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Article Archives

ENDING STALINISM IN EUROPE: The Heroic Diplomacy of John McCain

The most amazing conference took place earlier this month in Riga, Latvia. It was entitled The Conference on The Future of Democracy Beyond the Baltics -- and it was organized by Arizona Senator John McCain... This is no Euroweenie peace-through-dialogue morally-equivocating diplomatic drivel. This is full-throated American moral heroism. John McCain wants Alexander Lukashenko in a spider hole.


The French In Afghanistan

At a press conference in Kabul, Afghanistan on February 12, French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin announced that France will be “increasing its military participation in the international security force” in the war-stricken country. A NATO army unit called Eurocorps, composed by France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, and Luxembourg, will be deployed in Afghanistan by August. “We want to do more,” Villepin declared. “We want Eurocorps to take the lead.” This was the wire story carried by AP. What was not disclosed is the particular nature of France’s participation. While other countries will be providing soldiers for Eurocorps in Afghanistan, France will be providing intellectuals.



My friend Tony Perkins, who capably runs the Family Research Council, has been issuing dire warnings in the wake of Massachusetts’ outlaw Supreme Court creating an alleged right for homosexuals to marry out of constitutional thin air. “Senator (Rick) Santorum (R-PA) was right when he predicted that demands to legalize polygamy would come in the wake of homosexual marriage,” Tony says. “What argument could the Massachusetts Supreme Court offer today against legalizing polygamy?” Tony is right, but more right than he knows. For the loudest demands to legalize polygamy will not come from heterosexuals -- it will come from homosexuals. Get ready for it, folks. The next cultural insanity will be a movement to legalize Polygamous Homosexual Marriage: PHM.



Another positive aspect of Xers that I have found is their no fear attitude toward starting businesses. I believe they will go down as the most entrepreneurial generation in USA history.


The Jihadis’ Primal Scream

Unless you depend on CNN for information - CNN totally and stunningly transformed the story, as Instapundit informed us yesterday - by now you have heard of the New York Times story about the discovery of a 17-page letter from Abu Musab al Zarqawi, written from Iraq in the middle of last month to the leaders of al Qaeda. It's an extremely explosive story. According to the Times - whose correspondent, Dexter Filkins, saw both the Arabic original and a military translation, and "wrote down large parts of the translation" - the letter is a sort of jihadist primal scream.



Ariel Sharon’s announcement on February 4, that the 7,500 Jews hunkered down amidst 1.5 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have to leave, is giving heartburn to Israel supporters like Mort Klein, head of Zionists of America. Mort thinks Arik (Sharon’s nickname) has lost his nerve and is selling out. The reality is that Mort only sees the settler’s trees and not a sovereign Israeli forest. Sharon is a strategic genius and just as Machiavellian as ever.What Sharon’s critics and all supporters of Israel need to understand is this: Sharon is building his Security Fence in order to precipitate a Palestinian Civil War.


The Seventh Level

Sorry to say, I haven't reread Dante's "Inferno" for some years, but I still remember his description of a very low and extremely unpleasant level of hell that houses traitors. Surely abject appeasers of evil qualify for the same treatment, and we must note grimly that three prime candidates have recently come forward to swell the ranks of that overheated realm: Senator Joe Biden of Delaware (D.), Senator Arlen Specter (R.), of Pennsylvania, and Congressman Bob Ney of Ohio (R.)


The Great Souled Man

Today is the 93rd birthday of the greatest American of the 20th century: Ronald Reagan. More than any other American of our day, he embodied the moral ideal personified by Aristotle as the man of Megalopsychia, the Great-Souled ManThe Great-Souled Man had a character of such integrity, inspiration, and achievement in the real world that his life expressed, for Aristotle, the Kalon, Moral Beauty. Five years ago, I wrote the following tribute to this extraordinary man. It will be published in To The Point on every February 6th from now on.



To go beyond all the outraged wailing and shocked gnashing of teeth over the MTV Super Bowl Half-Time Show, and understand what is really going on culturally, the place to begin is with William Strauss & Neil Howe’s 1991 book, Generations: The History of America’s Future-1584 to 2069.