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My friend and Marine ‘Nam vet Bill Gregory is just blown away by the User Forum comments regarding Thompson Bummer.  "What an intelligent, insightful group of people you have as subscribers!" he effuses, and I can only agree. 

He was especially impressed with a new commentator with the wonderful forum name of "melliefluous," and those of such regulars as John Nehring (johnwss), Chris Baldi (cephran), Marco, "gary," and "prosenberg,"  among many others.   "Great thought-provoking exchanges," notes Bill.

Our TTP Salon is turning out to be a terrific place to discuss the pros and cons of the 2008 presidential candidates (mostly the Republicans, for what, really, is there to say about the goofy folks the Dems are serving up?). 

I have to say my disappointment with Fred Thompson at his speech last Saturday (5/12) was tempered a bit with his devastating quick put-down of Michael Moore on YouTube.  I would still love to see him declare and participate in the GOP candidate debates.

The debate last Tuesday (5/15) in South Carolina (here is the transcript) was intensely revealing.  Folks saw that Duncan Hunter would be A President to Watch America's Six, and that Ron Paul, like all libertarians, is not.

But what the debate most clearly exposed is John McCain as the Perfect Liberal.

This was in his answer to the question:

Q: Here is the premise: Three shopping centers near major U.S. cities have been hit by suicide bombers. Hundreds are dead, thousands injured. A fourth attack has been averted when the attackers were captured off the Florida coast and taken to Guantanamo Bay, where they are being questioned. U.S. intelligence believes that another larger attack is planned and could come at any time.

[The question is] How aggressively would you interrogate those being held at Guantanamo Bay for information about where the next attack might be?

His answer contained this statement:

"The use of torture — we could never gain as much we would gain from that torture as we lose in world opinion."

In other words, John McCain would rather have countless Americans die in a terrorist attack than have people in foreign countries not like us.

As Joel Wade says in Allowing People To Like You, "How much do you like people who would rather see Americans killed or hurt than that a single terrorist be tortured?  I personally wouldn't care much for them, myself."

Joel concludes:  "If some percentage of the population of Belgium, or Sweden, or Vermont has a low opinion of America or Americans for doing what is necessary to prevent a known terrorist attack, that does not concern me in the least – because I don't much like them either."

Yet such desperate, virtually pathological caring for what others think, especially in a foreign policy/national security context, what non-Americans in foreign countries think of America, is the core psychological mind-set of what makes a liberal a liberal.

You know what that is, for it is a key theme of mine.  What makes a liberal a liberal is the fear of being envied

The more you fear the envy of others, the more you will be a liberal.  The less you fear the Evil Eye of Envy, the less you will be a liberal.  Understand that, and you know what makes liberals tick, period.

Fear of America's being envied is The Poison That Is Killing The West.  It is Why Liberals Are Incapable of Defending America.

And it is why John McCain, for all his bluster and bravado and supporting the war in Iraq and genuine heroism in Vietnam 40 years ago, is incapable of defending our country.

The one and only way to defend our country is by Rejecting The Evil Eye.  I am linking to all these To The Point articles because they all explain in detail why this is so, why the foundation of our national security and foreign policy must be based upon it.  It is the most important geopolitical insight To The Point provides.

John McCain is afraid of the Evil Eye.  That alone disqualifies him, that alone should disqualify anyone, from being President of the United States.