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SKYE’S LINKS 08/19/21


Ph.D.s – not the uneducated – have the highest Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus vaccine hesitancy:

Study Finds The Most Highly-Educated Americans Are Also The Most Vaccine-Hesitant


Original paper – data from a recent survey of 5 million Americans.  This paper is a preprint and may not have been peer reviewed yet.  Note that the illustrations in the article above are not in the original paper below:


The ‘Crats’ Jab Crow will have the disproportionate adverse effects on Blacks that I predicted last week:

Nolte: NY’s Jim Crow Vaccine Passport Will Deny Service to 72% of Young Black Residents


Do cloth or surgical gauze masks work to reduce the risk of transmission of respiratory viruses?  Here is a good review article for laypersons; there is very little evidence of effectiveness:

Do Masks Work? A Review Of The Evidence


If the Department Of Homeland Security catches you reading the above article, they will decide that maybe you are a domestic terrorist:

DHS Bulletin Says Opposition To COVID Mandates Is Potential “Domestic Terrorism Threat”


What the mandated “Health” Pass system is doing to France:

A Message From France


Perhaps you doubt that the above could happen here.  Think again; othering the unvaxxed will be a major ‘Crat tactic leading up to Nov. 2022 and 2024:

Shocking & Dehumanizing Discrimination Against The Unvaxx’d Is About To Make Life Very Difficult


Ivermectin in India:

India’s Ivermectin Blackout


Where it all started:


And where we are now – 1984; you are now officially suspected of being a terrorist if you doubt the efficacy of masks and lockdowns or express reservations about vaccines:

Snyder: We’re Rapidly Becoming A “1984 Society” & It’s Only Going To Get Worse


I think that the article below is more important than it superficially appears to be.  ANTIFA did not attack vax passport protesters because they believe that vax passports will improve public health.  ANTIFA is a far left brownshirt rent-a-a-mob violence-for-bucks operation.  So who paid them?  The CCP?  Plausible; they want as much division, dissension, and economic damage in the US as possible.  ‘Crats ?  Also plausible, for the same reason.  The Davos great reset crowd ? Soros?  All plausible.  I am convinced that we are going to see a ramping up of violence against those who protest against mask mandates and vax passports – the ‘Crats have an enormous motivation to scapegoat them..  If you live in a blue area, get out of Dodge before you, too, get stabbed.  Or worse, and it will become much worse.  There are plenty of deep red areas where life is still normal, safe, and sane, and will continue to be so:

WATCH: Melee Breaks Out in California Between Antifa and Anti-Vaccine-Mandate Protesters


The Federalies lied about Afghanistan, just as they did about Vietnam:


Totally predictable:

Taliban Immediately Moves To Confiscate Firearms From Civilians


Is the Afghanistan rout merely Xiden incompetence or is Beijing Biden following orders?

If You Live In Taiwan, It’s Time To Worry


Chinese Media Warns Taiwan Against Acting As US Puppets, Calls Afghan Pullout A ‘Lesson’ For Them


Thanks to China Joe:

China To ‘Move In Under Security And Diplomatic Guise’ To Pilfer Afghanistan’s Trillions In Minerals


Eric Prince warns Taiwan to acquire nuclear weapons fast, talks sense about Afghanistan:

Exclusive — Erik Prince: Afghanistan Proves Taiwan Should Buy Nukes


According to Rasmussen, if the 2020 election were held today. Trump would beat Biden by 43% to 37%:

Election Regrets: Most Wouldn’t Vote to Reelect Biden


Who is to blame for the Taliban taking over Afghanistan? Xiden gets the credit over Trump. 51% to 38%  among likely voters.  What? 38% of voters have had lobotomies?

Afghanistan: Voters Blame Biden, Not Trump, for Taliban Takeover


Even Apple employees are alarmed by Apple’s new iSpy on their customer’s initiative:

Report: Apple Employees Are Concerned over Intrusive Device Scanning Tech


Jonathan Turley on how Apple, social media, and other big corporations are rapidly making our Constitutional protections irrelevant by establishing a corporatist shadow government not subject to its restrictions:


In the first two weeks in August,”the University of Michigan’s Consumer Sentiment index fell to 70.2 from the end of July score of 81.2, the lowest score since 2011″:

Consumer Sentiment Crashes to Lowest Level in 10 Years


But wait – there’s more!  Official household goods inflation hits highest figure in 40 years.  Actually, it is a lot worse than that because of the many modifications in how this figure is calculated over the past four decades, all resulting in reduced official figures for inflation compared to the calculation method used 40 years ago:

Bidenflation: Household Goods Inflation Hits Highest Since 1980


This is likely to change the way that you look at the world.  Really! Jack Wheeler always has begun his “Map of the Future” talk describing this – he’s sure to use this True Size map from now on:

Mercator Misconceptions: Clever Map Shows The True Size Of Countries