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Article Archives

Who Bombed Madrid And Other Interesting Questions

According to a usually reliable French investigator and author, Spanish authorities are now convinced that the Madrid massacre was organized by our old friend, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Zarqawi has also been credited for being one of the major organizers of the terror war against the Coalition in Iraq, and was named by Secretary of State Colin Powell in his presentation to the Security Council prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom as a key al Qaeda leader, with ties to the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq. A busy and very wicked man, in short.



In the Senate of Ancient Rome, Marcus Porcius Cato - 234-149 BC, subsequently known as Cato the Elder to distinguish him from his great-grandson Cato the Younger - became famous for concluding every single speech he gave, no matter what the subject, with the exhortation: Carthago delenda est. Carthage must be destroyed.Today, we need Senators and Congressmen to conclude every speech they give with the exhortation: Fallujah delenda est. Fallujah must be destroyed.


Fallujah Payback

The US military has promised “an overwhelming response” in retaliation for the Fallujah Atrocity of March 30. "Coalition forces will respond," the U.S. army's deputy director of operations Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt told a news conference. "They are coming back and they are going to hunt down the people responsible for this bestial act. "It will be at a time and a place of our choosing. It will be methodical, it will be precise and it will be overwhelming." Here’s a way to begin.



The Moslem terrorists who bombed the Madrid trains last month are members of an Islamic movement called Takfir wal Hijra (Repentance and Migration). Originally formed in Egypt in the 1970s as part of Iqwan Muslimi (The Moslem Brotherhood), it was responsible for the assassination of Anwar Sadat in 1981, and scores of savage atrocities in Algeria. The organizer of the Madrid terrorism, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, is a Takfir. (See Michael Ledeen’s column on Zarqawi in this week’s TTP report.)The Takfiris are now leading a “reorganized” Al Qaeda as the main Islamic threat to the West. For not only do they advocate the most purposefully vicious terrorist acts they can conceive, but also using immigration as a Trojan horse to conduct Jihad inside Western countries. As a recent Wall Street Journal article (3/29/04, pA16) puts it: Takfiris see immigration as “a key way to extend the radical ideas into Western Europe. One Takfiri scholar, Abu Basir, wrote in 2001 that ‘jihad and immigration go together...the one cannot be achieved without the other.’”Which brings me to Mexico.


A Letter To My Friends

Sometimes, when I'm weary of the intifada, the occasional terror attacks, the stumbling economy or the political scandals that seem to dominate the public agenda in Israel, I look at the weekend's newspaper magazines and start to breathe again.



That’s the question conservative California Republicans are angrily demanding an answer to. Because there is no doubt in their minds that Karl Rove, the guy who runs GW’s election campaigns, is behaving as if he intentionally wants his boss to lose the Golden State in November.



Contrary to what you have been told all your life, history is not written by the victors. If this were true, why, then, is there not a single statue of Hernando Cortez in Mexico City? History is made by the victors, but it is the poets who write it. Spain - and Mexico’s - great tragedy is that there never was a Spanish Homer who immortalized the monumental heroism of Cortez. Instead, the Spanish got a smart-aleck novelist, Miguel Cervantes, who ridiculed Spanish heroic values in Don Quixote. It has been downhill for Spain ever since.


To The Point Salutes Congressman Rohrabacher and US troops in Iraq

To The Point salutes Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, who issued the following press release in response to Israel’s targeting Hamas leader Ahmed Yassin: (Washington, D.C.) Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (CA-46), who at times has been critical of Israel, supports the killing of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. “The Israeli attack focused specifically on the head of Hamas, a terrorist organization that has claimed responsibility for slaughtering innocent civilians,” Rohrabacher said. “No one on either side of this conflict should target women, children, and the elderly.” “Killing a murderer like Sheikh Ahmed Yassin makes noncombatants safer because it eliminates one threat and sends a message to other killers. Sheikh Yassin had the blood of innocents on his hands, and was a danger to Israelis and Palestinians alike. Had he lived, he would certainly have master-minded more killing and destruction, which would then have led to more retaliation. His death is a matter for celebration. It serves the cause of peace and security in the region.” To The Point also salutes our soldiers serving in Iraq on the anniversary of the American invasion of Iraq to topple the regime of Saddam Hussein. One year ago, I wrote “Prouder Than Ever,” in celebration of George Bush’s determination to take the fight to America’s enemies and of the American military’s competence in doing so. I remain prouder than ever of our president, our military, and of our efforts to defeat the terrorists by bringing peace and liberty to the people of Iraq. “Prouder Than Ever” is now posted in the “Classics” section.