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I've never understood why people listen to smart-aleck jerks on trash radio like Don Imus and Howard Stern who get paid a lot of money to say nothing of substance but say it in a pseudo-clever, hyper-cynical, juvenilely outrageous way.

But I sure am enjoying watching him squirm.  This is great karma.  His public persona, with the phony cowboy hat, the gravel voice, the wrinkled glower, was of a super tough guy, as tough as say, the British Royal Marines.  Turns out he's as much of a surrender pussy as they are.

Imus should exchange his cowboy hat for a dhimmi head scarf like that worn by Pelosi Galore or Limey sailorwoman Faye Turney to best signify his submission to the gods of political correctness.

If he were as smart and tough as his image pretends he is, he would never have apologized for his graceless remark about the Rutgers women's basketball team.  Instead he would have told the joke about the Miss Ebonics beauty pageant.

Turns out the pageant only allowed contestants from 49 states.  The sponsors wouldn't permit a Miss I-da-ho.

For those of you not literate in Ebonics – black American slang – "I da ho" literally translates as "I'm a whore."

"Ho," in other words, is not a white racist term.  It is a black slang term used by black "gangsta" rap singers as their favorite term – along with "bitches" – to refer to black women.

This has been going on for over 20 years:  the disgusting degradation and hatred of black women by black men in black rap music.  Where have Imus's enraged critics been for the last two decades? 

The PC crowd evidently thinks it's okay for black men to spew genuine hatred for black women in the most vile way – but it's "inexcusable" and "despicable" when a white man, whom no one accuses of actually hating women, black or otherwise, tells a joke using a black slang term.

Now, if that's all this teapot tempest is, yet another example of bottomless PC hypocrisy and Al Sharpton's unceasing effort to prey on white guilt, it'll soon be replaced by the next media frenzy. 

The real question is whether the Imus scandal will wreck the presidential candidacy of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

Already the stories are appearing, like in the Boston Globe, about Gumby not "taking the lead" in denouncing Imus or calling for his public execution.  The reason why he hasn't is he doesn't want to draw attention right now to the support he's been receiving from black rappers like Ludacris.

Take this recent AP story, Sen. Obama, rapper Ludacris meet for a chat.  Talking with Obama was "like meeting with a relative," the rapper gushed.  "We talked about empowering the youth."

Not a word of criticism from the Obamarama for Ludacris' "empowering" young black women by not only repeatedly calling them whores in his songs, but even entitling one of them Ho.  If you have the stomach for it, here are the lyrics to Ludacris' Ho.

Imus will have performed a real public service if his scandal ends up highlighting Obama's political cowardice.  This could turn out to be a terrific two-fer:  Imus's tawdry career and Obama's shallow candidacy gone with the wind.

Gumby could go back to accomplishing nothing in the Senate as before, and Imus could retire to a remote ranch somewhere out West… say in Idaho.