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Article Archives

SKYE’S LINKS 06/17/21


County Sheriff pushback against the 2nd Amendment’s death by a thousand cuts proponents:

Utah’s 29 Sheriffs Vow to Protect 2A Rights from Federal Gun Controls


This is the peaceful and effective solution millions of Americans have been praying for to take back America county by county and state by state.” A peaceful revolt in support of the Bill of Rights, and it has just started:

#UNRIG: Two Nevada Counties Go Constitutional, Reject COVID-Fueled Government Tyranny


The 14th Amendment really means what it says; government can not discriminate on the basis of race:

Judge Halts Biden’s $4B Plan to Compensate Farmers Based on Race


“Discrimination At The Hands Of Their Government”: Another Federal Court Has Halted A Racially-Biased Federal Relief Program


“Touch the ballots, go to jail,” Arizona AG warns Federalies attempting to intimidate Arizona election auditors:

‘Touch The Ballots, Go To Jail’: AZ Lawmaker Warns Biden AG As Audit Showdown Brews


Georgia to investigate missing absentee ballot transfer chain of custody documents:

GA Sec. of State: Fulton County Under Investigation for Missing Ballot Forms


Fact-checking kids at Facebook really don’t know more than real scientists.  There is a significant vaccination risk to younger people. I have studied the data myself and I agree with Dr. Noorchashm that the risk of cardiac inflammation in people in their 30s and younger is apparently greater than the risk caused by catching the disease:

Carlson on Censorship: 23-Year-Old Oberlin Grads at Facebook Think They Know More About COVID-19 than a Wuhan Virologist


A brief history of how the CCP infected the world;

9 Ways China Created a Pandemic that Have Nothing to Do with the Lab


Paying for elections:


Wise words for investors:

Two Pins Threatening Multiple Asset Bubbles, Part 2

US inflation really running at about 12%:

Hedge Fund Manager Kyle Bass Estimates U.S. Inflation is Around 12%


For which Zhou Xiden gets the blame, and it is going to get a lot worse:


Since wages are rising more slowly than prices, consumers are buying less – welcome to the new stagflation, worse than the 1970s stagflation because of extended. extensive, and long lasting supply chain problems:

Retail Sales Fell 1.3 Percent in May, Even as Prices Soared


Bill Maher speaks truth to woke power:

Maher: Liberals Have ‘Bad Case of Progressophobia’ – ‘Being Gloomier’ on Race Doesn’t ‘Make You a Better Person’


Maher: The Pandemic Is ‘Over’ and How We Handle Emerging from It ‘Looking Like a Big Liability’ for Democrats


U.S. Navy in deep trouble:

Navy Chief Dodges Questions on Ibram Kendi’s Extremism After Recommending His Book to Sailors


Your FBI at work; January 6 may have been a Reichstag Fire organized by the FBI:

FBI Operatives Likely ‘Unindicted Co-Conspirators’, Organizers Of Capitol Riot: Report


The FBI’s conspiracy theory about a conspiracy theory; if they really believe that Q supporters are a  serious danger, they are nuts, but most likely this is just a way to justify more spying on Americans:

FBI: QAnon Conspiracy Theory a ‘Catalyst’ for Political Violence


Xiden declares war on “disinformation” to prevent “domestic terrorism”.  Homeland  Security will be working with social media…

Joe Biden Declares War on ‘Misinformation’ to Prevent Domestic Terrorism


Xiden to set up American version of the Communist East Germany’s Stasi to fight “domestic terrorism”:

Team Biden Asks Americans to Report Radicalized Friends and Family


Garland: DOJ Not Targeting Citizens for Their Politics, WH Urges Snitching


About that IRS leak of tax records to Pro Publica:

Nolte: ProPublica IRS ‘Bombshell’ Exposes Danger of Government Health Care


Biden’s EPA reinstates Trump cancelled Waters Of The US (WOTUS) rule that declares that every temporary puddle on your farm, every gully that might have water in it once per century, now is under the control of the Federalies because it is a “navigable water of the US” – even if it can’t float a kayak.  Farmers hate this because it is truly an existential threat to them, and they will remember it in 2022 and 2024:

‘Extremely Disappointed’ Biden Nixing Trump’s Water Regs Protections


A close look at the machinations of a green reset would-be technocrat dictator:

“It Won’t Be Pleasant” – Mark Carney Unveils Dystopian New World To Combat Climate ‘Crisis’


An economist who works for the WHO has written a report concerning “climate lockdowns”, which has been published by both a Gates+Soros backed NGO and a group representing almost every bank, oil company and tech giant on the planet. Fascist Lockdowns v2 here we come.

Is A “Climate Lockdown” On The Horizon?