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“E.T. phone home…” the most famous line in one of the famous movies ever.  Thus the theme of this week’s Keeping Your Sanity: Reconnection.

It’s especially important now when the feardemic results in so many of us cocooning ourselves.  Yet one of the absolute best ways to lose your sanity is isolation.

So is there a mother or father, son or daughter, brother or sister,  close relative or good friend whom you once talked with a lot and haven’t in a long time?  It happens.  We get busy, the days and weeks and months keep passing by – and that’s your life passing by.

Human beings are social animals.  We need steady regular meaningful contact with friends and family to keep us mentally healthy and alive.

Both of my parents passed on years ago, but Rebel’s mom is still with us at 85.  The highlight of Molly’s day is to get a phone call from Rebel, which she gets every day.  Not an email or text message or Facebook/Twitter post, but an actual real live person-to-person phone call, even though we live thousands of miles apart.

Isn’t there a good friend or relative who would love to hear from you today?  To reconnect with?  To hear each other’s voice, to laugh together, share memories together?  I’ll bet there is.

Try this.  Once a week, call someone important to you with whom you haven’t talked in a long time.  Let them talk about what’s been going on their life and you listen, while you throw in your two cents ever so often and no more.  Not only will they be appreciative, they’ll can’t wait to talk with you again.

In a few weeks you’ll be reconnected with your friends and family like never before – and your life will be saner and more fulfilling than ever.