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SKYE’S LINKS 09/17/20


Anti-Twitter Protest

Stalin would have been green with envy:

Twitter Says It Will Remove Any Tweets “Claiming Victory Before Election Results Have Been Certified”


How the ‘Crats are planning to irreversibly fundamentally change America:

Pollak: Democrats’ ‘War Room’ to Kill the Filibuster Aims to End the Republican Party


The AI overlords of Far Left Big Tech really are out to get us:

Bokhari: Big Tech Can ‘Turn Down the Volume’ on Entire Movements


Do you wonder what the term “systemic racism” means?  These demands are a good example:

Faculty Demands Cornell U. Publish Data on the Race of Professors’ Spouses



Joe Biden Allegedly Confuses ‘Military’ with ‘Michigan’ Coronavirus Statistics


Oops! Oops! Oops!  GOPs!

Mueller’s ‘Angry Democrats’ Scrubbed Cell Phones After Russia Investigation


Another reason to avoid Google:

Google Will Block Some Search Suggestions to Fight ‘Election Misinformation’


I use this search engine:

DuckDuckGo — Privacy, simplified.


See also:

Privacy Newsletter from DuckDuckGo


Please read this:

How To Steal An Election, Part 2: The Right’s Response


Stalin would have been green with envy:

Twitter Says It Will Remove Any Tweets “Claiming Victory Before Election Results Have Been Certified”


All this is true and well worth reading, but there is more:

As West Coast Burns, Leftists Blame “Climate Damn Emergency”; There Are Just 2 Things…



#1 The forest undergrowth buildup – which increases the fuel load per acre and provides a fire ladder for a ground fire climbing into the tree tops – isn’t just due to a lack of controlled burns.  It is also due to cattle grazing being severely limited or even expelled from most West Coast forests.  It is also due to California having banned mountain lion hunting, even though they are not a threatened or endangered species.  Each mountain lion kills one or two deer per week, and those deer would have browsed on that undergrowth.

#2  Increased levels of CO2 (from 300 parts per million to 400) is having a profound  effect on plant density in arid and semiarid areas.  NASA color satellite photographs show that the Sahara Desert has been shrinking for the past 40 years.  Arid and semiarid adapted plants have a waxy cuticle on their leaves which prevents water loss.  It also means that their uptake of CO2 and release of O2 occur mostly through microscopic adjustable size pores called stoma.  Most water loss also occurs through the stoma.  More CO2 means smaller stoma and hence less water loss which also means more plant (fuel) load per acre in areas where water is the limiting factor for plant growth, which is the case in the areas which are burning.


Wise advice for investors:

“Anti-Capitalism Is On The Rise”, Ed Chancellor Warns “Prudent Investing Is Impossible These Days”


Riot insurance damage claims for one recent “mostly peaceful” week greater than for all of the 1960s:

Nolte: BLM Riots Are Most Costly Manmade Damage to U.S. Property Ever


It isn’t just the virus, it isn’t just the riots, looting, burning, armed robberies, and shootings – it is also the end game of financialization, which is the pulling of future consumption into the present with massive repressed interest rate debt; eventually, when you get there, the future has already been consumed:

The “Smartest Money” Left NYC A Decade Ago: Why Jerry & James Are Both Wrong


Strategic thinking for investors:

Why One Bank Thinks The World Is “On The Cusp Of A New Era Characterized By Disorder”


Sound macro analysis for investors:

Liquidity Boom Fueled By Record Stimulus Has Ended: Equity Market Vulnerable


52% of 18-29 year-old Americans now living with Santa Claus parents:

Pew: Majority of Young Americans Live with Parents for First Time Since Great Depression


If you’re a Boomer, hold tight to your wallet:

The Millennials Are Coming For The Boomers’ Money: One Bank Sees Generational Conflict Breaking Out This Decade


Who would have guessed?

Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread


I subscribe to Cell.  Their approach is clever and sound.  If the antibody fragment can be manufactured at an affordable price, this could be a real solution without the potential problems of vaccines.

The amount that they used, 2 mg/kg, could be a problem, pricewise.  The usual dose of Humara, a widely used monoclonal antibody for example, for an adult is 40 mg every other week at a cost of $6,000.  At this sort of price, it would be worthwhile for treating hospitalized cases, but not for prevention.

Scientists Discover Tiny Antibody Component Highly Effective at Preventing and Treating Coronavirus Infection


This is a very important revelation. I am quite surprised at the low transmission observed in bars and restaurants, but facts are facts.  I am not surprised at the ‘Crat coverup of these facts.

“Everyone Involved Should Face Jail Time”: Trump Jr. Slams Nashville Officials For Concealing Low COVID-19 Numbers

Liar, liar, mask on fire:

Dr. Quack? CDC’s Redfield Claims Masks “Guaranteed To Protect Against COVID”


Here is a recent CDC meta analysis of published peer reviewed scientific papers on the effectiveness of masks for preventing influenza transmission. Masks (not to be confused with N95 respirators) provide no significant protection.  Influenza is transmitted by the same type of aerosol particles as the China Virus.  Other research shows that N95 and P200 respirators are effective, but not common masks or surgical masks.  I use a 3M P200 respirator (designed for workers removing lead paint, asbestos, and other nasty work such as machining beryllium) when out and about.

If I were under 55 years old with no risk enhancing conditions, I wouldn’t bother.  At 77, I bother.

That’s it for me this week, folks!