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The scene:  It is November, 1943. We’re in Camp Shelby, just outside of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where 5,300 German prisoners of war are interned.

The Geneva Conventions are being strictly adhered to, with food (prepared by German cooks), clothing, and medical care equal to their captors. The German POWs have formed soccer and volleyball teams, with descriptions and results of the tournaments between them reported in the camp newspaper, The Mississippi Post.

A Nazi church has been erected in the camp, where Nazi worshippers attend services held by Nazi chaplains. In their sermons, the chaplains instruct that:

"Nazism is the true religion, the Aryan Soul the only true God, our understanding of Whom has been brought to us by His Holiness, Adolph Hitler. Our Führer, Adolph Hitler is the true Holy Ghost. He is the human form of the Aryan Soul instantiated here on earth. We believe on this earth solely in Adolph Hitler and his sacred teachings."

The Nazi Bible, Mein Kampf, is treated with careful reverence by the American camp guards. "The Holy Mein Kampf must never be placed in offensive areas such as the floor, near the toilet or sink, near the feet, or dirty/wet areas," state the detailed rules issued by the Pentagon. "Only Nazi chaplains may handle the Holy Nazi Book, or by guards only after putting on clean white gloves in full view of the POWs."

"The Holy Mein Kampf," states the Pentagon’s directive, "should be treated like a ‘fragile piece of delicate art.’"

Back to 2010.  The initial two paragraphs in the above six are historically accurate. There really was a Camp Shelby just as described. The remaining four form an imaginary "thought experiment" to demonstrate how investing a criminally pathological ideology with the respect of a "religion" castrates our capacity to fight it.

Modern fanaticisms are often called "secular religions" — pro-"choice" abortionism, environmentalism, belief in man-made global warming, etc. — because their advocates are impervious to falsifying evidence. But they aren’t true religions, for if they were, the qualifier "secular" wouldn’t be necessary.

A true religion requires worshipful belief in a non-natural realm inhabited by one or more consciousnesses not subject to physical laws but rather capable of controlling those laws and thus events in our world and lives.

So here’s the thought experiment: What if Nazism wasn’t just a political ideology, wasn’t just a secular fanaticism, but a true religion instead?

What if its believers actually and religiously worshipped Hitler as God, or as the Prophet of God — the Nazi Deity being the reified Aryan Soul who created the universe for the benefit of his followers?

What if Nazis preached totalitarianism, the subjection of everyone to Nazi law, as a religious doctrine giving them the holy right and sacred duty to wage Holy War upon all unbelieving non-Nazis by any means?

In other words — is an ideology of hate and violence any more acceptable and excusable if it is disguised as a "religion"?

The answer is yes – in terms of what people accept and excuse in practice, because this is precisely the moral slack they cut for Islam.

It’s easy to condemn Nazis and Hitler – because they’re dead. They’re no threat. So let’s continue our thought experiment.

We all know that Einstein advocated the Manhattan Project to build atomic bombs because he thought Hitler was trying to do the same. Suppose, then, that Hitler succeeded in building atomic bombs – such that as we nuked Hiroshima he nuked Moscow, as Japan surrendered to us Soviet Russia surrendered to him, and World War II ended in a nuclear truce between America and Nazi Germany.

Suppose, then, that the resultant Cold War was between the US and the Nazis instead of the Soviets.

The result would have been all the language of appeasement and moral excuse used by liberals during the Cold War regarding the Communists applied to the Nazis.  The Holocaust would be known to everyone as the one perpetrated by Stalin upon the Ukrainians – while that of Hitler’s perpetrated upon the Jews would be unknown and ignored. 

Liberals would have demonized an "anti-Nazist" Joe McCarthy and mercilessly ridiculed Anti-Nazism.  And conservatives would be just as rigorously Anti-Nazist as they were Anti-Communist. Or would they?

The question arises out of this thought experiment because Communism was never seen as a religion – and thus conservatives were not morally disarmed against it.

However – the $64,000 however — if Nazism was seen as a religion, then conservatives would be morally disarmed. Most everybody, in fact, would feel that as a real religion, Nazism must be accorded some measure of respect not due a secular ideology like Communism.

Yet why should Islam’s being a religion and Communism — or actual Nazism, rather than our thought experiment — not, make any difference?

Why should we hold the Koran in any higher regard than Mein Kampf?

Note that all Pentagon rules in our thought experiment above for handling a Mein Kampf are direct quotes of Pentagon directives for handling Korans supplied to Moslem terrorist prisoners at Gitmo — including the instruction to treat a Koran as "a fragile piece of delicate art."

To claim that a book advocating:

"Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, lie in wait for them in every ambush" (Sura 9:5)… "Throw terror into the hearts of the unbelievers, cut off their necks, cut off even every finger" (Sura 8:12)… "For those who fight against Allah and his messenger [Mohammed], kill them, crucify them, cut off their hands and feet on alternate sides" (Sura 5:33)…

…should be treated as "a fragile piece of delicate art" is immoral.

And dangerous. To see how dangerous, take your mind back to the days of the Cold War, to the Reagan Presidency, and recall how Ronald Reagan had no qualms about denouncing the immorality of Communism in a Presidential speech, or of accusing the Soviet Union of being an Evil Empire.

It’s too easy to compare simpering Bush Presidency speeches about how "Islam is a religion of peace" – just days after the Moslem Atrocity of 9/11.  Much less the pandering ludicrousness of Zero Presidency speeches praising "Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings." 

(This quote is from Zero’s Ramadan speech yesterday, 8/11, in which he went on to proclaim that "Islam has always been part of America and that American Muslims have made extraordinary contributions to our country."  No examples were provided.)

Think instead of how conservatives across the board find it far more difficult to denounce the evil of Islam than the evil of Communism. This reluctance has to be abandoned.

For it does not matter whether Islam is a religion or not, as it is also and at the same time a totalitarian political ideology.  Until it abandons that ideology, abandons not just hate and violence but the imperialism of sharia – the constant attempt to force Islamic law into a non-Islamic society –  we must stop according Islam the respect due any normal religion, and look upon it with no more regard or respect than one would towards Communism or Nazism.

For Islam is poisoned with a moral virus, a moral sickness of hate and violent totalitarianism that has been there from its inception. It is up to believers in Islam to purge their religion of this virus, this sickness, before it can be accepted in civilized society.

Until then, until "mainstream Moslems" rehabilitate their religion, the Koran should be looked upon no differently than Mein Kampf.

Mein Kampf is German for "My Struggle."  Mein Kampf  is Arabic for "Jihadi-i" – My Jihad.  "Jihad-i" is in fact the actual title of the Arabic translation of Mein Kampf.

The Turkish translation of Mein Kampf is a bestseller in Turkey now, the Arabic translation a bestseller in the Arab world, and among Moslems in England and Europe.

Nazism did not die with Hitler in his Berlin bunker – it just lay dormant, to be revived and merged into the Islam of today. Not "Islamism" or "Islamofascism," but Islam itself, "mainstream Islam." A Sky News poll conducted among British Moslems found that almost half of them thought that Moslem clerics who preach violence against the West agreed with "mainstream Moslem opinion."

Hitler has indeed become an Islamic God. Islam has no longer any claim to decency. If Moslems wish to regain respect for their religion, from now on we must tell them: they must earn it.

[Note:  there is one version of Islam that has earned it, that has purged Islam of its moral viruses and focuses on its virtues:  Sufism.  See Islam’s Anti-Osama for a discussion of Sufism, or the Sufi website]


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