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Well, not quite yet, but soon.  The funniest headline of the week was "South American Leaders Support Bolivia Gas Nationalization."  Yesterday (5/4), at Puerto Iguazo, Argentina, Brazil President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Argentine President Nestor Kirchner met with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Bolivia’s Evo Morales and promised to "respect" Morales’ nationalization of Bolivia’s natural gas.

Only folks who are interested in buying bridges in Brooklyn are going to believe that.

As we discussed over a year ago in Bye Bye Bolivia, Brazil gets 60% of its natural gas from Bolivia.  Argentina gets 200,000 cubic yards of Bolivian gas a day.  Lula and Kirchner are going to tolerate a threat to this from Morales-Chavez about as much as a capybara will let himself be swallowed by an anaconda.

Lula and Kirchner are just playing for time.  They are intimately familiar with the geographical/ethnic/cultural division of Bolivia:  That most of the people are Indians (Quechua and Aymara) up in the Andes, and most of the natural gas is in the lowlands, inhabited by Europeans (Spanish, Italian, German).

The lowland region is known as Media Luna, Half Moon, where a secessionist movement has been building for some years now, and has grown so fast in response to Morales that he took preemptive action with nationalization and sending army troops into Media Luna.

So now the break-up of Bolivia begins in earnest.  Lula and Kirchner are already conferring with their generals – and even more interestingly, with professional private "security" firms of the sort that provide a lot of military contract work in Iraq.

The folks who work for these firms are all former elite special operations guys, Delta Force, Marine Recon, Green Berets, or their foreign military equivalent.  You’ll soon see them organizing an armed resistance in Media Luna.

In the meantime, Lula and Kirchner will also be busy buying off the generals of the Bolivian Army.

The Media Luna’s leaders, called Cruceños as they are from the region’s capital of Santa Cruz, are the most pro-freedom, pro-America, and anti-Marxist people in South America.  They deserve our support in their coming liberation struggle from Morales-Chavez Marxist fascism.

Bolivia has always been a failed state:  200 coups, counter-coups, and revolutions since 1825 – more than one government a year for the last 180 years.  It is about to fall into history’s dust-bin where it belongs.  Media Luna will rise from it’s ashes.