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Whatever might be said about John Kerry's candidacy--one thing for sure is that his choice of John Edwards as his VP running mate should give everyone a reason to reject this ticket--and that is that Kerry has chosen a trial lawyer to sell his philosophy to the American people. I have been a lawyer for almost 40 years. I am generally proud of the profession, notwithstanding the many corny lawyer jokes I've had to suffer. However, there is one segment of the legal profession of which I am not proud, and that is the so-called trial bar--the plaintiff's' attorneys who have for years raped, pillaged and plundered American society, usually in guise of rectifying ills that don't exist.



He didn’t do it - and I was kind of crossing my fingers he would. Kerry couldn’t get Hillary to be his running mate. The Left has energy this year which the Right doesn’t. Hillary would have energized the Right more than anything else. Yet it’s all for the best, because the energy we’re talking about is wholly negative. Let the Left have that kind of energy to themselves, the energy of hate, bitterness, and rage....To sum this up, To The Point is offering The Sums It All Up Bumper Sticker. To sum the logic up: While not all those who vote for Kerry hate America, all those who hate America will vote for Kerry - and while not all those who love America will vote for Bush, all those who vote for Bush love America.The bottom line is a vote for Kerry is a vote for the Michael Moore-ification of America, it is a vote for the defeat of America against her enemies. And for that reason, it is a vote that there will be far too few of in November.You can order The Sums It All Up Bumper Sticker by clicking HERE. We of course encourage you to order one for every friend you have. You can also right- click on the image, then copy and paste it into an email to every friend you have - or simply forward them this article. Whichever you do, let’s get out the simple to-the-point message of The Sums It All Up Bumper Sticker:

To order The Sums It All Up Bumper Sticker click HERE



The indictment of Enron chairman Kenneth Lay gives the Democrats a “windfall” according to the San Francisco Chronicle:

The indictment of former Enron chief Ken Lay represents an election year windfall for Democrats -- who say the man President Bush nicknamed "Kenny Boy'' is a poster boy for corporate greed and malfeasance. Lay's indictment Wednesday (July 7) in connection with the energy giant's 2001 bankruptcy hands Sen. John Kerry and the Democrats the perfect person to link the president's re-election campaign to the high-living corporate miscreants who left their companies, workers and stockholders in financial ruin, politicians and analysts said.
It is true that the corruption and influence-peddling between Enron and the President of the United States went very deep. Consider:


MEMBERS’ FORUM: Wayne’s World Sitrep

This week we introduce a new feature to To The Point: The Members' Forum, selected articles submitted by TTPers themselves. We launch this feature with TTPer Wayne Daniels. Publication of such submissions does not imply To The Point's full agreement with them. ---JWJune 30, 2004 marked the "Official" end of the Iraqi occupation. Yes, we will have troops on the ground there for years. Remember it is 59 years and counting that we have had troops stationed in Germany and Japan; 50 years and counting in Korea, etc. I will argue that the only US strategic interests in Iraq are (1) that the Iraqi government not fund or otherwise support terrorist groups; (2) we need military bases on the borders of three of the primary state sponsors of terrorist groups - Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia; and (3) that enough oil reaches the world markets to keep the price of crude in the $25 to $40 range. As long as these interest are satisfied, we really don't care who controls the streets or the government.



The political class's Edwards-huffing is like a summer heat rash -- it is mildly irritating but should subside in about a week: Wear loosely fitted clothes, keep out of the heat and ease your way through an adequate provision of gin, tonic, limes and bitters. Tropical drinks served with little umbrellas are acceptable substitutes. Now would be an excellent time to catch up on your genuine summer fiction reading (in other words, avoid Edwards media commentary for a week, which is not quite fiction, nor quite non-fiction. It is not so much fiction as it is faction.)



The conservative movement believes in the American people’s ability to rise to the occasion, in their ingenuity. They believe that entitlement, government programs in mass and laws regulating every aspect of our daily lives infringe on the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that government intervention in our daily lives should be held to a necessary minimum. By contrast, the Left has more ideological factions than a Douglas Fir has needles. There is the NEA, which champions a globalist multicultural agenda in our public schools. Their agenda includes seeing children forced to participate in the study of the Koran in California under the guise of multicultural tolerance while doing everything to banish Christianity from our nations classrooms in total. There is the ACLU who sued the City of Los Angeles in an effort to remove a cross from their city seal and who chose to represent NAMBLA -- a group that advocates pederasty between men and boys -- in a murder trial under the pretext of free speech. There is the National Organization for Women and the National Abortion & Reproductive Rights Action League who, without a mandate by the medical community on when life actually begins, has championed as a natural right the act of partial birth abortion. These are but a very few of the “causes” and “action groups” that effectively comprise the Left and the Liberal-Left.



Spy Sweeper 3.0 has been released. And it’s quite an upgrade from version 2.6, the version I recommended. Also, I’d like to discuss a different threat. There’s a technique by which a malicious hacker can hijack web sites and insert ads or other features that appear daily. Thus you need to think twice between you click on any ad.



Late on the night of June 24th-25th there was an "accident" in southeastern Iran, near Zahedan, in that fascinating area of "Iranian Baluchistan" down where Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan merge. According to Agence France Press, quoting local Red Crescent sources, a fuel truck "lost control and crashed into a police post, with the explosion engulfing other trucks, cars and buses."But the pictures of the incident are not those of a truck out of control. It all took place at a border crossing, at a customs inspection station. At the time of the explosion there were eleven trucks parked there, and several of them were carrying explosives for the construction of bombs. They were headed for Pakistan and Afghanistan, where they would be delivered to the forces of Gulbaddin Hekmatyar, the terrorist chieftain who has long killed on behalf of the mullahs.



July 4th is Freedom’s Birthday. July 6th is George W. Bush’s - this year his 58th. Take the time on July 6th to give a toast or say a prayer of thankfulness that America is so fortunate to have this extraordinary man as her president in these parlous times.Bush-hatred among the left has reached levels of true derangement and pathology - particularly so because the left hate George Bush for his virtues. They hate him because he is the moral antithesis of Bill Clinton. They hate him because he has the courage to defend America without apology. They call him a liar because he is not. They call him stupid because they are terrified that he is brilliant.The reality is that George W. Bush is scary smart - and has cajones the size of Texas.



July 4th is Freedom’s Birthday. My suggestion is, amidst the fireworks and barbeques and flag-waving fun - all of which is great - that you take the time to feel good about America.Put aside your worries and concerns, your frustrations and fears about what’s wrong with America. For one day, forget the negative - put it all in a zip-lock bag, hide it in the back of the freezer, and pretend it doesn’t exist.One reason is that for all your worries about America’s culture and morality - you and all your fellow conservatives can feel good about your country. Liberals can’t. One of the defining characteristics of leftie-liberals is an inability to feel truly proud of their country - proud to the bone.You cannot be a liberal without feeling apologetic and embarrassed over being an American. You cannot be a conservative without lacking any such embarrassment or compulsion to apologize at all.Being an American is simply the coolest thing in the world. Wherever I have traveled in the world - it’s over 180 countries now - whenever someone asks me, “Where are you from?”, it’s always such a thrill to answer, “America - I’m an American.”I’m an American. Say it to yourself. Doesn’t it feel fantastic? It’s a feeling liberals can never have.