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SKYE’S LINKS 08/11/22


Attorney General Garland’s New American Gestapo, the FBI, raided Trump’s home Mar-A-Largo.  The ‘Crat’s are very very desperate:

FBI Raids Former President Donald Trump’s Home


The reliable liars in the Xiden Whorehouse, er Whitehouse, claim that they knew nothing about the raid until they read about it in the media – to which the only response possible is ROTFLMAO:

Team Biden Claims ‘No Advance Knowledge’ of FBI Raid on Donald Trump’s House at Mar-A-Lago


Dershowitz on the raid:

Dershowitz: Trump Raid ‘Improper’ — ‘This Is Misconduct’


More on the raid:

What The FBI Did to Melania’s Clothes Is Disgusting and Shows Massive Overreach

More here.  Keep in mind that the President decides what is a Presidential record, and that the President has unlimited authority to declassify documents:


Trump Attorneys Spill the Beans on Issues With FBI Raid, Warrant


More on that mysterious sealed search warrant that the FBI-KGB thugs wouldn’t show to Trump’s attorney:

Judge Orders DOJ To Respond To Requests To Unseal FBI’s Trump Warrant


But wait!  This is apparently just the start of the FBI’s secret political police jihad. The ‘Crat’s are going all out to make sure that they destroy the Republican Party – or at least all the Trump supporters:

FBI Seized Rep. Scott Perry’s Cellphone One Day After Mar-a-Lago Raid


Gestapos always get moles to do their dirty work:

FBI Had Mole Inside Mar-A-Lago: Report

Garland rats out Wray

Garland rats out Wray

Now for the fun! The Deep State is throwing Wray and his FBI under the bus due to unexpected intensity of blowback over raid:

Deep State Infighting: DOJ Fingers FBI for Mar-a-Lago Raid Disaster

Your future under Democrat rule

Your future under Democrat rule

The bottom line to all this:

Repression, Terror, Fear: The Government Wants To Silence The Opposition

This is pure anti-American fascism

This is pure anti-American fascism

Are you next?  How will the FBI know if you are a “militia violent extremist” who might blow up a Federal courthouse at any moment?  No, this isn’t satire from the Babylon Bee; it is literally deadly serious:

FBI Whistleblower Leaks “Internal Use Only” Document Of ‘How To Spot A Domestic Terrorist’


Okay, here’s the Babylon Bee satire that’s only “kidding on the square”:

FBI To Begin Raiding Homes Of Those Who Criticize FBI Raid


About that Build Back ‘Crats bill:

Economic Reduction & Inflation Expansion – Everything’s Out-Of-Stock & Nothing Is Cheaper


The ‘Crats are doubling the size of the IRS and aiming it at small business and the middle class.  Even if you have paid all your taxes and your records are perfectly in order and you can prove that you owe nothing, an IRS audit can consume over one thousand man-hours of your time – and you won’t be compensated for a minute of it:

Cruz Rips Democrat Inflation Reduction Act — ‘A Massive Power Grab’


The ‘Crats all voted unanimously against an amendment to the bill which would limit the use of these 87,000 new Gestapo, er, IRS agents to taxpayers earning over $200,000.  This is a major step in creating a terror police state since the tax laws are so complex any small business can be accused of failing to comply with some aspect of it.


Look at this new IRS job listing. The Dems are creating a murderously armed American Waffen-SS right in front of our eyes:

IRS Special Agents Must ‘Carry a Firearm, Be Willing to Use Deadly Force’


Or perhaps the ‘Crat’s plan is even worse; open civil war while their puppet (and Xi’s puppet) Xiden still controls the US military:

Would the Indictment of Donald Trump Lead to Civil War?


Important information on your right to bear arms:

Which States Allow The Permitless Carry Of Guns?



Hey, it’s actually worse in some other foreign countries, such as Germany and California:

Hopkins: The “Unvaccinated” Question (Revisited)


Okay – now for the good news!


Here is a cogent that the panicked authoritarian response to the pandemic heralded  peak woke:

Why Wokeness Is Doomed


Several more darn good reasons for hope:

10 Promising Signs That The Insidious Mind-Control-Matrix The Elite Have Created Is Starting To Crumble


And another one:

Entertainment Companies Start Dumping Woke Content As Viewership Tumbles

Surprising No One, Netflix Cancels Show About Woke Team Of Gay Secret Agents


More good news yet; note especially the most recent poll figures regarding climate fears:

The Big Green Lie Almost Everyone Claims To Believe


It’s getting better; the UN is panicking that their conspiracy to conceal the source of the Fauci/Daszak/CCP pandemic is failing.

This is a very big deal.  The chief scientist of the Lancet’s (the oldest and most prestigious medical journal) has unequivocally stated that the Fauci/Daszak/CCP virus came out of a lab.  We have been aware of this since the spring of 2020, but this will be indigestible news for a lot of thoroughly propagandized true believers – and even tougher for the failing reputations of the MSM, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube:

Head Of The Lancet’s COVID-19 Investigation Is “Convinced” It Came Out Of A Lab

UN Warns Of ‘Worrying And Dangerous’ Conspiracy Theories


Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar

This is a huge positive supersize with implications that go far beyond Minneapolis Minnesota; even the most left wing areas of America we may be at Peak Progressive:

Ilhan Omar Barely Survives Surprisingly Strong Primary Challenge


Gov. Abbott is busing illegal flocks of immigrants home to roost in blue sanctuary cities, and their elite rulers are horrified.  Abbott is just so not scared:

Texas Governor Buses More Illegal Immigrants Into New York – Mayor Calls It ‘Horrific’

Texas Gov. Abbott Dares NYC Mayor Adams To ‘Make My Day’ In Migrant War


Some relevant economic history for investors:

A History Lesson For President Joe Biden


More recent relevant history:

Inflation: A Play In Three Acts


For investors; I expect both a recession and persistent high inflation.  Unfortunately, I am certain that we can expect the Xiden green transition-obsessed administration to make the supply end of the problem substantially worse while continuing to promote massive malinvestments that will continue to reduce productivity while further pumping up the money supply – both of which will extend the systemic economic dislocations:

No Excuses! Plan Now for Recession

But – there is a growing market for non-ESG investments.  I don’t know anything about these particular investment managers, but this is a hopeful sign:

Danhof: Anti-Woke ‘Strive’ Unveils $DRLL to Go to War Against BlackRock, ‘Depoliticize Corporate America’


Dropping productivity is contributing to persistent stagflation that is not readily curable by the Fed raising interest rates.  Manufacturing sector productivity is doing OK, but service sector productivity is dropping at an alarming rate, and this is a sector which is relatively unresponsive to improved tools and equipment :

U.S. Labor Productivity Suffers Biggest Crash Ever Recorded, Labor Costs Soar Most Since 1982


I believe that the smartphone is a major factor in declining productivity:

The Smartphone’s Role In Dumbing-Down America


More for investors on continuing stagflation:

Here Is What Stagflation Looks Like


For investors; how the US workforce demographics has changed. Thank heavens for us old-timers!!

Are Older Workers Propping Up The US Economy?