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SKYE’S LINKS 09/29/22

pipeline-targetThey Blew That Baby Up!

Somebody blew big holes in the Nordstream undersea pipelines. Who did it? The commie scum press blames it on the United States military. But not so fast folks…

The military forced the vaccines because Lloyd Austin convinced himself that force readiness was on the table. He made an epic mistake as most military members are young, healthy, and never at serious risk from Covid. The military lost a lot of talent and threw decades of goodwill down the drain.

We are always fair here on Skye’s links, and the Air Force did allow members to take the J&J jab if they objected to the mRNA technology from Pfizer and Moderna. However, these were not available on base. In any event, readiness decreased after the jab, and we have no idea what lies ahead for the vaxxed troops.


US Military caught in massive criminal law violation and coverup regarding vaccine mandates and resulting less than honorable discharges of over 7000 members:

DoD Wouldn’t Let Troops Wait to Get FDA-Approved Vaccine


Victor David Hanson is a national treasure; he calls it as he sees it. This article, written by VDH, is a teaser for tomorrow’s HFR. The left, from the top players like George Soros straight through the ranks, is caught in a trap. They are humorless in the same way that the old USSR was humorless. We have reached the point where nearly every lefty joke is an attack on the peasants. The lefties never criticize the process but always thump on the deplorables, the working class, the wage earners, and similar average folks. It’s all they have and is their colossal vulnerability.

VDH on the actual hate speech:



Here is a terrible example of the left’s hatred of the other caused by their inability to find joy in life. We are dealing with raw evil and evil is predictable. Evil wants power, and its narrative is essential to study.

The larger context of the Ellingson murder and why it matters to us:

Psychopathic Leftist Intolerance And The Death Of Cayler Ellingson



Georgi Meloni stands for individualism, the family, nation, and especially the right to worship. Ursula and the rest of her ilk hate Meloni for this. Let’s hope that the Italian Carabinieri is up to the task of protecting Italy’s new leader.

Why the fascist she-wolf unelected leader of the EU fears the new conservative elected leader of Italy:

Italy’s Next Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni: Why Do They Hate Her So Much?


nordstream-pipelineNobody knows who blew four holes in the tho Nordstream undersea gas pipes, in international water, just beyond Danish territory. The hate-America crowd was quick to posit the argument that the United States did the deed to prevent Germany from surrendering to Russia. That’s what you heard all day in the media. But even with Uncle Joe in the Whitehouse, there is another possibility. Somebody just committed an act of war against Germany and Russia.


The Russian war in Europe expanded; somebody just blew up Nordstream 1 and 2:

Damage To Nord Stream Pipelines “Unprecedented;” May Have Been ‘Sabotaged’

The massive leaks were caused by three undersea blasts so strong that 30 Swedish seismic monitoring stations picked them up.  Russia may have done this to escape a multi-billion dollar lawsuit by contract gas buyers in Europe, but there are many other possible suspects.  The second, a more significant, explosion was a Richter 2.3 event or roughly a ton of TNT:

Dramatic Images of Erupting Sea Emerge from Europe-Russia Nord Stream Pipeline ‘Leaks’


Here is a hint that it might be Russia’s doing;

In Dramatic Escalation, European Nat Gas Prices Soar After Gazprom Warns Ukraine Flows At Risk

It’s about bloody time. How cold do the greenies need to get this winter before they realize that the fundamental problem of supplying energy to society was solved during the last century? Even with Germany waking up to the horror of no heat and power this winter, Germany plans on shutting down its nuclear plant tomorrow. It’s not a simple matter to extend operations, as maintenance was deferred in anticipation of decommissioning the plant.

Sanity about nuclear energy may finally be breaking out in Germany:

Uranium Stocks Rise As German Minister Sees Nuclear Power Plant Extension Increasingly Likely



Some Russians are unhappy with Putin’s mobilization, especially intended Muslim cannon fodder conscripts. I suspect that Putin plans on getting rid of troublesome populations using the war in Ukraine; it’s a double bonus for him because he can blame Ukraine for their deaths while using them as sacrificial targets to use up Ukrainian artillery shells:

Reports: Russians Attack Conscription Centers


The natives are becoming very restless:

‘Real Life Full Metal Jacket’: Draft Officer Shot Amid Russian Anger Over Conscription



How many professors and pundits are on Putin’s payroll? Fracking was banned in the UK and most of Europe because the technology harms Russian economic interests. We need to expose the enviros as commie shills; this is what they are.

Great Britain deploys its most potent weapon against Putin – it un-bans domestic fracking:



Plenty of Russians are not happy campers with Vlad The would-be Great’s latest decree:

Nearly 1,200 Arrested in Dozens of Russian Cities for Anti-War Protests


More from Russia:


And more:

Russian Migrant Wave Hits Central Asia as Men Avoid Putin’s Ukraine Conscription



Things are happening in Iran. Big things. First, the revolutionaries are dying, and the next generation is having trouble keeping the lid on dissent. Second, Iran has a serious drug problem among the professional class. And third, the women are tired of being second-class citizens. The Mullahs are in trouble.

Iranians are revolting against their totalitarian rulers, too:

Iran: Regime Militia Thugs Killed as Hijab Protesters Torch Police Stations



ESG is a scam. We all know it. It represents a way for banks to reach into their client’s operations and direct the flow of funds as they see fit. Corporations toe the line to maintain favorable loan interest rates. It’s straight-up Marxism to attempt to control global corporations by manipulating interest rates, which means that ESG is straight-up Marxism. It, too, will fail.

Good news for Americans; the CEO of the largest US Bank pushes back at ESG demands to stop funding fossil fuel developments:



Newsom wants to replace Uncle Joe in the Whitehouse. Fat chance, buddy.

While would-be President Newsom signs 40 so-called green bills in one day:

Gavin Newsom Signs 40 New Climate Bills At Once; New Mandates, Restrictions



Here is a good analysis of the new Texas law banning content discrimination by social media operating in Texas:



The US Post Office is spying on Americans:

What we now face:

Will 2024 Be 1984?



But there is hope; election integrity efforts are happening in 2022.”

EXCLUSIVE: Grassroot Election Integrity Movement Sweeps Battleground States



For investors; bureaucrat bank regulators versus fossil fuel energy:

Breitbart Business Digest: Leftwing Climate Extremism Still Wants Control of Finance


For investors – and anyone else who doesn’t want to freeze in the dark; some inconvenient facts about renewable energy:


For investors; what could possibly go wrong?

Pains Thus Far Unfelt


For investors; historical data on why inflation is likely to take a decade ro get back down to an official 2%.  (Note that this is an ad for an investment service which I can not vouch for.):