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SKYE’S LINKS 03/11/21

qanon-shamanThe fun has just begun and the sky isn’t the limit!  Better watch out or the DMT-smoking QAnon Shaman who is your Facebook friend will get you!!

Far-Left Nation: Your Facebook Friend May Be Next ‘QAnon Shaman’


Something big is happening in Washington DC, even bigger than January 6.  If you want to understand it, read Eric Frank Russell’s “Wasp”.  Then read his “The Space Willies”. These books are about men who single handedly destroyed tyrannical alien empires, and exactly how they did it.  With a ten inch piece of copper wire.  And really serious imagination.  The DC Swamp Dwellers are all nuts.  You’ll need to read “The Space Willies” to understand just how utterly devastating that is. They have no idea what’s hitting them, and will continue to hit them.  And they can’t stop it…

FNC’s Carlson: Lawmakers, Media Hyped Imaginary QAnon Invasion in D.C.


HR1 – even worse than you imagined.  The good news is that most of these provisions constitute an unconstitutional commandeering of the states – but will SCOTUS  have the courage to rule accordingly?

37 Things to Know About H.R. 1, ‘For the People Act’

Pelosi Praises H.R. 1 to Curb ‘Misinformation’ on Climate Change, Guns

20 Attorneys General Deem H.R. 1 Unconstitutional


Arizona is serious about the Second Amendment:

Arizona Senate Passes Bill Declaring Federal Gun Controls Unenforceable


Texas has alternatives, too – Gov. Abbot deploys Texas National Guard and State Troopers to stop illegal immigrant border blowout:

Gov. Abbott Deploys Texas National Guard, State Troopers to Counter Biden’s ‘Open Border Policies’


Mitch takes a side on immigration:

Mitch McConnell Slams Business Support for Amnesty


And perhaps this has something to do with it:

Exclusive — Peter Schweizer: Elaine Chao’s ‘Family Is Fused Closely to the Chinese Government’


Liberal lawyer Jonathan Turley on Rep. Swalwell’s lawsuit against Trump for causing the Jan. 6 “insurrection”:

Is Eric Swalwell The Answer To Trump’s Prayers?


Here is a fine Glenn Greenwald essay on fake news about domestic terrorism:

As Insurrection Narrative Crumbles, Democrats Cling To It More Desperately Than Ever


Now this actually is terrifying:

Rampant Shoplifting Forces Ten Bay Area Walgreens To Close


Wokespeak, a key to elite status:

Michael Lind: ‘Woke’ Is the New Snobbery

The New National American Elite


But trust us Normals to gum things up. The Revolt Of The Public is causing real pains for the elite:

Taibbi: The Prophet Of The Trump Era


Same for what the Woke pretends is “The New Normal,” Phase 2:

The New Normal (Phase 2)


Wisdom for investors:

Stagflation Subterfuge: The Real Disaster Hidden By The Pandemic


About those lockdowns and masks:

The CDC is about to be canceled by Google and Facebook for COVID heresy


The EU has failed at their vaccination program so badly that they are now stealing Australia’s doses:

Aussie Govt: EU ‘Tearing Up Rule Book’ by Blocking Vaccine Delivery


When does it become mandatory that all EU subjects sing, “EU, EU, Über Alles”?

More like the Fourth Reich than businesslike:

France May Block Vax Exports as EU Backs Italy Seizing Australian Orders

Do you really want to order something from the EU if your life depends upon it?


More options to the Tech Oligarchs; the CEO of Brave got fired as CEO of Mozilla because he dared to contribute to a California initiative that would have defined marriage as between a man and a woman. Big mistake.  Now Woke Google has a very smart competitor:

Brave Is Launching a Privacy-Focused Search Engine to Compete with Google


I use as my search engine, and it has a great privacy business model; I do not miss Googling, I do not miss Googling at all!

Is DuckDuckGo Safe? | What to know before making the switch

What Is the Business Model for DuckDuckGo?


Privacy hints from Duckduckgo – how to starve the Silicon Valley beasts:

DuckDuckGo Privacy

Device Privacy Tips from DuckDuckGo


If you need more reasons to loath the Tech Oligarchs and their fascist collaborators, the Federalies, here you go!

Paul Gosar: Big Tech Getting 15% Discount to Hire Foreign Workers over Americans


For investors – Austrian economics on the velocity of money, the quantity of money, GDP, and other popular delusions:

Money And Statistical Delusions


The central bankers’ interest rate suppression is pulling prosperity from the future into the present where it is consumed.  But the future will inevitably arrive.

Hedge Fund CIO: Jerome Is Unlikely To Be Around For When Everything Comes Crashing Down


ISM producer price data shows double digit inflation over the past year.  I am paying about 3 times as much for lumber and plywood as I was a couple of years ago.

Super Fast Commodity Price Cycle Is A Harbinger Of Sudden Jump In Inflation


Perspectives for investors:

Blain: Seven Factors Likely To Roil Markets

Free Speech Platform Gab Teases Clubhouse Competitor