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SKYE’S LINKS 05/20/21

The US is at war with itself; US Space Force Commander demoted due to a book that he wrote about encroaching Marxism in the US military:

Space Force Commander Demoted Over Book Claiming ‘Neo-Marxist Agenda’ And Critical Race Theory Infiltrating Military


While China prepares for war:

Japanese Investigation Finds 700 Chinese Land Purchases Near Military Bases


While China co-opts the news:

Study: Chinese Influence on Worldwide Media Surged During Pandemic


Maricopa AZ election audit heats up

AZ State Senate Asks Maricopa County About Deleted Data Bases


‘Crats are desperate, calling the audit a “continuation of the (January 6) insurrection”:

Stacey Abrams: AZ Recount ‘a Continuation of the Insurrection’


Thinking about getting out of Dodge?  This publication will help.  The state by state figure for number of public employees per 10,000 population is especially useful!  Nevada has the lowest number, followed by Arizona:


Breitbart comments on the above study:

Report: Low Taxes, Less Regulations Bring American Prosperity


If you are considering moving and/or starting a small business, here is some very good advice.  Note that the smaller the percentage of the population that is employed by the government, the smaller the likelihood that the government is likely to bother you.  Indeed, its location, location, location.  If you are over 200 miles away from the bureaucrats’ office, they are a lot less likely to bother you because to do so means getting approval for an overnight trip, room and board, transportation, and more.  I have been running three businesses in my infra-red deep rural enclave for three decades without needing a single permit or license.  It helps a lot to live in a state with no income tax and in an area with no zoning, building permits, building codes, or business licenses.  Enjoy:

Escaping a System That Traps You in Bureaucracy


Be glad that you don’t live in San Francisco:

Walgreens Closes 17 San Francisco Stores Due To “Out Of Control” Shoplifting


Maricopa County officials and their election bureaucrats need to be subpoenaed and either forced to testify under oath or take the 5th:

Maricopa County Officials Refuse Meeting with AZ State Senat


Who really hacked the Colonial pipeline”

DarkSide Hackers Reportedly Closing Down After Retaliation Routs Their Infrastructure


The CCP virus exception to the Constitution:

How COVID Put An End To Your Right To Due Process


The Puppet-in-Chief speaks:

Joe Biden to Reporters: ‘I’m Not Supposed to’ Answer Your Questions


Rand Paul on the trail of the Fauci virus:

Rand Paul: ‘Dr. Fauci Came to Congress Yesterday and Lied’ About Funding of Wuhan Lab

Rand Paul: NIH Funded the Wuhan Lab, Fauci’s ‘Parsing’ Ignores that Money Is Fungible


NIH says don’t blame us’ we were fooled:

NIH Director: We Never Approved Support for Gain of Function on Coronavirus, ‘Can’t Absolutely Prevent’ Someone Who Wants to Deceive


Would you be willing to repeat that under oath, Dr, Collins?

Fauci-Funded Researchers Headlined Wuhan Lab ‘Gain Of Function’ Conference

Chinese and American scientists discussed policies in response to emerging infectious diseases—-Wuhan Institute of Virology


What could possibly go wrong?

Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence

Pompeo: Evidence of Coronavirus Cover-Up Efforts by Chinese Communist Party ‘Staggering’


The U.S. Centers For Disease Control is corrupt, too:

CDC Credibility ‘Eroding’ According To Ex-Obama Official


Here is a delightful Tucker Carlson rant on mask virtue signaling.  Sample,” Now, your kids may be more likely to be killed by cheetahs than killed by COVID, but it’s still incredibly dangerous not to vaccinate them as often as you can right away.”:

FNC’s Carlson: New CDC Mask Rules ‘a Troubling Development’ for Democrats Whose Main Interest Is Power, Not Public Health


“Use of fear to control behavior in Covid pandemic was ‘totalitarian’, admit scientists”

Government Scientific Advisors Admit Using “Totalitarian” Fear Tactics To Control People During Pandemic, Report


SCOTUS gets very important Fourth Amendment case right – 9-0!

Supreme Court Unanimously Rebuffs Biden Administration On Warrantless Searches For Handguns



This is what an insurrection looks like???

The January 6 coverup:

Why Is the Government Hiding January 6 Video Footage?

Because it was a nonviolent demonstration, and that doesn’t fit the ‘Crats’ lies…


The April CPI report is even worse than you think:

Here Is The Heatmap From Today’s “Eye-Popping” CPI Report


Consumer sentiment drops, inflationary expectations greater than any time since 1870s, Xiden getting squeezed by reality:

Consumer Sentiment Unexpectedly Crashes on Rising Inflation Fears, Weakening Income Expectations


Paying people over $50,000 per year to not work – what could possibly go wrong?

Foundry Groups: Inability to Find Workers ‘Has Reached Crisis Level’


Here Are The Industries Crushed By Biden’s “Generous Unemployment Benefits”

If you haven’t signed up for emailed Breitbart Business News daily emails, I suggest that you do so.  Classical economics; no Keynesian or MMT BS.


“ From the Breitbart News Desk

The standard rules of economics tell us that rapidly rising prices should curb demand, persuading people to pull back purchases when the stuff they want becomes too expensive. There’s often a certain logic to this strategy. High prices attract more supply, which brings prices back down. So holding off until supply rises to meet demand often makes sense.

Yet that strategy does not seem to be working well in many parts of the economy. Home prices have been skyrocketing for nearly a year with no end in sight. Used car prices have likewise been climbing, last month reaching the improbable crescendo of a ten percent monthly gain. Even categories of consumer electronics, like televisions, that seemed to always be dropping in price are climbing.

Consumer psychology may have reached a tipping point. At some point, mindsets flip from slowing purchases because prices are rising, to speeding them up because prices are rising. Richard Curtin, the longtime guru of the University of Michigan’s survey of consumer sentiment, noted last week that consumers may be adopting a “buy in advance” of future price hikes mindset.

That upward push in demand accelerates prices hikes, which creates further urgency to buy now. The ongoing fuel shortages in the Southeast and recent memories of shortages of consumer staples like toilet paper add fuel to this inflationary fire.

It’s not just consumers who have adopted an inflationary psychology. Businesses too are snatching up materials for fear of future shortages. Bloomberg recently interviewed Dennis Wolkin, the vice president of operations at Atlanta-based Colgate Mattress, a 35-employee company that sells products at Target stores and elsewhere. Even though polyurethane foam prices are up by more than 50 percent compared with pre-pandemic times, Wolkin says he would rather buy twice the amount he needs and look for warehouse space rather than reject orders from new customers. “Every company like us is going to overbuy,” he said.

Meanwhile, Fed officials tell us all this is transitory. High prices will run out of steam sometime this summer or early fall. That’s one thing that a lot of consumers and businesses are not buying in advance.

– Alex Marlow & John Carney
Breitbart News Network”


Beware!  The following link is from Bloomberg.  They report relevant facts but are worse than AWOL on analytical causation.  They are apparently unaware – either according to classical economics, Chicago School economics, or Austrian School economics  – as to the cause of what they report: vast hyper rapid inflation of the money supply by central banks, including,  especially, the Fed.

The World Economy Is Suddenly Running Low on Everything


Something that you need to know about Bloomberg:

Exclusive: Bombshell Photos Reveal Years of Meetings Between Bloomberg Executives and Chinese Propagandists in Beijing


Tucker Carlson on the Bloomberg CCP propaganda machine:

Tucker on Marlow Media Revelation: ‘Propaganda Filtered Through Bloomberg Has a Massive Effect on Our Country’


‘Crats are attempting to cartelize MSM news:

‘Recipe for Mischief:’ FCC Commissioner, President Trump’s Big Tech Expert Slam JCPA


A fascinating insider story of how American corporations are going woke:

Taibbi: Is Slack Destroying American Companies? Q&A With Antonio Garcia-Martinez


Another fine rant from Tucker Carlson, this one about the Pentagon and UFOs.  I do think that the current management of the Pentagon is a serious problem, and even a potentially existential threat to American security.  I also think that UFOs are real, but don’t think that they are a threat; if they were, they could have wiped us out or enslaved us decades – or millennia – ago.

The most important secret of the atomic bomb is that it is possible to build an atomic bomb. Once you know that, the rest is consistent with E=MC squared and the consequent physics and chemical engineering required to make that happen. While those steps are far from trivial, the real breakthrough is knowing that it can be done.

The most important secret of UFOs is that it is possible to build a UFO.  It is time to start thinking seriously about how to do that.  UFO flight dynamics are consistent with their being able to turn off the Higgs field combined with a magnetohydrodynamic plasma atmospheric drive.  I worked on a magnetohydrodynamic plasma Mach 18 wind tunnel over half a century ago under a US Navy contract (think re-entering ICBM warhead).

Basically, it was an electric motor where the armature was an electrically conducting fluid, ionized air.  No Higgs field means no mass, no gravity, and no inertia. Just what you need to make right angle turns at 13,000 miles per hour.  I don’t know how to turn off the Higgs field, but it is now pretty obvious that it is possible…

FNC’s Carlson: Pentagon Is Prioritizing Purging Space Force Ranks over Possible Unknown Space Threat