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Introducing the best possible Christmas present you could give yourself or any real American friend for triggering snowflakes and leftards:  The To The Point IT’S OK T-shirt:

Setting lefties’ hair on fire by ridiculing their pathologies is such a fun sport, and so easy to do.  Just think of all the Schadenfreudelicious joy you or your friends will have wearing the TTP IT’S OK T-shirt – or sweatshirt or polo. Click on the link to order one for you and everyone you know – what gift could be more fun?

Ps:  Note that you don’t have to be white, or a man, or a straight to wear this shirt.  You’re simply saying all of that is OK no matter who you are.


It was far from fun in Alabama this week.  So let’s put the blame where it needs to be.  Certainly not on the usual suspects being scapegoated – Steve Bannon, Richard Shelby, Turtle McConnell, nor even Roy Moore.  Nor also cheating Dems – as cheating only works when it’s close and it never should have been remotely close.

No, the bottom line is this:  Anyone who believed the obvious lies about Roy Moore is a moron.  600,000 Alabamans who voted for Trump in 2016 sat home and didn’t vote for Moore this week because they moronically believed the smears.

The HFR last week predicted Moore would win in a landslide because it was beyond my imagination that hundreds of thousands of Trump voters could be so masochistically moronic to believe lies with forged documents and 40 year-old obvious fabrications, preferring to let a pro-abortion radical leftard win who is everything they despise.

It was beyond the President’s imagination as well, with his tweet on election day (12/12):

The fault for this disaster lies with the people of Alabama who chose not to do the right thing.


Was Roy Moore “the single worst candidate that the Republicans could have run,” as noted in the TTP Forum?  Sure.  Was Trump right to let sleeping dogs lie and have Luther Strange keep his Senate seat?  Sure.  Was Steve Bannon a jerk whose hubris ran amok?  Sure.

But all that doesn’t matter because you play the cards you’re dealt.  On last Tuesday there was only one choice – a flawed eccentric who nonetheless had the guts to stand up and deny the Dems’ insanely vicious smears and would always vote for Trump’s agenda, or a Pelosi/Schumer puppet – and Alabamans made the wrong and cowardly choice.

And what about the GOPe, the Pub Establishment Elite who were the biggest cowards of all?  Plain yellow-belliedness accounts for a lot of it.  Dems are wolves or sharks who can smell fear and weakness.  Rino cowards afraid to denounce the outrageous and outrageously palpable lies of calling Moore a “child abuser” and not praising him for his courage to stand up to it greenlights the Dems to use it every chance they get now.

Yet it may be worse than that.  Yesterday (12/14), Newt Gingrich warned that loss in Alabama is only one example of the danger of a Dem Wave election in 2018.  Here’s the scary question:  could that be what the GOP Establishment wants?

The GOPe is half of the Uniparty, and the Uniparty unites in Trump Hatred. They hate Trump and his swamp-draining agenda as they are part of the Swamp.  So losing the Senate on purpose is a two-fer for them.  Trump’s swamp-draining agenda is demolished, while all the pressure of governing is off — they can go back to their traditional scamming lobbyist dollars to micro-block Dem bills on the margin.

Realize that Dems are in politics for power, while Pubs – with the exception of genuine conservatives – are in it for perks.

Granted, that makes them more moral than Dems – for they just want goodies and taxpayer-paid freebies, being treated like VIPs and DC aristocracy, free and fabulous healthcare, huge pensions for life after a few years in office, etc.  That’s a whole lot better than being fascists wanting totalitarian control over everyone’s life.

Nonetheless, that’s what makes them spineless unprincipled swamp-dwellers useless to patriots.  Conventional wisdom was that Senate Pubs had to unite behind Trump to keep their majority in 2018.  Now that’s been turned on its head.  Could there be any other explanation to willfully reduce their majority to a single seat, with a Rino vote or two from a Collins, Flake, Corker, Songbird et al to defeat a Trump agenda bill?


Speaking of morons… could anything be more moronic than the mass hysteria over repealing Net Neutrality?

Ted Cruz enjoyed poking the wackos in the ribs with reality yesterday:

The rage is fully and criminally unhinged.  A NN supporter threatened to kill a Congressman and his children.  The execrable John Oliver’s rants for NN on HBO resulted in a torrent of filthy death threats towards FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai.

Even the hyper-lefties of The Week couldn’t stand it: “The end of net neutrality would be welcome because it will frustrate the hopes of the largest group temper tantrum thrown by non-toddlers in recent American history.”

Of course, Dems demagogued it to the max:

Ed Markey (D-MA): “Overturning net neutrality is like letting the bullies develop their own playground rules.”

Pocahontas Warren (D-MA): “The FCC just voted to hand control of the internet over to giant internet companies.”

Kamala Harris (D-CA); “The FCC’s repeal is a big win to multi-billion-dollar broadband companies.”

Bernie Sanders (Marxist-VT): “This is the end of the internet as we know it.”

Really?  Why then are all the giant internet multibillionaire bullies for NN and whipping up the public frenzy against its repeal?

Amazon Chief Technology Officer Werner Vogels:  “I am extremely disappointed in the FCC decision to remove the #NetNeutrality protections.”

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg:  “Today’s decision from the Federal Communications Commission to end net neutrality is disappointing and harmful.”

Microsoft Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith: “The open internet benefits consumers, business & the entire economy. That’s jeopardized by the FCC’s elimination of #netneutrality protections today.”

What’s going on is the same-old-same-old scam of collusion between Big Government and Big Business to stifle competition from upstart competitors.  The lack of government control of the Internet is what allowed all these companies to innovate their way to gigabuck success.  As usual, once they’re on top, they demand that control so some new innovator in their garage can’t knock them off their perches.

Further, all these tech giants hate Trump and conservatives, and do their best to stymie and censor their free speech.  Trump knew this back in 2014:

trump-tweet-111214The entire Net Neutrality frenzy is a very teachable moment on how whatever lefties want it’s always more government control, and whatever they say it’s always the opposite of the truth.  It’s also a frightening lesson in their ability to whip up a demonic frenzy against freedom among unthinking sheeple.

There’s no doubt who the HFR Hero of the Week is:  FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai.

Enjoy his Tweets, by the way at @AjitPaiFCC.  And his Daily Caller interview (12/12), where he notes that NN critics have gone “full Spinal Tap.”

The closing must-read here is IBD’s Will Net-Neutrality Zealots Apologize When The Internet Fails To Crash And Burn?


Now, Ajit Pai is HFR Hero of the Week – and meanwhile, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has become America’s heroine.  Enjoy her destruction putdown of FakeNews slimetard Jim Acosta at the White House press briefing on Monday (12/11):


It was also nice this week to see Sarah’s most proto-hominid critic looked upon as irretrievably disgusting.

It was payback for Chelsea Handler calling Sarah a “harlot with summer whore lipstick,” and following that up with a video ridiculing her appearance – which got Handler ridiculed on Twitter.

The real payback, however, came from actor James Woods, who posted a video that you really might not want to see.  That’s because the vid shows all too graphically why Woods calls Handler “the human urinal.”

Google “Chelsea Handler” + “human urinal” and you’ll now get 5,000 hits.  There’s even a new hashtag: #chelseahandlerhumanurinal.  And it’s all true, as she admitted to late night host Conan O’Brien on October 14, 2014.  We can’t even print the title of the story as it’s so gross – TTP is for families.  In that regard, please keep this whole HFR segment away from the young ‘uns.


The most seriously interesting news of the week has been the sequential nailing of Robert Mueller’s investigatory coffin shut with one damaging leak after another on almost a daily basis.

This is no accident, comrades.  Ereyesterday (12/13) we ran VDH’s One Mueller Investigation Coincidence Too Many.  That day, we learned of the latest bombshell.  The DOJ released Strzok-Page texts, one of which was:

“I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office – that there’s no way he gets elected – but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.” 

 That’s Strzok, Comey’s Clintonista, to his extramarital girl Lisa who is (at the time) FBI Deputy Director Andy McCabe’s aide.  The “collusion” scandal turns out to be Comey FBI working with the Clinton campaign to create an “insurance policy” of phony Trump-Russia election meddling in case Trump won.

On Wednesday (12/13), the Wall Street Journal denounced this as The FBI’s Trump ‘Insurance’ – accusing Comey FBI officials who worked with Mueller of interfering with an American presidential election.  No wonder that Trey Gowdy (R-SC) predicted yesterday on Fox that Andy McCabe will be fired by next week.

Yet another Mueller coffin nail was released yesterday (12/14), of the multiple edits of all of Comey’s drafts on Hillary’s email probe, showing how his statement was watered down.  Senator Ron Johnson, Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, wrote to FBI Director Wray, declaring that Comey’s pre-edited original statement “could be read as a finding of criminality in Secretary Clinton’s handling of classified material.”

These latest leaks have come from the DOJ’s OIG – Office of Inspector General – which has been conducting an investigation of all this garbage since before Trump was inaugurated (and thus not by Trump appointees).

The Dems know Mueller is going down in flames, so they’ve begun a futile effort, as reported by the Daily Caller yesterday: Democrats Mobilize Against Rod Rosenstein As Inspector General Investigation Zeroes In On FBI.

Futility City.  Thus we come to the most intriguing must-read of the week:  What If Jeff Sessions Is Not Asleep, But Is Instead Playing Possum?  There’s good evidence for it, let’s hope so, can hardly wait to find out – and we should find out soon.


Fun break.  Two quick reads to make you laugh or at least smile bigly.

Mike Baker’s There’s Room For All God’s Creatures – Right Next To My Mashed Potatoes.

Kurt Schlicter’s  10 Things Every Real Conservative Should Ask On A First Date.


OK – so the HFR glass is at least if not a lot more than half-full.  After all, the Democrat Pervnado continued this week, with criminal Dem Congresscritter Alcee Hastings (D-FL) – who was actually impeached by the House (1988) and convicted by the Senate (1989) for being a crooked judge – having paid $220,000 in taxpayer dollars for sexually harassing his staffer.

FYI – just three years after Hastings was convicted, in 1992 he was elected to Congress and has been there ever since.  His constituents are just as corrupt, crooked, and racist as he is.

And on Monday (12/11), Jack Cashill reminded us that the Dem Pervnado has a long, revoltingly long history:  No One Ever Drowned in Roy Moore’s Car.

Plus you’ve no doubt seen the news today (12/15) that Gloria Allred’s daughter – Allred being the lawyer who helped forge the phony Roy Moore yearbook signature – Lisa Bloom attempting to bribe women into saying Trump sexually harassed them.

Further, the POTUS keeps winning himself.  With the Senate confirmation of judges Don Willet and James Ho to the Fifth Circuit, Trump has now broken the all-time record for first year presidential judiciary confirmations.

There’s this Winning news from today: Trump Admin To Remove Climate Change From List Of National Security Threats.  Doesn’t it make you feel so good that this is making Zero along with every eco-fascist in the planet drink bile tonight?

The HFR considers this White House announcement on Wednesday (12/13) Major Winning — America Will Once Again Reach for the Moon—and Beyond – for reasons I hope are made clear in Aeschylus and America from August 2004.

Right now, as in today (12/15), the President publicly announced beside a mountain of red tape regs that he has eliminated 22 federal regulations for every new one.  And that’s only the barest start.  “The Federal Register is 185,000 pages today, and was only 20,000 pages in 1960.  We’re going to cut a ribbon because we’re getting back below the 1960 level,” Trump said, holding a pair of gold scissors. “And we’ll be back there fairly quickly.”

Trump is committed to bringing us freedom from the Administrative State.  He is becoming before our eyes the Freedom President.


We close with something that will make you cry – cry tears of joy, pride, and love for our country.

On Saturday afternoon (12/09) in Philadelphia during a blinding snowstorm, the 118th Army-Navy game was played.  Before the game, the combined Glee Clubs of West Point and the Naval Academy sung the Star-Spangled Banner as everyone in the huge stadium stood tall in the blizzard – a more inspiring contrast to the NFL pitiful knee-jerks there could not be.

Here it is close-up, secondly from high in the stadium.  This is a moment of true moral beauty.