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SKYE’S LINKS 03/17/22

This is a photoshop fake picture. Enter “biolabs Ukraine” and you’ll get 9.5 million hits and not a single picture of one

This is a photoshop fake picture.
Enter “biolabs Ukraine” and you’ll get 9.5 million hits and not a single picture of one

Why did Czar Putin the Terrible invade Ukraine?  Here are eight plausible reasons, and all eight may be true.  The more that they are true, the less that Vladimir The Would-Be-Great is likely to give up rather than double down:

Why Did Vladimir Putin Invade Ukraine?

I add one more point to the above. I suspect that the CCP is feeding Putin with false information regarding Ukraine with respect to making biosurveilance labs look like biowarfare labs (see Jack’s HFR last Friday on this) and promoting further disinformation that the Ukraine has a nuclear weapons program.

Both Russia and China depend heavily on Chinese telecommunications equipment, and that equipment has two way back doors for CCP use.  It would be trivially easy for the CCP to plant forged messages and files.  Why?  To be able to purchase Russian energy, food, metals, and other products at cut rate prices caused by the sanctions and boycotts of the West.  This will also make the West more dependent on CCP-sold minerals and metals.  I believe that the CCP wants a loooong war in the Ukraine.  Qui bono? The Chinese Communist Party.

China Amplifies Russian Claims About Secretive US Bio-Weapons Research In Ukraine


Nolte on why the ‘Crats benefit, too:

Nolte: Democrats, Media Willing to Risk WWIII with Russia to Win 2022 Midterms


Germany is waking up and smelling the gunsmoke:

Germany To Buy Dozens Of US F-35s To Replace Bombers, Citing Putin’s War In Ukraine


Intel will invest $20 billion in a new semiconductor plant in Ohio and $80 billion in new semiconductor plants in Europe.  Why won’t they spend all $100 billion in the USA?  Because the USA tax code spreads out their deductions for building a new plant over up to 39 1/2 years, whereas in Europe they can deduct their expenses as they pay for them.

Of course, a dollar deducted 39½  years from now will be worth a LOT less than a dollar spent (and in Europe, deductible) this year.  Washington DC is a larger and far closer enemy of the prosperity and freedom of Americans than is Vladimir Putin.  Putin is far more tyrannical, but much further away, at least for now.  America needs to invest a lot more seriously in 21st Century weapons such as rail guns, high energy lasers, particle beams, drone swarms, cyber defenses, and much more, to keep him – and the CCP – far away.

Modern man-portable high precision missiles such as Javelins and Stingers sent to the Ukraine are a step in the right direction, but we have no effective defenses against incoming low altitude hypersonic missiles which could make our aircraft carriers and their planes useless as credible deterrents.  A deficiency in credible deterrents rarely ends well.  As George Washington said in his first annual address to Congress, “To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.” America was not even adequately prepared for war against the Taliban, let alone hostile totalitarian powers with hypersonic missiles…

Intel to Build German Semiconductor ‘Mega-Site’ in Supply Chain Shift/


71% of Americans favor restarting the Keystone XL pipeline to carry Canadian tar sands crude to the US.  Xiden revoked the permits on his first day in office.  Canada has about twice as much oil in its tar sands deposits as all the oil in Saudi Arabia.  That’s a lot, and the supplies would be reliable for decades to come.  Which is exactly why Xiden and his ‘Crat  puppeteers are talking about ending the sanctions on Iran instead; they would rather that Iran have nuclear weapons than that Americans have reliable oil supplies:

71% of Americans Favor Biden Restarting Keystone XL Pipeline


Fredo Cuomo outs dirt at CNN in his nine-figure lawsuit against them:

Chris Cuomo’s $125M CNN Suit Contains Stunning Corruption Allegations


Dr. Ron Paul has a capitol idea, though it can’t realistically become law until 2025:

Rand Paul Introducing ‘Fauci Amendment’ To Prevent “Health Dictatorship”


Long overdue; if the; if the Crats lose one House of Congress, will the Republicans have the guts to do this?

GOP Sen. Cramer: We Should Investigate Russian Ties to Green Groups, Would Be a ‘Fraction’ of the Cost of Mueller Probe


Russia funds Euro greens, too:

Has Russia Been Financing Western Environmentalism?


Perhaps we will get those investigations, starting in 2023:

Exclusive — Darrell Issa: ‘We Are Preparing’ a Legion of GOP ‘Watchdogs’


Just when you thought that the world couldn’t go crazier (Jack will love this, as he’s done it and won!):

Elon Musk Challenges Vladimir Putin To “Single Combat” For Ukraine