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Article Archives

SKYE’S LINKS 06/20/24

Blows against the empire! SCOTUS rules against the Administrative State in two rulings – 9-0 against the NLRB:

Supreme Court Gives Starbucks Unanimous Win In Labor Dispute


And 6-3 against the ATF:

BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules ‘Bump Stock’ Ban Illegal



SCOTUS will be issuing one of its most important decisions in its history during the next two weeks:

Loper Bright Enterprises V. Raimondo: The Supreme Court Battle Against The Administrative State


The ‘Crats and their propaganda conveyor belt, the Associated Press, and desperately prebunking Republican efforts to prevent election cheating. Note that this is an AP wire article:

RNC Launching Massive Effort to Monitor Voting – Breitbart



Turley explains how universities have become worth less:

Only 28% Of The Public Has “High Confidence” In Higher Education; New Poll Finds



Do it!

“Freaking Brilliant New Trend”: Write “Vote Trump, End Taxes On Tips!” On Server Checks


Neofeudalism in California:

20% Of California Lives In Poverty; What’s Going On?


The middle class has been hit hard, and not just in California:

Middle Class Destruction: The Real Story Behind America’s Declining Economy


The collapse of Xiden and some interesting thoughts on ‘Crat psychodynamics:

Sick Of The “Grotesque Game Of Pretend” Being Played Around Joe Biden…


From the Mises Institute; thoughts on the cause of stagflation::

What Causes Stagflation?


More from the Mises Institute on what the FED is really doing:

The Real Story Behind the Fed’s “Soft Landing” Narrative


For investors; the five stages of denial:

The Five Stages Of Denial When Skeptics Are Faced With Economic Collapse


For investors; here is a guaranteed correct election prediction! Whoever wins, count on more stagflation. It is concerning the debt supercycle, and it is guaranteed to come true because both Trump and Xiden are huge deficit spenders that go more than an order of magnitude beyond sustainable levels:

The Coming Supercyclical Crisis




This is not the Babylon Bee Unfortunately…

Australian Premier Creates Ministry In Charge Of ‘Changing Men’s Behavior’



Thought life of a Leftist

Thought life of a Leftist

And speaking of masculinity:

Study Funded By Anti-Gun Group Accidentally Proves Pro-Gun Men Are Secure In Their Penis Size


How Trump can win the debates:

How Trump Wins The Debate – And The Election


Just what we don’t need – sociopathic AI:

“Maladaptive Traits”: AI Systems Are Learning To Lie And Deceive