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JW watching sunset, Funafuti, Tuvalu – photo by TTPer Kellie Ramsey

JW watching sunset, Funafuti, Tuvalu – photo by TTPer Kellie Ramsey

Not just America but the entire World has been going progressively more insane for over a year now, ever since Red China attacked the planet with its Chicom Virus.

Now, the Democrat-Fascist Party has successfully politicized the Scamdemic to enable its theft of the presidency and the demolition of democracy itself.  We are entering a period of darkness for America during which it will be difficult to keep ourselves sane.

Thus today TTP launches a weekly Monday series that hopefully will help in Keeping Your Sanity.  My first effort will be to share something very personal with you.

You may have heard about Owls and Larks.  My wife Rebel is an Owl, who finds the peaceful quiet of late night conducive to doing good work.  I, on the other hand, turn into a pumpkin well before midnight.  So while she is still sound asleep, I as a Lark am up quietly at dawn’s early light.

I pad downstairs to go outside on our main floor balcony to greet the day.  This is a very special time for me.  It is still peaceful and quiet but you can feel the world around beginning a new day.  The sky is turning a shade of day-glo turquoise laced with lavender.  In a few moments the first rays of the Sun will burst over the horizon in a mist of golden light.

Breathing in the cool fresh air, I go through a series of slow stretches to limber myself up.  And then, as I look out at the wonder before me, I count the blessings of my life.

A feeling of overwhelming gratitude and thankfulness completely comes over me.  The joy of simply being alive, the inexpressible privilege of existing in and being conscious of this extraordinary world.  Seeing a bird wing across the sky or the contrail of a passenger jet high above brings tears to my eyes.  How glorious to be a part of this, I think, to be a human being capable of appreciating all this.

The blessing of my wife Rebel sharing her life with me, the blessing of my two wonderful sons, the blessing of our all being healthy and safe, the blessing of the long life I have had, all of this and so much more fills my heart to the full.  Silently I shout “Thank you! Thank you!” in gratitude.

And then I go back inside for a cup of coffee and begin my morning workout.

I would like to respectfully suggest you consider doing something like this in your own way. It need not be at a sunrise or sunset, but anywhere of your choosing. I call it Living in gratitude for the privilege of our existence.

In the dark times looming now before us, it’s more important than ever to appreciate, to be grateful and thankful for, our human existence, and all that Providence has blessed each of us with.

This, I believe, you will find to be one sure way of keeping your sanity.