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stay-on-the-porchSecretary of Defense, and 4 Star Marine General (ret) James Mattis is called “Mad Dog” for a reason.

When asked last May what keeps him awake at night as SecDef, he responded, Nothing. I keep other people awake at night.”  When reporters asked him at the start of the year (1/05), what his biggest military concern was for 2018, he replied, I don’t have concerns.  I create them.”

Mad Dog Mattis is the biggest and baddest of the big dogs – nobody should even think of messing with him, right?  Then why is he on the porch, staying meekly and quietly on the porch, instead of running with all the other big dogs and showing them who’s boss?

Three tragedies are simultaneously occurring in the world right now – and where the heck is Mad Dog?  Staying on the porch.


Iran’s colonization of Iraq:  Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and his entire government are stooges of Iran.  Mad Dog has done nothing to prevent the creeping colonization of Iraq by the terrorist mullah government in Tehran.  ISIS is being replaced by Shia Militias terrorizing Iraqi Sunnis, armed, paid for, and led by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

As Foreign Policy reports, Iraqi Shiite Militias – collectively known as Popular Mobilization Forces – are “just getting started” in taking over Iraq as a Iranian colony.

It gets worse.  The goal is Iran’s “Land Bridge, a “Road to the Sea” from Tehran to Beirut.  The corridor from Tehran through Mosul to Baghdad was completed last Spring.  By June it reached Iraq’s border with Syria. By September, Iran’s Terrorist Road had reached Damascus. In October, Secretary of State Tillerson told the Iran-backed Shia Militias to “go home.”  They laughed.

The Shia militias went back to work, filling mass graves with Sunnis and blaming it on ISIS, and continuing Iran’s Road to the Sea – so much so that on Tuesday (1/23) the latest headline is: Lebanon issues arrest warrant against prominent Iranian-backed Shia militia Commander in Iraq.  Here’s Reuter’s Map of Iran’s Corridor:

And during all of this to this very day, Mad Dog remains on the porch.


Turkey’s Invasion of Syria.  On Saturday (1/20), the Turkish Army invaded Syria.  With the Orwellian-entitled “Operation Olive Branch” – the Christian symbol of a peace offering – it is a genocidal attack on the Syrian Kurds by an Islamic Nazi, Turkish Dictator Recip Erdogan.

Yesterday (1/24), President Trump had a personal phone call with the Turkish Dictator.  Warning: Barf Alert – here is the White House read-out of the call.

Make all the allowances for polite niceties of diplo-speak – relaying “concerns” about “escalating violence,” urging “caution” to “avoid civilian casualties” blah blah.  Nonetheless, realize that POTUS is speaking with the absolute antithesis of a man with whom he can have a “bilateral relationship,” a “strategic partnership” to “stabilize a unified Syria,” foster “regional stability,” and combat “terrorism in all its forms.”

Would Trump speak this way to Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei?  Erdogan is no less an Islamofascist tyrant, imposing an Islamic full-on dictatorship upon the Turkish people.  Further, Erdogan is a Turkish Nazi – no hyperbole –  keeping himself in power by demonizing Kurds as did Hitler with Jews, and wanting to genocidally slaughter Kurds as Hitler did to Jews.

Further, Erdogan has been the principal supporter of ISIS, as TTP has been revealing since 2014 in Turkey Is on the Side of the ISIS Terrorists.

In his dream of being the Sultan of a revived Ottoman Empire that finally conquers and Islamizes Europe, he engineered the mass invasion of Europe by Moslem “refugees” over the last several years, and funds their radicalization once in Europe.  We discussed this in TTP last October: Sultan Erdogan and His Jihadist Janissaries.

Trump on Day One of his presidency should have kicked Turkey out of NATO until Erdogan is removed from power.  Instead, he’s welcomed to the Oval Office as a honored guest and ally, and has a nicey-nice phone call while committing genocide.

Maybe – just maybe – this news story today (1/25) might jolt Trump into reality: Turkey Accuses White House of Lying in Trump-Erdogan Readout.  Get the message, Donald – trying to appease evil doesn’t work.

But meanwhile, as the New York Times reports (1/22): As Turkey Attacks Kurds in Syria, US Is on the Sideline – and Mad Dog is on the porch.


Iran Protests Fizzle: As huge protests broke out at the end of December in dozens of cities throughout Iran against Mullah Tyranny, President Trump repeatedly tweeted his support. Then the regime cracked down, murdering dozens in the streets right in cold blood, arresting thousands who were thrown in jails.  Right now as you are reading this, they are being unmercifully tortured, many to death.

And Trump’s and Mattis’ response?  Radio silence.  As the protests fizzled with absolutely no real support from the US, Trump hasn’t tweeted a word about Iran since early January, while Mattis is being praised by the lefties at Politico for “softening” on Iran (1/16).

In other words, regarding Iran, Mad Dog is on the porch.

On January 5, in Make the World Great Again, I explained in detail why the Fall of the Mullah Regime in Iran would be “the most momentous pro-freedom development in the world since the fall of the Soviet Union.”

Yet, in spite of this, in spite of brave Iranians, Iraqis, and Kurds looking to America as their one hope of achieving their freedom – and being slaughtered and tortured instead – Mad Dog Mattis declines to keep the Terrorist Mullahs and Turkish Islamofascist Nazis awake at night nor create concerns among them.

No, he’d rather not run with the big dogs, preferring to lie on the porch instead.

I’m really sorry to be so disappointed in him.  I really hope he reads this and it makes him mad – mad enough to be a real Mad Dog again.  I’d love to be wrong about him – that he’s lying in wait to charge off the porch and pounce on freedom’s enemies in Tehran and Ankara.

But Jim – the only way to prove me wrong is not with some denial of words, but action, refute me by doing things that materially support the removal of the Mullah and Erdogan Regimes from power.  And you can start by demanding the POTUS greenlighting you to do so.

Time to get off the porch, Jim.  America wants Mad Dog to be back running with the big dogs and showing them you’re the biggest baddest big dog of all.