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SKYE’S LINKS 08/26/21

silencedChilling Pew poll results – 65% of ‘Crats now “say the government should take steps to restrict false information, even if it means limiting freedom of information”;  2/3 of ‘Crats are now literally un-American enemies of freedom.  If you still live in a Blue County, get out before it is too late – to say that this is not going to end well is a horrific understatement:

Pew: Democrats Increasingly Favor Government Censorship of ‘False’ Ideas


Whistleblower says Google rewrote search algorithms to get Trump:

Google Whistleblower: Search Engine ‘Rewrote Algorithms to Go After Trump’

That is another good reason to use


Georgia State opens investigation of Fulton County elections:

Georgia Begins Process for State Takeover of Fulton County Elections


Freedom Of The Press Foundation explains how easily Apple’s new iSpy child porn hunting initiative could be misused for finding leaked documents on reporters’ iPhones and iPads and in iCloud:

Freedom of the Press Foundation: Apple’s Device Surveillance Threatens Privacy and Whistleblowers




One third of Apple’s sales and essentially all of their production are in China, hence it is no surprise that Apple has become a lackey of the CCP.  Apple sucks up to the Chinese Communist Party and censors words that the CCP don’t like in China, Hong Kong — and even censors those words ib Taiwan:

Report: Apple Censors Anti-Communist Engravings on Products in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan


Cheat by mail is underway in the California recall election of Gov. Newsom.  What is happening in this story is very simple; a drug addict is going around to apartment building mail areas and collecting discarded ballots (mostly for people who have moved).  The ‘Crats will pay for them.  One 2020 election discarded ballot collector bragged to a reporter that he got paid $30 each,  300 ballots is a lot of bucks:

California Police Arrest Man in Car with 300 Unopened Recall Ballots


Trump on his hiring Gen. Milley; it appears that he has no process for vetting hires:


Thousands of Americans are trapped in Kabul and the administration has no plans to save them:

“Get Us!” Surreal Footage Shows Trapped Americans Pleading To Be Let Inside Kabul Airport


The Taliban is stealing the passports of American citizens as they attempt to enter the Kabul airport  and then refusing them entry and forcing them to go back,  The US embassy in Kabul is telling Americans to avoid the airport – so how are they supposed to get back home?

Report: Kabul Airport Gates Are Closed, Taliban Confiscating U.S. Passports



American Citizens Physically Harmed by Taliban, Pentagon Confirms


Panicked US embassy destroyed US passports of Afghan allies:

U.S. Embassy ‘Destroyed’ Afghan Allies’ Passports Before Evacuating


It gets even worse – Americans NOT being prioritized, flights leaving nearly empty because of uncompleted paperwork for passengers, American – but not Afghan – evacuees charged over $2000:

Nearly Empty U.S. Flights Leave Kabul as Biden Abandons Americans


No  flights take off for 8 hours:

CNN’s Ward: For Eight Hours ‘I Haven’t Seen a Single U.S. Plane’ Evacuate People From Kabul


The news from Kabul keeps getting worse:

British And US Troops Reportedly At Odds In Afghanistan As UK Engages Rescue Missions


Europe is bracing for huge Afghan refuge invasion; its 2015 all over again. Greece fortifying border:

Greece Fortifying Border, Fearing Afghan Migrant Surge

European Leaders Panic over Prospect of Afghan Migrant Crisis


Here is what Europe is facing:

Report Warns 2021 Afghan Refugee Crisis Could Make 2015 Look Like A “Walk In The Park”


Confidence in the US is melting fast around the world; when will this loss hit the US bond and equity markets, too?

White House On Defensive Over Chinese Reports That US Prepared To ‘Abandon’ Taiwan Too


CYA on parade; Pentagon contradicts Xiden:


Tucker Carlson on how the ‘Crats are not letting this crisis go to waste; they want to import millions of refugees to turn red states blue:


Pompeo on Trump’s withdrawal plan:

Exclusive — Pompeo Slams Biden’s ‘Tragic’ Afghan Disaster


Meanwhile, back at the 1/6 “insurrection” investigation:

Report: FBI Finds Little Evidence Capitol Riot Was Insurrection, or Led by Trump



FBI Shoots Down Dem ‘Conspiracy Theory’ That Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Was Pre-Planned

Wear this and explain why

Wear this and explain why

The New Normal fear propaganda, and how one man is disrupting it – Part I:

The Propaganda War (And How to Fight It)


Part II:

The Propaganda War (And How To Fight It), Part II


Here is an example of a failed attempt to promote the fear propaganda:

Fired Tennessee Vaccine Chief Allegedly Bought Leather ‘Muzzle’ For Hate-Crime Hoax


Important, sound, and timely financial analysis for investors.  If you are an investor – and I expect that essentially all TTPers are – please be sure to read this and really think about it.  The CCP pandemic and the Afghanistan collapse are only two black swans from a large flock circling for near future landings in America’s tragic Fourth Turning unraveling.  Sooner rather than later, one or several of those black swans will prick the unprecedented stock, bond, housing, fiat money, and everything else bubbles, and the Great Recession will be remembered as the good old days.  I believe that eventually life will become a lot better. but that it is going to get a lot worse first:

The Dollar’s Debt Trap