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SKYE’S LINKS 03/18/21


What do all these newly created Fed dollars mean?  It took from 1776 to the start of 2020 for the M1 money supply to rise to 4 trillion dollars.  It took one more year for M1 to rise to 18 trillion dollars.  The Xiden gang is pumping it up even faster:

Brace Yourselves For The Most Dramatic Shift In The Standard Of Living Ever


The ‘Crats’ $1,900,000,000,000 COVID bill contains reparations (as loan forgiveness) for minority farmers – but if you are a white farmer, forget about it:

Lindsey Graham: Democrat COVID Stimulus Includes ‘Reparations’ for Black Farmers


But wait, there’s more!  $86,000,000,000 to bail out 185 union pension funds:

Democrats’ $1.9 Trillion ‘COVID Relief’ Bill Includes $86 Billion in Pension Bailouts


And it bails out San Francisco’s budget for two years:

Joe Biden’s ‘COVID Relief’ Bill Bails Out San Francisco Budget for Two Years


Xiden is keeping his puppet masters’ promises:

Five Far-Left Promises Joe Biden Has Kept in His First 50 Days


HR1 versus the Constitution; first, the Constitution does NOT authorize Congress to regulate Presidential elections – and there is a lot more:

The Founders Warned Us About Abuses Like H.R. 1


Jonathan Turley on media mayhem:

The Media And The Mayhem: The Chauvin Trial Coverage Follows A Dangerous Pattern


They actually found the fraud:

Trump Issues Response To WaPo Election Call Hoax; Democrats Cited ‘Find The Fraud’ In Impeachment Brief


Washington Post and CNN; lying for the cause:

Nolte: Why WaPo Refuses to Name Its Fake ‘Find the Fraud’ Source


Crats in Congress are proposing to exempt loyal MSM from antitrust laws:

Bokhari: Congress Wants to Give the Establishment Media a Massive Handout


Liberals, conservatives, and political violence:

Nolte: Poll Shows Rise in Far Left’s Approval of Political Violence Since 2016


What is likely to happen when China invades Taiwan:

War Games Showed US Would “Lose Fast” Against China If It Invaded Taiwan: US General


‘Crat-commanded military being used for political intimidation:

Congressman Marches National Guard on Rep. Greene’s Office


‘Crat Public Health policy is: “Trust the politics, not the science!”

FNC’s Carlson: Leaders, Public Health Experts ‘Are Clearly Guided’ by Politics on Coronavirus


Who were the Jam. 6 demonstrators?  Professors are surprised:

Study Shows Very Few Capitol Hill Rioters Were QAnon Red-Staters With Ties To ‘Right-Wing’ Groups


An amazing to the point rant by Bill Maher:

Bill Maher: While China’s Dominating the World, America Is Having a ‘Never-Ending Woke Competition’


fMRI brain scans

Partisan media (is there any other kind nowadays?) can poison one’s brain and cause cognitive disfunction measurable by fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) of the brain:

How Partisan Politics Rots Your Brain:

Original paper here:

Conservative and liberal attitudes drive polarized neural responses to political content


Corporate wokeism will result in “The party they’ll get, not the party they want”:

GOP Insiders Warn Companies Woke Leftism Paving Way for Corporate-Free Populist Republican Party

The Party They’ll Get, Not the Party They Want – CGCN Group