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feardemicEver hear the story of a fellow who went for a walk around his neighborhood one day and saw a man doing this really weird dance on his porch?  The fellow calls out, “What’s the dance for?”  The man calls back, “It keeps the tigers away.”  Puzzled, the fellow says, “What tigers? There are no tigers around here.” The man happily responds, “You see, it’s working!”

Easy to laugh at one nutty neighbor – but not when almost the entire world is engaged in the Lockdown Tiger Dance.

Here’s the NYTimes’ (1/29) List of Countries Americans Can Travel To.  It’s not many out of the world’s 198 countries, and most of the ones left with onerous restrictions.  This Global Feardemic for a flu bug survivability from which is over 99%.

This is a prime example of how critically important Keeping Your Sanity is amidst the whole planet going off its rocker.  It’s not just America.

Last week in KYSII, we discussed the importance of keeping yourself in good physical condition, with the example of my personal weekly exercise program.  I really appreciate your comments and suggestions on the Forum.

Robert Pursley told of 4-6 mile mountain hikes with his Plott hounds (wonderful dog, Robert!).

Brant advised to “Start slow.” Yes, whatever you do, ease your way into it. Light weights and few reps for any new resistance exercise, for example, then steadily and safely increase both.  “Go slow” also, in that never do reps perfunctorily, put your full focus on doing every rep correctly with full extension.

Warren Smith told us about the LifePro vibration plate he and his wife use.  It was so intriguing I checked out reviews which were so amazing I ordered one for Rebel and me: the Life Pro Rumblex.  It’s a splurge, but it looks worth it.  Thanks, Warren, I’ll let you know.

Thanks to David, Yasuhiko, Mike Ryan and Libby for their comments as well – which I may well use in this week’s HFR.

So, now let’s talk about what you might do after your workout.  There’s one thing I always do which you might consider – while there’s another I think everyone should do.

First is a gizmo Rebel and I call our “Wiggle Machine.”  It’s the original Sun Ancon Chi Machine.  We’ve had ours for 25 years and it still works like new.  You lie flat on a cushioned pad in front of it, put your ankles in the padded cuffs, and the back-forth motion wiggles you like a fish from the tip of your toes to the top your head – but most especially your hips and entire spine.

As I told you, I work out hard and am always a little wiped out at the end.  I so look forward to completely let go, passively being fish-wiggled for 9-10 minutes.  Warren – you might give it a go after your vibration session!

Next, still on cushioned pad – an exercise mat is way too thin for my comfort – I go through a panoply of stretching exercises.  I cannot encourage you more to do this.  There are many YT videos for different programs, pick one that fits you.

Finding one for your neck is important.  I use Mark Wildman’s 3-minute neck drill first thing in the morning, and again at the end of after-workout stretching.

For 40 years, the best book has been Stretching by Bob Anderson. Here’s his YT video.  I have to be very careful to avoid certain stretches due to my herniated lumbar discs.  I use a Stretch Out Strap at lot.  I focus quite a bit on my psoas muscles, the only ones connecting your spine to your lower body.

I don’t use the hold-for-30-seconds way, but hold for 2-3 seconds, let go, then repeat over and over, each time a bit further (but not too much!) for 30 seconds.

Stretching can become marvelously addictive.  In addition to my after-workout routine, I take stretching breaks throughout the day – hang by my fingertips on the top of a doorway, and all kinds of 30-second stretches that get you relaxed and clear-headed again.

You’ll find the more relaxed and tension-free your body, the more is your mind – one truly helpful way to keep your sanity.

A final note.  Matt Wilson requested a copy of my workout chart.  Here it is, Matt – thanks for asking!  Feel free to copy.