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Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) is being challenged in the Republican primary next Tuesday (March 2) by former Congressman Robert “B-1 Bob” Dornan, who barely lost his inland Orange County seat to Loretta Sanchez in 1996 due to stuffed Hispanic ballots. Dornan had never forgiven Dana for sweet-talking him into running in that redrawn 46th Congressional District back in 1992 while Dana stayed in a cozy coastal safe-for-Republicans 47th seat next door. Hispanics flooded into Dornan’s new district, Sanchez got a community organization called Hermanidad Mexicanos Nacional to create thousands of phony voter registrations, she claimed victory by 984 votes, Dornan claimed voter fraud, the spineless Republicans in the House were too terrified of getting Hispanics mad at them to investigate, and Dornan has been living in Bitterness City ever since. He was totally trounced when he ran against Sanchez in 2000. Dornan blames Dana for all his travails and electoral humiliations. So, at age 70, he decided to go after Dana and in typical B1-Bob fashion -- with loud-mouthed smears.


Need Help With Windows?

[To The Point is exceedingly happy to announce a new feature: a column on computers, science, and technology by Dennis Turner. As my friend for almost 40 years, Dennis is almost impossibly smart with a stratospheric IQ and a deep understanding of the welter of technology that can so easily baffle and infuriate the rest of us. I suggested to him that he write a TTP column with advice we could really use to make life with computers, science, and hi-tech easier. Here’s his first. Among his many talents, Dennis is a world-class professional computer programmer. If you or your company has any serious and difficult-to-solve programming needs, you can contact him at [email protected] As you can tell by the “il” country code, Dennis resides in Israel. -JW]


Stalinist Mullahs

The Iranian regime is in open battle with its own people. Iran is now racing, literally hell-bent toward two dramatic confrontations: one within the country, between forces of tyranny and forces of democracy and/or reform. The other rages outside the country, a desperate war against the United States, its Coalition allies, and the Iraqis who support us. Both derive from the fundamental weakness of the fundamentalist regime, which has lost the support of the overwhelming majority of the Iranian people, and is increasingly defining itself a pariah state because of its support for terror and its brazen pursuit of atomic weapons.


How Can TTPers Help? — and Mormons and Monogamy

Our new monthly rate makes it really easy for most anyone to subscribe. If you know of any websites or "blogs" whose readers would be in tune with To The Point, you could suggest that they link to us.... ...The schism [between monogamous and polygamous Mormons]will perhaps not be resolved until the LDS leaders remove Joseph Smith’s revelation of July 12, 1843 sanctifying polygamy from the canonized Doctrines and Covenants, one of the four standard books of the Mormon Church.


WE OWE US: The Real Case For Reparations

Late last month, on January 26, a lawsuit brought by descendants of slaves against companies whom they claimed profited from slavery was dismissed in federal court. Unfortunately for those who thought that this act of judicial sanity will put an end to the “Reparations” cause, the case was dismissed “without prejudice,” which means the plaintiffs can file an amended complaint -- which they intend to do. Thus we are due shortly for another round of racist demands from “slave descendants” that billions of dollars be extorted from American taxpayers and deposited into their beggar bowls. There is only one way to put an end to the Reparations argument, and that is by explaining just who owes reparations to whom.


ENDING STALINISM IN EUROPE: The Heroic Diplomacy of John McCain

The most amazing conference took place earlier this month in Riga, Latvia. It was entitled The Conference on The Future of Democracy Beyond the Baltics -- and it was organized by Arizona Senator John McCain... This is no Euroweenie peace-through-dialogue morally-equivocating diplomatic drivel. This is full-throated American moral heroism. John McCain wants Alexander Lukashenko in a spider hole.


The French In Afghanistan

At a press conference in Kabul, Afghanistan on February 12, French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin announced that France will be “increasing its military participation in the international security force” in the war-stricken country. A NATO army unit called Eurocorps, composed by France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, and Luxembourg, will be deployed in Afghanistan by August. “We want to do more,” Villepin declared. “We want Eurocorps to take the lead.” This was the wire story carried by AP. What was not disclosed is the particular nature of France’s participation. While other countries will be providing soldiers for Eurocorps in Afghanistan, France will be providing intellectuals.



My friend Tony Perkins, who capably runs the Family Research Council, has been issuing dire warnings in the wake of Massachusetts’ outlaw Supreme Court creating an alleged right for homosexuals to marry out of constitutional thin air. “Senator (Rick) Santorum (R-PA) was right when he predicted that demands to legalize polygamy would come in the wake of homosexual marriage,” Tony says. “What argument could the Massachusetts Supreme Court offer today against legalizing polygamy?” Tony is right, but more right than he knows. For the loudest demands to legalize polygamy will not come from heterosexuals -- it will come from homosexuals. Get ready for it, folks. The next cultural insanity will be a movement to legalize Polygamous Homosexual Marriage: PHM.



Another positive aspect of Xers that I have found is their no fear attitude toward starting businesses. I believe they will go down as the most entrepreneurial generation in USA history.