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I have just sent the following letter to a friend in the White House who asked for informed suggestions regarding Tony Snow's recurrence of cancer.  Many TTPers have expressed their concern for Tony and are praying for him.  Here is an initial series of suggestions for him.
Dear Tim,

A close friend of mine for many years is a medical researcher whose IQ was unable to be measured by MIT as it was so far above 200.  Here is what he suggests for Tony, as supplementing the treatment from his physicians.

Go to this website of the National Center for Biotechnology Information and the National Institutes of Health:   In the PubMed search box, enter in the specific medical name of the type of cancer Tony has as determined by the pathology report, plus "treatment," plus "immune" or "immunity," plus "experimental" or "adjuvant."

This will bring up a list of abstracts.  Discuss the seemingly most promising experiments described with his medical team.  Perhaps, for example, he will find there has been a monoclonal antibody developed targeting his type of cancer.

He should also consider searching for papers on his cancer type plus "poylphenol" and "gallic acid."  Both of these natural chemicals induce apoptosis (self-destruction) of cancer cells but not of normal healthy cells.

A third search should be conducted on his type plus "beta glucan."  This is a natural fiber found in e.g., barley or yeast, that irritates the macrophages of the immune system into heightened activity.  A website that provides information on it is

Again, these are supplemental suggestions in no way meant to substitute for or interfere with his primary treatment.  My prayers are for Tony's full and rapid recovery, as I know yours are as well.  I hope this is of help.


Jack Wheeler