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rigged20202_shirtElections will not legitimize any government if they are rigged.

We must end the absurdity whereby a private corporation can be hired to count our votes and then refuse to prove to us exactly how it got the final numbers.

If the system is not completely transparent and auditable, you can never be confident in it.  You can be completely justified in suspecting that it is fraudulent.  When the public no longer trusts those who count the votes, then the outcome will be chaos.

The 2020 election was rigged, but it is not up to us to prove that.

Instead of resisting audits every step of the way, the burden of proving otherwise falls on those who refuse to open the voting machines for inspection.  There can be no innocent motive to hide them.  Nor can there have been any justification for blocking observers from observing.

Given all the evidence, there is more than ample reason to suspect the vote-counters of cheating.  The stakes are too high for them to simply call upon their accusers to prove malfeasance, when the officials in charge of ensuring fair elections are the ones obstructing justice.

What matters even more, however, is the next election.  How much assurance do we have that it will be fair?  So far, not enough.

Well ahead of the November election, ABC News has already made suspiciously detailed predictions of the outcome.  The news item contains the words, “‘Oddly specific’: ABC News deletes tweet declaring Dems will hold House in Nov, gain 4 Senate seats.”

Has the election already been decided?  Have we already lost?  Who can count the votes ahead of time?

To those who claim that accusations of a rigged election are a “big lie,” are “without evidence,” or are a “conspiracy theory,” the rebuttal is, what will it matter what the true outcome this year will be, if on Election Night, half or more of the voters are persuaded that their votes have been stolen?

Absolute assurance can be made, but only if there are no screens or computers between impartial observers and the ballots.

Given the potential for fraud, there is no reason to trust a computer, when a verifiable paper trail can be made that is all but indisputable.

There is only one reason to prevent this from happening, and you know what it is.


Robert Avray is a veteran, a grandfather, and conservative libertarian who has written such book as Demonwitch and The God Paradigm.