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I woke up this Monday morning (5/11) to see this on POTUS’ twitter feed – and instantly began hyperventilating with goosebumps and chills.  Because this is just the opening shot – he unleashed a thunderous barrage the likes of which we have never seen.  Anyone who thinks he’s bluffing needs to see this:


Right – “He ain’t bluffing.” Take a look, all up this Monday morning:



If you’re not hyperventilating and have goosebumps after all this, you haven’t got a pulse.  This is bullseyeing the Dems’ jugular so unswervably that it is going to cause the Mother of All Dem-Enemedia-Leftie Meltdowns.

There should now be no doubt whatever that Durham will call for the criminal indictment of, and Barr DOJ will criminally prosecute, Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Yates, and Rice with the full intention of imprisonment.

Don’t at all be surprised to see Adam Schiff resign his House seat in order to avoid DOJ prosecution.  Quite possibly the same with Nadler.

Those are all givens now.  What about Zero himself? That’s the question of the moment.  Trump is a genius negotiator.  He’s laid down his marker.

So actually, the real question is what the Dems should be asking themselves:  “What do we need to do that Trump will find acceptable so that he’ll stop with Brennan-Comey etc., and not go after Obama, and then start investigating, say, the criminal way Pelosi and her husband made their mega-millions?”

I don’t have the answer to that.  Maybe there’s nothing they could do to mollify him.  Maybe it would be to forget mail-in voting and accept citizenship photo ID in person voting in November;  order their media lapdogs to cease and desist demonizing him; fund the Wall; open up the Dem lockdowned states; get out of his way administratively and legislatively; tell RBG to retire and acquiesce to his getting his third Justice… it could be a long list.

One thing to be sure of – he’s not bluffing and it would be foolish in extremis for them to act as if he is.  POTUS is holding the aces now and the Dems have a drawn a busted flush.    Game on, folks, take a deep breath and enjoy the show. Rock on.