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SKYE’S LINKS 06/02/22

Jack linked to this in last Friday’s HFR, saying it was a “big you-know-what deal,” and asked me to comment.  Yes, this could be a HUGE deal.

It has long been agreed that states can declare that both physical object and information carriers are common carriers. This means that they cannot discriminate against customers demanding that they carry legal information or objects so long as they pay the same service charge as anyone else.  AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, UPS, Fed-X, for example, cannot refuse to provide service to Trump supporters so long as they pay their non-discriminatory bills.  This decision is based on generally accepted legislative and court case history going all the way back to the 19th century.  there is nothing new about this.  This is the approach that Clarence Thomas recommended.  It means that the days of major social media censorship are coming to an end:

Ohio Court Rules Google May Be Designated a Common Carrier


You can read more about Justice Thomas’s views on this subject here:

Justice Thomas Sends A Message On Social Media Regulation


More here:

Supreme Court Reinstates Stay of Texas Social Media Law (Pending Appeal); Justice Alito Dissents


Musk has been viciously attacked by progs for admitting that he read a Breitbart article.  Big mistake for the progs;

Twitter Bluecheck Brigade Freaks Out Over Elon Musk Reading Breitbart Article


China sees Musk’s Starlink as serious threat.  Let’s hope Musk realizes how Chicom China is a serous threat to him and acts accordingly.

China’s Military Must Be Able To Destroy SpaceX’s Starlink Satellites: Researchers


Bill Gates versus Elon Musk.  Bet on Elon:

Mike Benz: Bill Gates Opened a ‘Pandora’s Box’ of Censorship in Proxy War Against Elon Musk


Musk is “out for blood,” building lawfare team to fight just battles:

Musk: Tesla Building ‘Hardcore Litigation Department’ To ‘Execute Lawsuits’


Get woke, go broke, Texas style:

Texas Law Forces Companies To Be Neutral On Guns Or Face Consequences


Here is a fascinating article about the differences between countries in trust in government, trust in public services, and trust in different professions:

Which Countries Trust Their Government (And Which Ones Don’t?)


Those school mass shooting numbers aren’t really what you may think they are:

Reason Magazine: Reported Mass Shooting Numbers are Highly Inflated


The many tragic mistakes at Uvalde; as was the case with the Titanic, multiple titanic mistakes were made, including an unlocked back door:

Uvalde school shooting response defined by agonizing mistakes, bad breaks


A constructive marketplace response to school shootings:

Demand For Bulletproof Backpacks Surges After Texas School Shooting


A fair trial for Russia Hoax cases is impossible in DC due to DOJ refusing to exclude politically biased jurors:

Kash Patel Calls on DOJ to Move Russia Hoax Trials Outside D.C.:


Telling quote from juror.  A prog jury in DC can always acquit a prog defendant:

Juror Who Acquitted Sussmann: ‘There Are Bigger Things’ Than Lying to FBI


But there is more to come.  Meet Durham’s next target Igor Danchenko, and learn why Durham will get him convicted.

Who Is John Durham Targeting Next?


China in serious economic trouble, government at national and local levels running huge deficits:

China’s Economy in Tatters as Spending Plummets, Government Lacks Cash


The Chicom House of Cards:

China Panics Over Tanking Economy


Unfortunately political leaders often use wars as an excuse for serious economic problems, and CCP Emperor Xi might do so in Taiwan.  For example, Xiden continues to blame our high gasoline and diesel prices in the US on the war in the Ukraine.  The real problem is that extant regulations and the promise of further regulations against fossil fuels has severely inhibited investments in oil and gas exploration, production, transport (look at what happened to the Keystone XL pipeline after investors sunk billions of dollars into it) and refineries.

These high energy prices will not vanish with the end of the war in the Ukraine.  High prices are exactly what the green fanatics and the WEF oligarchs want as the most effective way of achieving their ends:

Graham: Biden Praising ‘Transition’ with High Gas Prices Is Admission It’s Not the Putin Price Hike


ESG Energy Crisis: U.S. Rig Count Drops Despite Soaring Oil Prices

Peak Oil Crisis Being Compounded by Refinery Closures |


The ESG plot to rule every aspect of your life:

A Global ESG System Is Almost Here: We Should Be Worried


However, Bloomberg reports today (6/02) that we may be reaching Peak ESG:

ESG Funds Post Largest Monthly Outflow On Record As The “Greenwashing” Racket Starts To Unravel


A realistic view of our economic situation:

11 Statistics That Expose The Reality Facing US Consumers In This Rapidly Deteriorating Economy


Gold is money – even for central banks:

Czech Republic To join Poland And Hungary In Central European Gold Rush


Life everlasting?  Living forever??  OK, how about 830,000,000 years?

Geologists To Crack Open 830-Million-Year-Old Crystal With Potential Life Inside