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Rioting, arson, looting, and mayhem have taken over Democrat-run city after city across America.  There was one Democrat who knew just what to do – Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago.

Confronted with anarchic violence in the wake of Martin Luther King’s assassination in April, 1968, Daley issued the above directive to all Chicago police officers:  they were to “shoot to kill” those perpetrators.  The violence ended in less than 48 hours.

In 1968, it was the Black Panthers conducting the violence.  Today it is BLM/Antifa.  Imagine how our current fascist thugs would fare under Richard Daley.  Daley was a Democrat who ran the corrupt political machine running Chicago.  Yet he had a spine of steel.  Compare him to this pathetic non-entity running the city now, Lori Lightfoot.

Compare the entire Democrat Party today with Daley’s.  Is there any Dem leader anywhere in America today who has a thimbleful of Daley’s manhood?  No.

For hundreds of years, the standard method of dealing with looters on city streets was shoot to kill.  It’s what civilization requires when under threat from barbarian savages.  It sure is what we need now.

We can only get it with Trump.  We now have a clear picture of America’s fate under Biden instead, who would turn our country over to the proto-hominids.  Then you and I will have no choice but to shoot to kill to survive.