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bidenpopeFASANO — Sources close to President Biden said he was "highly disappointed" to find out that what he thought was a huge, free scoop of vanilla ice cream at the G7 Summit was in fact only Pope Francis.

Eyewitnesses claimed it was the white papal garments that first caught the 81-year-old Biden's attention. Allegedly, Biden began licking his lips and asking the other world leaders if anyone had an ice cream cone before wandering over to the pontiff while muttering about how long it had been since he'd had a good scoop of vanilla.

"It was a big disappointment for the big guy," said Belinda Gyrth, a member of the presidential staff. She paused to comfort the president, who was standing behind her whining for ice cream. "It's okay, buddy. I know you're disappointed, but maybe we can stop by McDonald's on our way to the airport, okay?"

Sources said Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni came over to offer Biden her condolences and cheered him up by promising him a scoop of authentic Italian gelato if he was good and signed the deal with the nice president of Ukraine.

At publishing time, Biden had reportedly extended the ten-year security deal with Ukraine after Zelensky had promised him a banana split.

- Babylon Bee reporting.



biggest-super-bowlAs FJB sinks ever more rapidly into full-blown senility, here’s yet another revelation driving Dems into apoplectic panic. Yesterday (6/13): Trump Makes Stunning Inroads with Young Voters, Not Seen in 24 Years.

In 2016, Hillary won the 18-34 vote by 16 points, Biden in 2020 by 24 points over Trump.  Polls released this week shows he’s even or slightly ahead.  It’s the same with other critical demos the Dems can’t win without, Blacks and Hispanics.

Everything the Dems try to ruin Trump like their orgy of lawfare makes him stronger.  Everything they do to prop Biden up makes him weaker.  Worse, they have no alternative.  It’s not that the Dems have a thin bench of possible presidential candidates – it’s that they have no bench at all.

Get ready for great fun HFR.  Seriously informative too.  And it has quite possibly the funniest joke you’ve heard in a long while.  Here we go!



maya-ruinsThis is Temple IV at the ancient Mayan capital of Tikal, now in northern Guatemala. It was from the top of Temple IV that the shot in the original 1977 Star Wars movie was filmed of the Millennium Falcon landing (at 44 seconds) near jungle temples (Temples II and III) at the Rebel Base on the moon of Yavin 4.

Built in 740 AD, at 230 feet it is the tallest pre-Columbian structure in all the Americas. While Tikal’s earliest buildings date to the 4th century BC, it was from 300 to 800 AD that Tikal flourished as one of the Mayan Empires most powerful kingdoms.

Then decline set in, with drought, deforestation, overpopulation, and constant warfare with rival kingdoms. With Tikal abandoned by the end of the 900s, it remained covered by rainforest jungle for over a thousand years. American archaeologists began excavations in the 1950s. Today with its major temples restored, Tikal is the most impressive example you can visit of Mayan civilization. (Glimpses of Our Breathtaking World #118 Photo ©Jack Wheeler)


SKYE’S LINKS 06/13/24

xplain-agn1The media this week has mostly been all twiddlepoop about the ridiculous Trump verdict, the surprising (but appropriate) Hunter Biden verdict, and Israel’s fantastic rescue of four hostages in Gaza, so the Links list is short, but it’s portentous with no less than five important SCOTUS decisions coming up this month.

And Elon Musk is asking them to add a review of Jack Smith’s methods to get data on President Trump by a sneaky back door, too. More and more info is leaking out about the China Virus leaking out of a lab (not a bat), further vindicating all of us conspiracy whackos who knew that in spring of 2020; and more and more Texans are calling for a Texit.

Then we’ve got some very interesting charts about gold, the Euro, and the dollar, and we’ll wind up with the possibility that the Navy may have learned something helpful from Ukraine (!) and a little schadenfreudelight for dessert. Love those liberal tears!


There are five SCOTUS decisions coming in the next couple of weeks, and they are likely to include some hugely consequential ones, especially regarding the possible overturning of Chevron deference:

Five Supreme Court issues set to reshape America’s political landscape



ndiki-drumFamboun, Cameroon. This is a Ndiki Drum. It is used by the Sultan of Bamoun to call his subjects to their end-of the-year Nguon festival over which he presides. It can be heard for miles.

The carved wooden forearms and hands propped up at the drum’s end are not the original drumsticks. They are symbolic for what the real drumsticks used to be. Until the British and French put an end to the custom in the 1920s, the Ndiki drumsticks were human arms, amputated at the elbow off captured slaves. Four drummers were needed to properly pound the drum, each requiring two drumsticks: eight amputated human arms in total.

The horror of slavery in Africa was ended by Western colonialists. In its place they introduced roads, railroads, electricity, an impartial rule of law instead of law favoring one tribe over another, and other benefits of civilization. They did a lot of stupid damage to African cultures, true.

But that is vastly outweighed by getting rid of slavery – exemplified by how this drum was pounded until less than 100 years ago. If you have a child or grandchild in school with woke teachers, you might have them bring this picture to class, and explain how the benefits of Western Civilization so greatly outweighs its liabilities. (Glimpses of Our Breathtaking World #124 Photo ©Jack Wheeler)



first-felonWell, well, well — how the tables have turned.

Hunter Biden's swift conviction on three felony gun charges, in the Biden family's home state of Delaware, changes everything. No longer can the Dems, and their enablers in the left-wing media, shout 'convicted felon' at Trump without suffering serious blowback.

The party line from President Biden, no doubt, will be that he is not a convicted felon — only his son. Really, Joe's 'only living son', as CNN and MSNBC immediately began repeating moments after the verdict.

You see, Joe Biden is, per his liberal media lackeys, the only guy who can beat Trump: a bastion of family unity, decency, and a warrior against corruption. And hey — if the media must almost entirely ignore every one of this family's glaring depravities to get him elected, just as they disavowed Hunter's laptop, so be it.

Here's the thing with Hunter's case: All roads lead back to President Biden.  Here’s why



When Geert Wilders's party won in the Netherlands election a few months ago, after many years of trying, some thought it was just an anomaly.

Actually, it was a warning shot.

Europe's EU parliamentary elections since yielded big gains for conservatives in major countries, dubbed "the far right" by the leftist press -- in France, Germany, Belgium and beyond.

According to Fox News:

“Germany's conservatives finished first in the European Union's elections, as far-right momentum within the bloc has sent France's leadership scrambling. 



samoa-swimhole “To Sua” means “giant swimming hole” in Samoan. It’s a collapsed lava tube hole on the south coast of Upolu in Samoa. On top of lava cliffs overlooking the South Pacific, you clamber down the ladder for a memorable swim. To Sua is but one of the attractions of Samoa: gorgeous waterfalls, marvelously friendly people, and the historic home named “Valima,” of Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894), where he and his wife Fanny spent his last years.

On a hilltop rising above Valima is the gravesite of “Tusitala” – Stevenson’s Samoan name, meaning “Telling of Tales.” Engraved on the side of his tomb is his famous epitaph he wrote himself:

Under the wide and starry sky

Dig the grave and let me lie:

Glad did I live and gladly die,

And I laid me down with a will.

This be the verse you 'grave for me:

Here he lies where he long'd to be;

Home is the sailor, home from the sea,

And the hunter home from the hill.

Should you be lucky enough to come here, you’ll fall in love with Samoa as did Tusitala. ( Photo ©Jack Wheeler)

Jack Wheeler is Escape Artist’s World Exploration Expert.  He is the founder of Wheeler Expeditions at



azamoraSince October 7, Hamas has had the choice to return the hostages and end the war. It refused, and now its supporters are horrified that Hamas members, both in uniform and civilians. are paying a price.

In 2005, Israel withdrew from Gaza, leaving the region Judenrein (“Jew free,” as the Nazis liked to say) and without an Israeli military presence. There was no occupation.

Gazans promptly—and overwhelmingly—elected Hamas, a designated terrorist group that Iran funds, to govern them. Hamas’s repeatedly stated goal is to erase the Nation of Israel. Gaza residents continue to love their terrorist government.

For decades, Hamas has killed Israelis whenever possible, making clear that it desires another Holocaust. On October 7, Hamas upped the ante, entering Israel and slaughtering 1,200 people with horrific sadism, especially sexual sadism, as well as kidnapping 252 people, regardless of sex and age.

Israel’s response was war. It has had two goals: to destroy Hamas’s operation effectiveness and to recover the hostages.



civil-war[TTP:  This article had been abridged for space. You can read the entire article here.]

Throughout time, there has always been a small group of people who ruled over the masses. They used their power to subjugate, suppress, dominate, and enslave the multitudes.

But the Founding Fathers of the United States disrupted this. They declared that we are not a nation of subjects. That our representatives are our servants, not our rulers. And that, because our rights come from God alone, governments do not have the authority to take those rights away from us.

They made it clear that we the people, not the government or the ruling elite, own this country.

But today, the ruling class seems more determined than ever to dominate us. And, unlike the days of yore, the potentates now have advanced technological tools at their disposal to do just that.

Governments around the world are putting in place a technological infrastructure that will give them and their corporate cohorts total surveillance and absolute control over the global population.