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“He would mess with every single woman or teen, it was horrible”

“He would mess with every single woman or teen, it was horrible”

This is significant because someone may have retained a copy of that file or there may be other records; Biden appears to be eminently blackmailable. Now what happens if two or more different blackmailers have the goods on Biden and issue opposing incompatible demands?  If the ‘Crat powers that be didn’t have the goods on a candidate, I doubt whether they would be allowed to become a finalist, and that includes Harris.

Secret Service Admits To Destroying Records In Alleged Biden Breast-Grabbing Incident


How to construct a propaganda narrative:

“Infiltrated By Nazis…” – The Rise Of The New Normal ‘Gleichschaltung’


Do as we say, not as we do:

San Francisco Gym Owners Irate After Learning City Government Gyms Are Open


Critical race theory:

Pollak: Eight Years Later, Andrew Breitbart Vindicated on Critical Race Theory


Massive high tech election interference:

Google & Twitter Insider: Algorithms Could Censor Entire Trump Movement Simultaneously



Tucker Carlson Slams Silicon Valley for Push to Help Biden-Harris Ticket


Ugly Facebook:

WSJ Editorial: Facebook Is Wrong to Censor Defense of Kyle Rittenhouse


Zuckerberg has decided that the official results of our Nov. 3 election will be decided by Reuters.  No, I’m not kidding, really!

Facebook Will Ban Campaigns from Uploading Ads in Last Week of Election to Avoid ‘Civil Unrest’


The Communist Chinese Party owns the Bidens:

Schweizer: Biden Relationship with China ‘Has Very Real National Security Implications’


Russia, Russia, Russia!  Putin’s motivations, intensions, and means in 2020 are the same as they were in 2016: to make it look like he supports Trump so as to reduce Trump’s chance of winning and to discredit and delegitimize him if he wins.

Trump’s not banning fracking (in fact, altering regulations to allow it on Federalie land) is costing Putin and his oligarch cronies about $200 BILLION per year.  Biden, like Hillary, would ban fracking via onerous regulations (even if he couldn’t do it by statute), and this would increase the price of crude oil by about $60 per barrel benefitting Putin et. al.. by $60 x 10,000,000 barrels per day.  Expect a lot more of this type of election interference.  Is Kamala on the Kremlin payroll?

Kamala Harris: Biden Could Lose Because of Russian Interference


Blueprint for the coming coup:


Comments about this plan and its organizers here. I believe that this is aimed at persuading Roberts to appoint Biden as President, and that they will do whatever it takes to take over.  We are in very dangerous times.

“Bipartisan” Washington Insiders Reveal Their Plan For Chaos If Trump Wins The Election


The campaign for Robert’s SCOTUS vote which will decide the Presidency:

Nolte: Washington Post Says Election Will Get Violent Unless Biden Wins


They intend to give Roberts an offer that he can’t refuse:

‘Occupy Lafayette Square’ Protestors Planning 50 Day “White House Siege”, Warn “Things Could Turn Very Ugly”


Wise words of warning:

Former CIA Spook Warns “The Violence Will Get Even Worse”


A fascinating analysis of ANTIFA  members and the cities in which they riot:

Their Summer Of Discontent


The seen and the unseen:

“You’re Not Allowed To Film”: The Fight To Control Who Reports From Portland


Right direction:

August Was 8th Consecutive Month of Record Firearm Background Checks


An interesting history of 19th century American militias:

America’s Private Militias Of The Nineteenth Century


More here:

The American Militia and the Origin of Conscription: A Reassessment | Jeffrey Rogers Hummel


Good question: Just what would lives “mattering” look like?

Do Any Lives Actually Matter?


Royally roasting the roasters:

Greenwald Exposes Journalism’s New Propaganda Tool: Using “Confirmed” To Mean Its Opposite


Help for Kenosha:

Kenosha: Donald Trump Brought Help, Joe Biden Visit Was ‘Waste of Time’


Only if we understand why and how certain kinds of economic controls tend to paralyze the driving forces of a free society, and which kinds of measures are particularly dangerous in this respect, can we hope that social experimentation will not lead us into situations none of us want.” Hayek: The Road to Serfdom

Some thoughts on the social experiments that are all too likely to lie on the road ahead:

The Next Normal: Is Central-Bankism Transitioning To Fascism


Good comments on Fed policy and inflation for investors.  Did you know that the Fed now owns about a third of all US securitized mortgages?  That they are burying corporate bonds, including junk bonds?  When one can create all the money they want, they can buy whatever they want, and why should they stop?

Inflation Virus Strikes Fed


Useful summary of the decline in American upward income mobility.  However, this article notably fails to consider the effects of immigrant foreign workers on wages.  Just as Walmart’s, etc, massive importing of lower priced outsourced goods has lowered the price of TVs, cell phones, and shirts, importing foreign workers has limited the increase in wages and restrained investment in productivity increasing capital tools per worker.  Note that the groups that are doing best, upper middle class and upper class, are under the least wage pressure competition from these imported workers.

The Decline Of American’s Upward Mobility In One Chart


Clear thinking on private production (and lack thereof) versus safety-net consumption:

Europeans Discover The Myth About ‘Safety Nets’ The Hard Way


Fauci extends his reach. Hurray for Alex Berenson!

Former NYT Reporter Challenges Dr. Fauci’s Climate Change “Mission Creep”


That’s all for this week, folks!