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The Rock of Cashel – County Tipperary

             The Rock of Cashel – County Tipperary

The St. Patrick’s Day HFR (3/17/17) asked if TTPers would be interested in an exploration of the coolest places in Ireland this summer.  The response was an overwhelming Yes!  So here we go.

The best time is early June when the weather is beautiful and before the tourist summer flood.  So our dates are Monday June 5 to Wednesday June 14.  That’s from arrival to/departure from Dublin.

You won’t believe how much – and what – we’ll see and experience in those 10 days.  I can only take 10 of you – actually just five couples – so if you want to be among them, email me at [email protected] right now.

I’ll send you the full daily itinerary with a lot of pictures – trust me, it will blow you away.  If you’ve ever dreamed of experiencing the magic, the history, the beauty of Ireland, and getting to know the wonderful Irish people from all walks of life, now’s your opportunity.

To whet your appetite – yes, we go to the most famous pubs in Dublin, to Newgrange, the Cliffs of Moher, the Ring of Kerry, and Blarney Castle – but how about taking a small boat to the hideout of Luke Skywalker?

For he, as the latest “Star Wars” movie reveals, resides on the extraordinary island of Skellig Michael off the west coast.  It is a World Heritage Site as a nature sanctuary and as the earliest monastic complex of the first Irish Christians in the 600s.

There’s so much more.  To find out, again email me at [email protected].  Carpe diem.  See you in Dublin.