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And Russian surrender may not be that far off.  When Turkish leader Erdogan publicly demands, as he did today (8/24), that Putin evacuate Crimea and give it back to Ukraine, that is a de facto acknowledgement that Putin has lost and must admit it.

When NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg makes it clear beyond doubt that all NATO countries will keeping providing Ukraine with what it needs to defeat Russia militarily – as they are provably doing – that is an announcement that Putin is losing his war and keep losing until he can no longer wage it.

When Ukrainian soldiers provide a demonstration like this of just how fierce their determination is to rid their country of its invaders, that is convincing evidence they will succeed.

TTP has never wavered in its support for the Ukrainians as the bravest and most heroic people in the world today – and for their leader, Volodymyr Zelensky, the most courageous and admired  leader in all humanity at this moment in history.

Take a few moments to watch and absorb his message to his countrymen and the world on the 31st anniversary of Ukraine’s independence.  His is the heroism it takes to fight for freedom against monstrous evil and prevail  He and his words should be an inspiration to us all.