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Article Archives

SKYE’S LINKS 06/27/24

Here is a fine article explaining why Jack Smith’s appointment and prosecution of Trump in both the Mar-A-Largo and the J6 cases is unconstitutional, and then recaps the history of the ‘Crat criminal lawfare election interference. I highly recommend this.

Arguments in U.S. District Court: Jack Smith Appointment as Special Counsel Unconstitutional


The deficit is even worse than it looked:

Congressional Budget Office Raises This Year’s Federal Budget Deficit Projection by $400 Billion


Woke is not our military’s greatest problem:

A Fiscal Crisis: The West Is On The Wrong Side Of Cost Curve



MSM – generator of cheap fakes:

CBS News Claims Original Video Of Biden Wandering Off Was “Digitally Altered”



Pulling back the curtain – House report on how the CIA interfered with the 2020 election:

Congressional Report: CIA Interfered in 2020 Election, Conspired to Discredit Hunter Biden Laptop Story



Jeff Bezos legally attacks Elon Musk and Space-X on bogus enviro grounds:

Elon Musk Says Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Attempts “To Impede SpaceX’s Progress By Lawfare”



Present and likely near future EV sales; customers are waking up to the realities:

Nearly Half Of US EV Drivers Consider Switching Back To Gas Vehicles: McKinsey Study



Why net zero by 2050 is impossible:

Sorry Green Energy Fans, Net Zero Is a Very Unlikely Outcome


The problems aren’t just with the software and hardware in Boeing aircraft. I used a commercially available mass spectrometer helium leak detector half a century ago to precisely locate leaks in my rocket science research. That Boeing spacecraft never should have launched with those helium leaks. They should have been located and fixed before launch. Moreover, an investigation should have determined how those multiple leaks occurred and how those faulty parts got past Quality Assurance testing and were subsequently installed on a spacecraft. Boeing does not know how to do rocket science:

Astronauts Stranded in Space as Boeing Starliner Faces Multiple Issues



On the other hand, Space-X knows how to do it:

SpaceX Leads Reusable Rocket Race, While China Continues Crashing Boosters To Earth



But don’t include the US Navy – or Xiden – among the competent:

US-Built Gaza Pier To Be Dismantled Early Amid Ongoing Failures




book-banning-on-amznBook banning, Xiden style:

Biden Admin Asked Amazon To Hide Vaccine-Critical Books During Pandemic



The Twilight Zone election:

Gaps In Electoral College Tiebreaker Rules Could Bring Constitutional Crisis



Trump needs much better economic advisors; his plan to replace the income tax with tariffs is nonsense on stilts:

Trump’s Plan to Replace the Income Tax with Tariffs is Economic Nonsense





Inflation is the most important political issue to retirees:

Retirement Nightmare! Hordes Of Older Americans May Need To Go Back To Work Just To Survive



The President that we need:

Argentina Logs First Week with No Inflation in Food Prices in 30 Years