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Last week’s Humor File was Nixon Was A Piker compared to Barrack Milhous Zero.  Like all good humor, it’s funny because it’s true:  Nixon was no piker in the scandal and mendacity department, but Zero is far worse.

Yet, at this particular conflation of events, as we simultaneously rage at Zero’s awfulness and revel in its ongoing exposure, it’s useful to step back and regard what’s going on in America today in the context of history and economic reality.

Let’s start with the case for Nixon being more destructive of our economy and freedoms than Zero.  Some of Nixon’s damage was temporary, such as his wage-and-price controls, with a 90-day freeze in 1971 and a 60-day freeze in 1973.  Nixon, however, permanently damaged America’s prosperity and freedom by:

*Creating OHSA (Occupational Health & Safety Act) in 1970 that has tyrannized businesses ever since.

*Creating the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in 1970, a horror of fascism.

*Requiring Environmental Impact Statements in 1970, allowing enviros to block most anything they don’t like.

*Taking the US Dollar off the gold standard in 1971.

*Creating permanent and escalating increases in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid payments.

*Announcing a "War on Drugs" in 1971, resulting in the creation of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) in 1973

*Creating the Endangered Species Act in 1973.

*Allowing the Saudis to perpetrate their Arab Oil Embargo (October 1973-March 1974), resulting in permanently sky-high oil prices, and giving the Saudis billions to spread their Wahhabi Islamic poison worldwide.  (All Nixon had to do was enforce a counter-embargo of food exports to Saudi Arabia with the US Navy, telling the Saudis:  "Drink your oil and eat your sand.")

All in all, in the judgment of Herb Stein, Chairman of Nixon’s Council of Economic Advisers, "More new regulation was imposed on the economy than in any other presidency since the New Deal."

Of course, the New Deal of Franklin Roosevelt was such an unvarnished unconstitutional expansion of fascist federal power that it turns both Nixon and Zero into total pikers.  If you really want to be stunned by the traitorous damage done to America by the Roosevelt Presidency, though, I encourage you to read Stalin’s Secret Agents: The Subversion of Roosevelt’s Government, by M. Stanton Evans and Herbert Romerstein.

It just came out — the print edition won’t be available until next month, but you can get the Kindle edition now.  I’ve known Stan Evans for decades, as he is one of the founders of the conservative movement in the US, and knew Herb Romerstein as well.  Herb was a wonderful man and a true scholar – I’m sorry to say he just passed away on May 7.

Space here does not permit even a brief summary of what Stan and Herb reveal.  Two highlights: 

*FDR’s closest adviser – so close he lived in a second-floor bedroom of the White House from 1940 through 1943 – Harry Hopkins, had the KGB code name of Zamestitel ("Deputy") as one of its agents.  In charge of the Lend-Lease program of aid to Stalin, he had uranium-235 and specs on how to construct an atomic bomb shipped to the KGB in Russia.

*FDR’s White House and agencies, particularly State, Treasury, and OSS (Office of Strategic Services, forerunner to the CIA) were thoroughly penetrated by Soviet secret agents working for the Kremlin: Duncan Lee, Confidential Assistant to OSS Chief William Donovan; Harry Dexter White, Assistant Treasury Secretary; Lauchlin Currie, Administrative Assistant to the President (FDR in the Oval Office); John Stewart Service, the State Dept. diplomat who ended US aid to Chiang Kai-shek and secured Mao’s seizure of power in China; and, of course, Alger Hiss.  There are dozens and dozens more.

In short, this huge Soviet cabal in Washington achieved their goal:  that World War II was fought and won not to make the world safe for democracy and freedom, but to make the world safe for Stalin’s Soviet Russia – which included the Communist enslavement of eastern Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, and Albania – and for the creation of a Communist Red China.

That is what FDR’s presidency and its aftermath achieved.  Countless millions of lives doomed to Communist poverty, slave labor camps, death by firing squads, a life of fear and misery.  What evil has Zero and his minions done to match it?  The guy’s an amateur at evil.

Especially when his fawning, worshipful media are amateurs at protecting him, compared to FDR’s media – who protected him so well that most Americans never knew that he was confined to a wheelchair (much less saw a picture – after contracting polio in 1921 he remained permanently paralyzed from the waist down).  Any critic of FDR or his Red confidantes was mercilessly smeared by the press, who enjoyed a monopoly over the news.  Not a whiff of any FDR scandal was permitted to be heard by the public.

And yet… after FDR (he finally died on April 12, 1945) and his aftermath (it took Truman some time to figure out some of what was going on), came what?  The period conservatives wax most nostalgic about – the 1950s, when patriotism was in style, moral decency was hip, and our economy boomed like never before.

There’s a key lesson to be drawn here:   it’s hard to keep America down.  We go through crises and dangers, and then bounce back.  No matter how much FDR’s Reds tried to support the Soviet Union, we thrived in the 1950s – and eventually got rid of the Soviet Union itself.

We can see this happening right before our eyes as we suffer the Curse of Zero.  It’s not just that we all have tingles of joy running up our legs over Zero being up to his jug ears in one scandal after another.  It’s that, no matter how hard Zero has tried to hamstring and suffocate the American economy, he has failed.

I can’t help thinking of a funny scene in a favorite movie of mine, Other People’s Money (1991).  Kate Sullivan – played by Penelope Ann Miller – is a lawyer whose nemesis is entrepreneur Larry "the Liquidator" Garfield – played by Danny Devito.  She gets so frustrated being outwitted by him she yells:

"Someday, we’re going to change the laws and put you out of business."

He smiles and calmly replies, "You can change all the laws you want. You can’t stop the game. I’ll still be here. I’ll adapt."

So it is in times like these, you have to be in a state of stupefaction over God’s sense of humor regarding America.

4½ years ago, Americans in a spasm of lunatic masochism elect a putz of a president who is determined to destroy their country’s culture, economy, and military.  And six months ago, still mired in the same racist masochism although he has done his best to prove he wants to demolish their country, they reelect him.  It is an act of national self-destructiveness hard to match in the annals of history.

But here we are, with the DOW way above 15K because US company profit margins are at record highs.  You have all these gurus like Jim Rogers and Marc Faber saying the dollar is doomed (I remember Marc telling me not too long ago that the Yen was going to go to 75), that double-digit inflation is baked in the dollar’s cake – but just peruse the WSJ’s Exchange Rate page.

Scan the YTD column.  If the dollar has gained in value over another currency, the percentage is in green; a loss is in red.  Of the 47 currencies listed as of today (5/23), 40 are green; of the 7 in red, the loss is less than 1% for 3, and the highest is Mexico at 3.4%.  So much for the doom of the dollar.

How is this possible?  Well, first, the global economy sucks.  Europe is in the tank, Brazil is stuck in stagflation (manufacturing is lower than 2008), Russia’s GDP is ripping along at a blistering 1.6%, India is floundering and China is sinking into beaucoup deep kim chee.  America is the only big game in town.

Second, US companies who set up shop in China and elsewhere offshore are flocking back.  There is one word for why, one word that sums up the resurgence of our economy:  Fracking.  Thanks to it, energy prices and costs in the US are so low compared to the rest of the world, that locating here is again competitive, big time.

Politically, the coolest thing about fracking is that the technology came out of nowhere so fast – too fast for the enviros, caught by total surprise (remember Peak Oil?), to ramp up an effective scare campaign to demonize it in time.  The fracked toothpaste got out of the tube, creating countless jobs and booming economies like in Texas, before the Luddites could stop it.

They’ll keep trying of course.  Zero will keep trying, as fracking ruins his "renewable energy" scams (subsidies in exchange for donations to him and the Dems).  And have a laugh at the idiot who runs the Sierra Club, Michael Brune, who says, "No amount of regulation will make fracking acceptable."  Talk about OBE (overtaken by events) irrelevance.

Yes, it is ridiculous that we are stumbling along with less than 3% GDP and have massive unemployment.  This and so much more lies totally at the clay feet of Zero.  What to grasp is that the emerging economic resurgence you see is happening despite his best efforts to prevent it.

And now, those efforts, his agenda and presidency, are being disempowered and immobilized.  We are witnessing the Emasculation of Obama.  After smelling the sweet smell of schadenfreude, let’s recall the old Chinese proverb about where there is danger, there is opportunity.

Which means:  Zero and the Dems are in danger, so we have an opportunity.  And we means conservative tea-partyers, and not the GOP establishment led by Karl Rove and the K Street Pubs, for they are part of the problem.  All of them – Zero, the Dems, the Pub elite – can now be put on the political defensive.

More importantly, the Dems and the Libtard Media can be put on the moral defensive.  Their moral authority can be gone if we do this right.

For what we need more than anything else is a moral resurgence, a return to decency in our culture, that is the first necessary condition for a return to political and economic freedom.

It’s there, it’s never gone away, most Americans pray and hunger for it.  I think it’s coming.  I can feel it in the wind.

America came back after FDR.  America came back after Nixon and Carter.  America is going to come back after Zero.  This guy’s a piker.  He can’t keep America down.  And he won’t, not for long now.