europe nor the rest of the relatively free world.  The US, UK, EU, Japan, Australia, and many other places have attempted to paper over this problem by going deeper and deeper into and monetizing that debt. Thanks, Greta, for promoting this dark, cold road to both massive inflation and the ongoing (so far relatively tepid) WWIII:

Hedge Fund CIO: “An Utterly Extraordinary Period Is Ending: Macron Knows This, So Does Xi”



Effect of Lockdowns

lockdown-memeTTP has noted the movement of Jeffry Tucker, long the editor of FEE, a Koch economic thinktank publication to the Brownstone Institute and the EPOCH Times. Tucker was a musical theorist and concert pianist in his first life before realizing that his focus on musical theory taught him a great deal about pattern recognition and logic. He became an important voice for free enterprise and is lately contributing much to understanding government overreach and increasing conflict with China.

He was referenced in last week’s Skye’s links, and his name appears in the following articles, along with the technical analysis of lockdowns.

For investors; A recent history of how Fauci’s virus and Fauci’s unhinged fascist Virus Patrols and the consequent unnecessary magic money printing to the max got us into this inflationary mess.  It is a long read, but worth it. Yes, Trump’s trusting the wrong “experts” and ignorance of elementary economics helped turn what should have been a minor problem into an economic catastrophe, which Xiden and the ‘Crats have further amplified.  Missing, however, is the significant role played by the green energy vampires of climate change-mandated investments, regulations, and ESG:

Stockman: The Macroeconomic Consequences Of Lockdowns & The Aftermath


The mortality caused by the pandemic never justified the disastrous lockdowns:

How Deadly Is Covid? A Major Study Defies Conventional Wisdom ⋆ Brownstone Institute


Although this has not yet been peer-reviewed, it looks good to me:

The age-stratified infection fatality rate of COVID-19 in the non-elderly informed from pre-vaccination national seroprevalence studies


How should Fauci’s pandemic have been handled? By focusing protection on the mostly retired over 70 population and refraining from stimmies and money printing.  If Trump had listened to Dr. Atlas and had ditched Fauci and Brix, he would probably still be President, our economy would be healthy, and the US would have no green-driven energy shortage.  Trump’s disastrous personnel choices have cost us dearly:

Great Barrington Declaration and Petition


More for investors – and big picture more.  Historian Niall Ferguson writes cogently about where we have been, where we are now, and where we may be going:

Bloomberg – Are you a robot?



Computer Chips

microchipsThere is an immense black swan tail risk for investors (and everyone else in the first world) when China blockades or invades Taiwan because so many essential chips are made there.  No chips, no new cars or trucks or airplanes or tractors or combines or computers or smartphones or internet equipment or industrial control systems or high tech weapons or …   It will take a lot more than two years to onshore chip manufacturing, especially in a recession environment, even if Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company does their best to make it happen.  In the meantime, Emperor Xi is entirely in command of China, and the US is blockading their access to semiconductor tech.  Remember what happened in 1941 after President Roosevelt blocked the Japanese Empire’s access to oil and steel?

US Wants To Break Up Taiwan’s Chip Hub To Shield Supply Chains In the Event Of China Invasion