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I received this terrific idea from TTPer Chris Landrum from Kennewick, Washington. It was in response to the No Apology article last week, describing how a number of folks at State and the Pentagon are sick and tired of our kowtowing groveling constant apologies to Moslems. Inspired by John Wayne’s famous line as Captain Nathan Brittles in She Wore A Yellow Ribbon – “Never apologize, son, it’s a sign of weakness” – these folks even sent a DVD of SWAYR to the White House.

Chris Landrum’s idea is to have a SWAYR to the White House campaign – hundreds, hopefully thousands, of Americans ordering the movie at Amazon and having it sent to President Bush at the White House, together with a letter demanding No More Apologies to Moslems.

Want to participate? It’s easy:

1. Order a DVD of She Wore A Yellow Ribbon from Amazon.

2. Give Amazon this shipping address:

President George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

3. Click the Gift Options box (no need for gift-wrapping!) and enter the following text into the “free gift note” box. If you want to write your own, note that it is limited to 240 characters (not words):

Dear President Bush:
I hope you enjoy this movie, especially when John Wayne says “Never apologize.” Please tell the world America owes no apology to the religion of Islam, and tell the Islamic terrorists they owe us an apology instead. No apologies, Mr. President!

Such public support will be of enormous help to the growing No Apology Movement within the Bush Administration. So if you want to do something that could help fight terrorism – send SWAYR to the White House today!