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Article Archives

SKYE’S LINKS 06/24/21

This could be a tipping point for the corrupt FBI: the NSA is releasing all data on the improper FNI surveillance of 16,000 Americans!  If this is a power struggle between the FBI and the NSA, I’d place odds on the No Such Agency.

NSA Agrees To Release Records On FBI’s Improper Spying On 16,000 Americans


Glenn Greenwald on the FBI’s involvement in America’s Reichstag fire of 1/6:

Questions About the FBI’s Role In 1/6 Are Mocked Because The FBI Shapes Liberal Corporate Media


The Constitutional way to prevent big tech platform censorship:

Experts Propose Common Carrier Regulation as Solution for Big Tech


Some of them have had enough and won’t put up with it any more; Blue on Blue secession:

Atlanta Community Moves to Separate from City over Rising Crime


Consequence of the Wuhan lab leak coverup; the public’s trust in science and scientists is leaking away:

Nolte: Scientists Admit Covering Up Lab Leak Theory to Avoid Links to Trump


Inflation – manufacturing and producer price indices provide far more accurate data ion the true state of inflation than the consumer price index:

Inflation Hits Highest Level Since 1979 in Philly Fed Survey


Housing prices go hyper but demand drops because wages haven’t done so.  Result: it takes wheelbarrows of cash that people don’t have to buy a home:

Industry Icon Seeing Housing “Hyperinflation”


Here is a promising First Amendment lawsuit against both Twitter and the State of California; they have emails proving conspiracy to deprive the plaintiff of his right to speak about politics:

Lawsuit: California Government Colluded with Twitter on Censorship


DeSantis wins major Constitutional victory against CDC:

Ron DeSantis Wins Battle Against CDC to Protect Florida’s Cruise Industry