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SKYE’S LINKS 01/19/23

changing-narrative-chartThe Narratives are Falling Fast

Grab an IPA and get ready to celebrate lots of fantastic news this week!

Narratives are falling all over now that the House is in patriotic hands.

The world is turning on ESG and its enablers at BlackRock in a big way. The Federal Reserve wants no part of social engineering.

The greatest ESG enthusiasts are beholden to big finance, which includes most large public companies and universities. Of note, the most vigorous supporters come from a narrow cohort of students working on a Master’s degree. Undergrads, and especially Ph.D. students want no part. This might be due to the liberal arts nature of most Master’s degrees. Or maybe not.

The Vaxx narrative force-fed for three years is dead now that a dangerous drift in the type of antibodies produced by the jabs has been discovered. It’s not that the vaxx reduced Covid; it reduced the symptoms. The change in antibody type allows the virus to set up camp and stick around within a person. This might be the cause of long Covid in some.

West Virginia dumped BlackRock, and while the state is small, it impacted the company’s bottom line. ESG is Chairman Larry Fink’s dream Child to enact a one-world government where he is the new global central banker, and the WEF serves as a Board of Directors.

Speaking of West Virginia, there is talk of a Bill Gates-sponsored liquid sodium reactor to be built by AEP south of Charleston. That’s the chemical row where one large, heavy chemical plane after another operates. The base load is large and steady. This part of the USA is to heavy chemicals as Houston is to oil refining.

Pegasus spyware is everywhere, costing Zuckerberg a lot of money. It is a national defense tool meant to catch terrorists that Israel clandestinely repurposed to spy on the entire world. The State of Virginia, for reasons hard to understand, applied Pegasus as a Covid contact tracer and then disclosed it. Wikileaks received the wrath of the security state for its disclosures. But Virginia? Nope, not a word. They had a dem governor at the time.

If you are a dem insider, it looks like classified information and state security laws are just suggestions. The double standard is clear.

The economy is feeling the effect of interest rate increases, and the money supply contracted meaningfully for the first time since the 1950s.

What if the Fed does the right things? A lot of malinvestment might fall away, priming the USA for a new run of growth.


Great News!  Fed Chair Powell’s denunciation of a Fed bank regulatory role for mandating ESG has vast good consequences.  Here is some context that will help you to understand that this is a Big Deal:

Breitbart Business Digest: Powell Stands Up to the Climate Bullies


Good news – ESG, along with “climate change,” two of the greatest fascist threats of our times, take another hit.  Note, importantly, that this is a view from the progressive left of the American spectrum:

Billionaire Donor: ESG is Out of Touch with Americans Who Care Most About How Companies Treat Workers


Elon Musk tweets that the S in ESG stands for “Satanic”:



Republicans fight back against ESG:

Moore Says ‘BlackRock is Starting to Hedge’ After WV Divested Last Year



Larry Fink,  the billionaire CEO of BlackRock, a $10 trillion asset under management ESG investment firm, complains about growing criticism of ESG:


Watch: Larry Fink Complains ESG Criticism Has Become Personal and Ugly


Egomaniacs complain that banks and investment companies that signed their Net Zero pledge are still investing hundreds of billions of dollars in fossil fuels.  What a shame:

Leftist Climate Groups Gnash Teeth over Fossil Fuel Financing


We’re not gonna take it anymore! ESG-has-only-just-begun/



Nuclear Power is the Answer

Nuclear reactors used to make electricity use several different processes. Interest in liquid sodium reactors is gaining traction. Smaller plants based on the liquid sodium process can provide the electrical base to stabilize grids suffering from intermittent renewables. These plants are smaller and could be located throughout the country.

So why is Bill Gates buying large tracts of land adjacent to power-hungry cities?

More good news. Nuclear energy has a future because it isn’t intermittent, unlike what the green fascists want to force you to pay for:

Bill Gates considers W.Va. to expand nuclear energy efforts – Breitbart


More here:

Sodium-cooled fast reactor – Wikipedia






An Israeli firm was found to have placed spyware on phones using WhatsApp messaging, Facebook (Meta), and other services. Your security was significantly compromised if your phone ever touched Google, Facebook, or one of these apps.

The technology was supposed to be a deep secret, a tool for government agencies only. However, their cover was dropped when the State of Virginia used the technology to Covid trace. Virginia used a national security state secret to spy on mom and pop. They were caught when they disclosed it in an open document.

Facebook is suing for the loss of value in the WhatsApp service now that people are afraid to use it.

Readers might remember that BLM told protestors not to use WhatsApp, that it was compromised. How did they know?

Beg’s the question; which national security service was running BLM? Perhaps the one that protected them while they burned downtowns and looted?

Good news from SCOTUS; the outfit being sued is a significant provider of hacking tools to governments around the world, including the Federalies:

U.S Supreme Court Approves ‘Pegasus’ Spyware Lawsuit by Facebook’s WhatsApp



Loss of Trust

The Fourth Turning is turning against the “scientific: and mainstream media establishments that worked so hard to suppress discussion of whether or not the virus pandemic originated in a lab:

National Security Experts Criticize Media, Scientists Who Dismissed COVID-19 Lab Leak Theory In Open Letter


More ripe fruit from the Speakership fight; McCarthy to release 14,000 hours of J6 security camera videos:

What The January 6 Videos Will Show


More ripe fruit; the House will investigate the Afghanistan rout:



The Narratives Fall

Further turning against the dominant narrative that Fauci/CCP vaccines are generally safe and effective.  Note the many links to the primary scientific literature, much of which is from the old school and very established scientific publications:

COVID Vaccines Are “Obviously Dangerous” And Should Be Halted Immediately, Say Senior Swedish Doctors


CDC admits that Pfizer’s new bivalent booster vaccine might increase stroke risk in those over 65.  You don’t suppose this could have something to do with the new House investigative committees?  Nah…:


Official notice here:



Xiden is Toast


The Xiden puppeteers have decided that Xiden has to be replaced with a better 2024 candidate; Hunter laundered over half a million into Xiden’s pocket as “rent.”  Xiden reported $18,000 rent income on his income tax return.  This adds to the classified documents problem.  Xiden’s puppeteers are making sure that he will be gone by 2024:

Document: Hunter Listed $49,910 Monthly Rent Payments While Living at Joe Biden’s Residence


House Republicans are on the hunt:


And the House Oversight Committee is loaded with conservatives:

Dream Team: Oversight Committee Stacked with Conservative Firebrands


Double Standard

Xiden seems to be getting the same soft-glove treatment from the DOJ that Hillary and her 60K documents did. Everyone knows that scoundrels and university professors become Democrats to avoid being held responsible for everything.

But this time, the Deep State, or those rank-and-file liberals working in the national security apparatus, seem worried that Xiden’s documents are incriminating. Allegedly, they are related to Iran, Israel, China, the U.K., and the USA and were tucked away during his Veep days.

The usual tendency of the government to give a pass to leftists, communists, and fellow travelers is not working right now.


It looks like the Deep State is now Trumping Xiden:

Did The Deep State Turn On Biden?


The plot thickens:



Creating Single-Issue Voters

Seriously? Do the democrats want to radicalize suburban women that know how to cook? Granted, cooking is not taught to feminist studies majors at Vassar or within any liberal program. But overwhelmingly, conservative women were raised around hearth and home and, if lucky, had moms and grandmothers that shared the joy of cooking with gas.

Heck, I even prefer cooking with gas. You heard it here, folks. They want to take your flush toilets too.


The green vampire squid and their ‘Crat minions are coming for your gas stove – for your good, of course – but there is pushback.  When gas stoves are outlawed, only outlaws will have gas stoves. The cost of running a new 50 amp 220V line and likely a new breaker box to replace a gas stove with an electric stove will be a few to several thousand dollars.  Massive black market disobedience will ensue.  The; Crats are boiling the frog far too fast, and the Fourth Turning will run over them:

Pinkerton: The Feds Are Coming for Your Gas Stove



Ivermectin Worked all along

liberty-woesThe government narrative covered the success of Ivermectin, and the following link is to a Zoom call transcript that explains what they did. There was no room for any treatment other than the jab.

The core problem for the government is how to restore credibility. Lefties realize that they have become immune compromised. Conservatives were so severely abused that the trust might never return.

This abrupt loss of faith in institutions has occurred with each 80-year turning in American history. Unfortunately, the wars that restore trust are the worst of all wars America has fought.

The Ivermectin coverup is falling apart:

How Can We Trust Institutions That Lied?

Fascinating and shocking transcript here of a Zoom call between a doctor who made a sudden U-turn on the efficacy of Ivermectin for the Fauci/CCP virus and a Cochrane meta-analysis (the gold standard organization) volunteer doctor.


The vaccine gold rush and the damning ivermectin tape – The Conservative Woman


Since the feardemic, a potent part of the Deep State has been the biomedical security state.  “Do as we order, or you will die!”  Desantis is fighting back, and the 10th Amendment gives him a lot of ammunition:

Ron DeSantis Previews ‘Permanent Protections’ Against Biomedical Security State



The Twitter Files


It’s bad. This link explains the Twitter files released to date. Not only was Pfizer allowed to censor people, but so was the January 6 committee, government agents, the White Hoes, and anybody else that was not all in for moral turpitude.


The Deep State is the constellation of government apparatchiks that create rules and regulations for personal advancement within government or for whatever suits their fancy. They are accountable to no one, not even to the politicians. They can’t be fired, nor can they be managed. Every agency in the Executive Branch has its own. Once hired on merit, they are employed to meet ethnic and sexual lifestyle criteria. They are not your friend.


The Twitter Files; an update on Deep State censorship:

Mapping Out All The Key Revelations From The ‘Twitter Files’ So Far…


From the Mises Institute; what the Deep State is and how it works:

Yes, Virginia, There Is A Deep State… And It’s Worse Than You Think


More wisdom from the Mises Institute about those rosy jobs numbers:


Economic Matters

Recessions are essential to a market economy because they eliminate malinvestments kept alive by rolling over debt. When most speak of a recession, they usually talk about slowing conditions in the real estate, insurance, and finance industries and their effect on investments. Other economic sectors rise and fall too, and at different times.

The Fed dumped a lot of money into the economy, and people did not spend widely in many cases. The Federal budget is set for this year, but the consumption of weapons in Ukraine will undoubtedly affect the next budget.

A lot of rot must be burned before the economy can become healthy. What if the Fed succeeds in clearing away the deadwood? The future will be better if they can.


Classical economics wisdom regarding the Fed and the function of recessions – they are a necessary feature, not a bug:

What If The “Black Swan” Of 2023 Is The Fed Succeeds?


Your broker advises you to buy the dips, but insiders are selling fast and hard.


Insider trading data suggests a near-term negative view on stock prices:

Corporate Insiders Embark On A Buyers’ Strike


More Cyber Security


Now for something utterly different!  If made within the last 5 to 10 years, your car is an insecure hackable internet-connected computer with wheels.  It is appallingly insecure.  The first part of the following article is easy for anyone to understand and includes a list of auto-makes and their vulnerabilities.  The latter part is for computer geeks and has lots of frighteningly effective how-they-did-it

Automakers program vehicle computers with the Python computer language. You can be hacked if a bad guy reads your VIN from the dash or learns the email account you used to sign up for automobile services. Modern cars are insecure, from unlocking your trunk to starting the engine; or shutting you off while on a busy freeway.

Sometimes, a bad guy can view the camera images as you drive and read your GPS location. This could be tragic for targeted women on empty highways.

Suppose you want something newer than a decade old. In that case, the safest cars appear to be Toyota (if you don’t use Toyota financing) and G.M.  Perhaps G.M. is so obsolescent that it is secure from remote hacking – unless it has OnStar.  Really really scary:

Web Hackers vs. The Auto Industry: Critical Vulnerabilities in Ferrari, BMW, Rolls Royce, Porsche, and More