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Slow Joe Biden held a news conference Tuesday (6/30). As you can see, it was hilarious.

Journalistic toadies tossed him softball questions that had been pre-cleared with Biden’s staff. Slow Joe was given a list of reporters to call on, in order, with a script listing the questions and answers to them.

He still screwed it up, lapsing into incoherence several times during the 28-minute presser.

After this debacle, it may be another 89 days before Biden emerges from his basement again.

There will, alas, be no presidential debates. Democrats can’t afford to let the nation see the contrast between Trump and his dragon energy and this confused, incoherent old man.

Gaslighting between now and election day will be surreal.

The leftist narrative most at odds with reality is that Slow Joe can beat President Trump.

When next a CNN or MSNBC panel gushes over a bogus poll, we should remember:

*President Trump won in 2016 despite the fact that several million people who typically vote Republican voted instead for Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson (4.49 million votes), Egg McMuffin (732,000 votes), or didn’t vote for president.

Not many who were on the Trump train in 2016 have hopped off it since. Most recalcitrant Republicans then – won over by the president’s magnificent performance in office – are enthusiastic supporters now. Trump’s approval rating among Republicans is 95 percent, as high as it’s ever been for any GOP president, including the sainted Reagan.

*In 2016, Trump got just 8 percent of the black vote, 28 percent of the Hispanic vote, exit polls indicated. His approval rating among minorities has soared since then. According to a Rasmussen survey June 5, 41 percent of blacks, 43 percent of other minorities approve of the job the president is doing.

*The (pre-pandemic) turnout for Trump rallies is unprecedented in American political history. No political figure ever before has been able to pack so many large venues in a non-election year, and Trump typically has had overflow crowds as large or larger as the crowd in the venue itself.

The Trump rally in Tulsa last month was the first time his supporters failed to fill the venue to capacity. This was due not to waning enthusiasm – as the gaslighters would have us believe – but because of sabotage by the managers of the BOK Center; threats of violence from Antifa/BLM (at this rally, for the first time ever, there were no families with small children to be seen), and, perhaps, lingering concern about exposure to the Kung Flu.

Despite this, the rally was a smashing success, because nearly 12 million watched it on Fox News, CSPAN, and various streaming apps.

Trump’s audience is all the more impressive when contrasted to the audiences for Biden’s media events, which typically number in the hundreds, sometimes just in the dozens.

*About 20 percent of attendees at Trump rallies didn’t vote in the last three or four elections. Non-voters aren’t polled. This is the chief reason why MSM polls understate Trump’s strength.

*President Trump is setting records for votes in primaries, even though he’s running unopposed, so – except to show their support for him – there’s no good reason for rank and file Republicans to turn out to vote.

Even though the Democrat race is over, Slow Joe rarely has gotten more than 75 percent of the vote in primaries held after he locked up the nomination.

*Trump won in 2016 even though Hillary outspent him by (at least) 2 to 1. Trump figures to outspend Biden by about that amount.

Trump has what may be the most sophisticated campaign organization ever. Slow Joe has yet to hire key staff in battleground states.

In every election, Democrats get a boost from our biased MSM. But because the Lying Swine have made their bias so comically obvious, they figure to have less impact on the election this year than they did four years ago.

*Trump won in 2016 in large part because Hillary is very unlikeable, ran a stupid campaign. But does any serious person think Biden is a stronger candidate than she was?

*On every major issue – jobs, the economy, tax cuts, border security, free health care for illegal aliens, defunding police, ending endless wars – large pluralities prefer Trump’s position to Biden’s.

Normals tend not to focus much on issues until around Labor Day, traditionally the beginning of the general election campaign. But eventually they do.

We tend to forget that Trump hasn’t really begun (publicly) to fight. There will be splashy indictments of Spygate figures, which will have more impact the closer they are to the election. We’ll learn much more about who flew on Epstein’s Lolita Express, partied with him on his private island.

*In 2016, most voters didn’t realize how wicked, corrupt, bat(feces) crazy Democrats have become. Millions have been red-pilled since, see the race as not so much between Republican and Democrat as between good and evil, freedom and Communism.

If the president loses this election, the constitutional republic we love is doomed. We must vote – and get out the vote – as if our lives and liberty depended upon it, because they do.

With so much at stake, we can’t afford to be complacent. But neither should we permit ourselves to be gaslighted into thinking all is lost. President Trump must win this election. Which he almost certainly will.


Jack Kelly is a former Marine and Green Beret, and was the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force during the Reagan Administration.  Until his retirement in January 2017, he was the national security writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette