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It’s too soon to answer the question the IBD is asking this morning:  "Is Ebola Obama’s Katrina?"  Yet the Zero Administration’s malfeasance makes the question already worth asking.

Thomas Eric Duncan is a Liberian citizen with a Liberian passport, living in the capital city of Monrovia.  On Monday, Sept. 15, he helped carry (was in physical contact with) a family friend sick with Ebola to her home, who died early the next morning.  With him at the time was the lady’s brother, who then died of Ebola the day after his sister, Wednesday the 17th. 

On Friday the  19th, knowing that he had been doubly exposed to Ebola, he left for the United States.  It is hard not to conclude that he came here for the medical treatment that he would die without if he remained in Monrovia, and could care less who he infected along the way.

He flew to Brussels, Belgium on Brussels Air, then on United to Washington Dulles, had a layover in the terminal of several hours, then continued on a United flight to Dallas, exposing the lethal disease he was sure he carried to hordes of people.  He arrived on the 20th, and got sick on Thursday the 25th, going to Texas Health Presbyterian hospital. 

He told them he was from Liberia but not that he had been exposed to Ebola.  He is currently (10/02) at the hospital in critical condition from the disease.

Thanks to this, people are freaking out everywhere, especially in Dallas with parents pulling their kids out of schools, as five of their schoolmates were exposed to Duncan after he reached Dallas. The London Daily Mail reports that over 100 people were in contact in Dallas with Duncan, many of whom are now quarantined.

So – how does all of this make Zero "Obola Obama"?

Try this on.  Yesterday (10/01), Josh Earnest, the pathetic dweeb who recently replaced the pathetic dweeb who’s name I can’t bother to remember as White House Spokesman, announced that the Zero Government has no intention of preventing Ebola carriers from entering the United States.  Obola Obama.

There are right now 13,500 citizens of the Ebola-stricken countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea holding US visas, anyone of whom are free to arrive in the US carrying Ebola tomorrow.

Immigration and public health experts are, then, fully justified in holding Zero, along with HHS head Sylvia Burwell, DHS head Jeh Johnson, and State Dept. head Lurch personally responsible for Ebola in America.

After all, the very first step in preventing Ebola in America is, as NRO’s Mark Krikorian says, a travel ban to the US from the Ebola-stricken countries.  Say this to any normal sane person and they’ll respond, "Well, duh."  Yet the Obamunists refuse.

This on top on their refusal to protect our southern borders from the recent flood of illegals, whom doctors strongly suspect are responsible for the mysterious respiratory illness sickening children all over the country.   Tens of thousands of illegal alien children have been covertly distributed to all 50 states.

Obola Obama.

Now let’s add, to the refusal to protect America from Ebola and diseases spread by illegals, the ruination of America’s healthcare system by Obamacare.  As Jack Kelly explained ereyesterday (9/30), Obamacare is the Dems’ sleeper disaster  on Nov.4.  

There are few things people care more about than their health and that of their loved ones.  There are thus few things that would more estrange them from a president and his party defenders than the realization that he has no intention of protecting public health and is actively damaging it.

The Enemedia, as always, is doing its best to protect Zero.  When Sen. Rand Paul, a medical doctor, explains that Zero is "foolishly letting political correctness influence his Ebola decisions," the libtard newssite Politico‘s headline was "Rand Paul Stokes Ebola Fears."

And every Enemedia outlet in the country is frantically suppressing any hint that the sudden spread of Enterovirus-68 infections of children in dozens of states or the "mysterious neurological illness" starting to spread as well could possibly be the result of Zero’s opening the border to illegals.

Such news suppression may succeed.  Ebola may be contained and not become epidemic – we should certainly pray that it will be. 

However, once voters put one and one together – illegal invasion + spread of mysterious infections – then Kelly’s predicted Obamacare electoral disaster is magnified.

They are already primed for this – so alienated by the alien invasion that 71% of voters, including a majority of Democrats (!), do not want these illegals to receive any taxpayer-funded benefits.  Almost as many voters say illegals "should not have the same legal rights and protections that U.S. citizens have."

Ebola seems to have been successfully contained in the West African nations of Senegal and Nigeria, and you’d think that if they can do it, so can the US.  If it is not – or we suffer outbreaks of it over the next month and it is not contained until after Nov. 4 – then we have the Obamacare electoral disaster for Dems on steroids.

Thus the appellation of "Obola Obama" can be quite useful at this moment, to help people focus on Zero’s refusal to protect America’s public health and safety.

For the reality is that Zero worship and his political ideology – Obamunism – is an infectious disease lethal to America.  It’s an epidemic that has infected and caused serious brain damage to millions of our fellow Americans.  We can’t even begin to cure the epidemic without winning the Senate and dominating elections on Nov. 4.

Feel free to spread the Obola Obama meme far and wide.  Perhaps an enterprising TTPer could make it into a bumper sticker or encourage conservative groups to use it in online ads. Make a Twitter hashtag of it.  Use your imagination.  Sure gets the message across in two short words.

Obola Obama.

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