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SKYE’S LINKS 06/13/24

xplain-agn1The media this week has mostly been all twiddlepoop about the ridiculous Trump verdict, the surprising (but appropriate) Hunter Biden verdict, and Israel’s fantastic rescue of four hostages in Gaza, so the Links list is short, but it’s portentous with no less than five important SCOTUS decisions coming up this month.

And Elon Musk is asking them to add a review of Jack Smith’s methods to get data on President Trump by a sneaky back door, too. More and more info is leaking out about the China Virus leaking out of a lab (not a bat), further vindicating all of us conspiracy whackos who knew that in spring of 2020; and more and more Texans are calling for a Texit.

Then we’ve got some very interesting charts about gold, the Euro, and the dollar, and we’ll wind up with the possibility that the Navy may have learned something helpful from Ukraine (!) and a little schadenfreudelight for dessert. Love those liberal tears!


There are five SCOTUS decisions coming in the next couple of weeks, and they are likely to include some hugely consequential ones, especially regarding the possible overturning of Chevron deference:

Five Supreme Court issues set to reshape America’s political landscape



The incredible shrinking Fourth Amendment:

X Urges Supreme Court for Review After Jack Smith Obtained Trump Files


Do you remember the befortimes? The truth of how a massive propaganda campaign changed our world is slowly leaking out:

It leaked from a US-backed lab


Some Texans want an exit. The first step may be the Texas Stock Exchange:


Got gold? Barbarous relic overtakes Euro to become second largest reserve currency:


The US Navy may have learned something useful in the Ukraine:


Even better than the Bee:


And a little schadenfreude